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Here are a few of my top reasons we will not see this within the next 30-60 years:
1)Today pilots mainly monitor the aircraft computers, what will be the point in having a computer monitoring a computer?
2)Passengers will not go near the aircraft (most) and the first airline to buy it will most likely go into losses scaring off other airlines.
3)The change in inferstructure would be huge, we would have to change all the laws, the way airports work and many airways etc!
4)The technology we have today cannot create general AI which is what we need as it will think like a human. (And won’t exist for a few decades)
5)A big one is testing, this new aircraft would have to go through years, even decades of of testing and it would have to fly almost errorless to be accepted.
6)Pilot unions will put up a BIG fight against it delaying it happening.

There are many more but also the media is mainly trying to make a story to make money, Boeing basically said they’re working on the building blocks fo this technology if its needed and they simply brought a drone company (along with airbus.)
Even IF this happens in our lifetime anyone reading this will be an experienced captain so the remains jobs will easily be take by us. (Most likely anyway.)

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