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Old 3rd Jan 2017, 18:08   #41 (permalink)

Avoid imitations
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This exercise was never going to give an increased capability. It could only ever be a cost reduction exercise, despite the smoke and mirrors. I always said, during my time in the police role, that some would make their careers by increasing the availability of police helicopters, on the grounds of cost reduction and later, some would make their careers by reducing the availability of police helicopters, on grounds of cost reduction.

And here we are.
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Old 8th Jan 2017, 12:28   #42 (permalink)
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Mind the Gap...

TC & predrone - Let's hope NPAS realise that without the existence & confidence in the existence of 'Just Culture' effective safety management will not be possible.
SMS objective = continuous improvement = (hopefully) no accidents via the ability to identify all hazards through staff engagement. No just culture = no staff engagement = increased likelihood for accidents.
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Old 24th Jan 2017, 19:24   #43 (permalink)
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Well what's the latest in flight safety then @NPAS. Well the sign on the door says "SHUT".
No safety manager and the Compliance guy leaves soon. The advert for a safety manager now asks for a degree or equivalent and still only pays peanuts.
Yet compliance pays 10 grand more.....and no degree......work that out.
Of course if anyone, anywhere pops their head above the parapet and criticises - its "engineering out" time folks.
All because the AM hasn't an effing clue how to run an aviation outfit and won't let the aviators in his team a look in. Why - because he thinks its just another police department and won't take professional advice.
All those years of shaping and designing possibly one of the best Safety Management Systems onshore in the UK - come to nothing.
Less aircraft.
Less flying.
Less safety management.
Less morale.

Swiss cheese springs to mind.

We are watching the demise of what was once the envy of other European police outfits. Where will it all end?
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Old 24th Jan 2017, 21:16   #44 (permalink)
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Fact: This is not the only organisation that relies heavily on LUCK as a planning tool....
(I'm agreeing with you by the way!)

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Old 25th Jan 2017, 00:50   #45 (permalink)
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Infact , - totally Banjaxed ! Thanks NPAS

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Old 26th Jan 2017, 12:07   #46 (permalink)
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Just sayin......
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Old 27th Jan 2017, 14:11   #47 (permalink)
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So now we finally have movement at the top with a new incumbent joining the management team. Out with the safety position, soon to go is compliance and to fill the gap: a new media officer...thank goodness for that, phew.

And they're only earning 70,000. Outrageous. Only 70k. And they are asking 40+ for a safety officer....tut tut.
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Old 28th Jan 2017, 10:26   #48 (permalink)
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Northolt closure

The intention of getting out of Lippitts Hill continues.

After the plan to move to Elstree was shot down by a successful NIMBY campaign new places were sought and Northolt was again deemed the favourite.

The news that someone [anyone] wants to actually close Northolt must be a bolt from the blue in that planning scenario. Even though it may not happen soon it was at one time unthinkable. The fact that someone is now thinking it out loud must be a blow.

There are other options, including North Weald, but that has potential NIMBY problems with new house building so they would need to get in quick to be established before the new, non aviation minded, occupants of the new houses affect them.

The police generally are poor at long term planning but if they do not get it together soon they will either be stuck with Lippitts Hill forever or have no home close to London at all.
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Old 28th Jan 2017, 10:42   #49 (permalink)
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stuck with Lippitts Hill forever or have no home close to London at all.
Biggin Hill anyone?

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Old 5th Feb 2017, 16:12   #50 (permalink)

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TC, harsh words! The current accountable manager is accountable to whom, exactly? Perhaps, he thinks he knows best! Rumour has it he likes to surround himself with those who tell him what he wants to hear, whether sage advice or not. An eight letter word beginning with D comes to mind and before anyone feels I am being rude, I was thinking along the lines of North Korea and Zimbabwe!
On another note, rumour has it that the new P68 will have an endurance somewhat less than the current EC135 T2+. Can anyone confirm this? If so, what will Dyfed Powys and others do? Perhaps, they will buy some drones.
Drones drafted in to help North Wales Police crack crime - Daily Post
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Old 9th Feb 2017, 12:31   #51 (permalink)
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I wonder where the UK police aviation world will be when we get the next round of "Efficiency" cuts in April.
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