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Old 8th Mar 2011, 19:36   #1 (permalink)
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Hainan airlines 330/340

Anyone out there working for Hainan on 330/340.
I have an interview coming up as a DEC, just wondering what working conditions etc are like. Also any info on the interview /sim gratefully received
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somebody must work for them
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anybody work there? info appreciated.
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Old 9th Apr 2011, 06:59   #4 (permalink)

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anybody work here?
how is it for expats?
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Old 11th Apr 2011, 09:38   #5 (permalink)
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Looks like a good read of WellFrackMe's post of 11th regarding Hainan Airlines might help.

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I agree with the Air China comment above. I work for one of the small carriers in the Hainan Group, and I have drank a couple beers in the Crown Plaza where the AC guys stay in Beijing. Everything we do at Capitol piggybacks onto Hainan Airlines. At Hainan Air you won't even be SEE a Crown Plaza, as you will be staying at a total dump at the airport. You will have to take a taxi to the Crown Plaza, where you can then enjoy a cold one with the Air China guys, and envy where they get to stay.

I don't know about AC's line training, but Hainan requires a minimum of 300 hours of line training for foreign captains. You read that right - 300 hours.

I would avoid anything having to do with Hainan Airlines or its subsidiaries, including Beijing Capitol Airlines and Tianjin Airlines.

I am writing this in a hotel in downtown Kunming. I pay for my own hotel here as I spend 5 full days a week of base in Kunming, and the dump they put us in here isn't even heated or air conditioned. I couldn't take it anymore so I pay for my own hotel.
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Old 13th Apr 2011, 09:24   #7 (permalink)
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Without wishing to pass comment on Hainan's conditions, even the CA guys are now looking back at the 'good old days' at Crowne Plaza.

3 months as a J (junior) Captain upon commencement at CA comes close to the Hainan 300 hours Lt.

Domestic flying, a bizarre bonus system for unattainable flying hours, poor hotels downroute, a hit & miss medical system & long roster patterns because of overcrewed bases make the 'former' CA job look very good indeed. The current position bears little resemblance, hence the big push out of Air China by the expats.
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Old 14th Apr 2011, 17:15   #8 (permalink)
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Pintof, I worked for a Hainan subsiduary in HKG, all the Chinese airlines lie/BS about T%Cs but Hainan are among the worst, in Beijing you will likely stay in the Hainan compound, a place that most backpackers would snub.

Also do a bit of googling about the pollution in China, then if you have a family and bring them to China, you should be jailed for spousal/child abuse. If you are single and a non-smoker, well you are about to subject your lungs to far more poison than any smoker in a " normal " country.
Yes, I know its all in my mind, but try telling that to the 1000s that die from pollution every year and the 10s of thousands that lead an unhealthy miserable life.

Good luck

Here you go Amazing Pictures, Pollution in China | ChinaHush
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Hi, Amazing Pictures, Pollution in China | ChinaHush happened in 2009! not in 2011!
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