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Old 15th Jul 2010, 08:19   #1 (permalink)
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News from Mother Russia

You probably hear about joint venture we make with the Chines, see her:
Russia, China to design, build heavy-lift helicopter | Defense | RIA Novosti in fact Mil Factory we talk for almost 5 years this project! End product will be similar to Mi-26 but with new flight deck and some structure redesign - more details we release after project launch later this year.

We have about another 10 major aviation projects being launched this year including ongoing coperation with your Eurocopter.


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Glad to see that you guys are keeping everything big, big, big!
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Old 15th Jul 2010, 11:38   #3 (permalink)
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Moscovite, this sounds like am incredible project to be involved in. Were you involved in the current Mil 26 design? Was there a redesign at some point to fit fly-by-wire?
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Old 15th Jul 2010, 12:02   #4 (permalink)
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hmmmmmm muscovite

Location:Moscow, Russia
Occupation: Design Engineer Mil Factory
or How to handle TR failure in flight (Mi 24) helicopter

As test pilot on Mi24 and training captain in both Mi24 and Mi26 I can tell you that we practice t/r failure procedure on both types.

As these are anonymous forums the origins of the contributions may be opposite to what may be apparent. In fact the press may use it, or the unscrupulous, or sciolists*, to elicit certain reactions.
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Old 15th Jul 2010, 12:29   #5 (permalink)
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No good over here in the UK. The country isn't big enough to take a Mil26 landing

Welcome . Brilliant to see you on this forum Moscovite - let's hear lots more from you?

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Old 15th Jul 2010, 12:36   #6 (permalink)
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Am not interesting to make debate with hmmm heli from penzanse but I am sorry that in UK you don't have deisgn engineers who are also qualified to fly. Very sad! My flight training was over two years (part time) and which Mil consider investment to help technical division understand all aspects of helicopter operation. I am not only engineer with pilot qualifications.

Graviman, I was not involved in the original design of the Mi26 but in the upgrade for Mi17 and Mi24 to Mi35. For past two years I am working on Mi38 project.

In end of 2004 we begin major overhaul of Mi26 flight deck to reduce crew and integrate our BREO flight management system. This we call Mi26T and it is T model which will be used as basis for new project with china.

This Mi26T with BREO system fitted:

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Old 15th Jul 2010, 13:40   #7 (permalink)
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Actually in the UK they do something I wish they would here in the states. Have the design engineers (not maintenance folks) work on the production line and in the service center BEFORE they are ever allowed to put a pencil to paper.
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Old 15th Jul 2010, 16:08   #8 (permalink)
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Like to witness that I personally know few people with similar
qualifications like claimed one from Mr. Moscovite

One of them was on maiden Mi26 flight and much
later on management position in UTair....
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Old 18th Nov 2010, 06:30   #9 (permalink)
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Russian Helicopters

Moscow, Nov 17

Russian Helicopters is preparing to launch a joint venture in China that will become the group's maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) centre for aircraft operating in the country.

A statement by Russian Helicopters on 15 November said the Sino-Russian Helicopter Service Company Ltd, which was formally set up earlier this year but has yet to commence operations, will be based in Qingdao on the east coast of China and will provide support and maintenance services to a wide range of Russian rotorcraft.

While primarily focused on civilian platforms the JV is also expected to provide similar services to military helicopters in service with the Chinese armed forces.

The announcement came as Russian Helicopters announced on 15 November that its subsidiary Rostvertol has delivered an Mi-26TC to China to carry out fire-fighting duties, thus fulfilling a contract placed in March 2010. It is the third MI-26TC purchased by China.

On the subject of the JV, Russian Helicopters said it represents an "important step in the change of strategy from selling just the helicopter itself to selling the entire lifecycle of a helicopter, including after-sale service and modern training means".
This new technical facilty will become largest for all Russian-made helicopters in China and is just one of some very largest new project we have coming in next 7-8 months!
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Old 18th Nov 2010, 07:46   #10 (permalink)
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Heli, I have a picture of a Mil 26 tail rotor disintegrating and whoever took it snapped the photo just at the right moment, with the helicopter tipping back on itself at Moro airfield in PNG about 1994. Unfortunately its at home in Indonesia right now, but will make a note to scan it and put it on PPRuNe.
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Old 23rd Nov 2010, 14:28   #11 (permalink)
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MOSCOW, November 22 (RIA Novosti)

Two Russian politicians who survived a helicopter crash in the country’s remote Altai Republic are to face charges of illegal hunting, investigators said on Monday.
A Mi-17 Hip helicopter carrying government officials crashed near the Altai’s Chernaya mountain in January 2009, killing seven people, including the Russian president's envoy to the State Duma, Alexander Kosopkin.
Full story: Russian officials in helicopter crash to face illegal hunting charges | Russia | RIA Novosti

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Old 26th Nov 2010, 02:31   #12 (permalink)
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7 Dead and 3 Injured in Mi8 Crash

A Russian helicopter has crashed in Siberia, killing seven and leaving three injured.

04:30 Moscow, Friday 26 November 2010

An Mi-8 helicopter has crashed while landing in the city of Tary in Russia's Siberian region of Omsk, said a statement from an investigative committee of prosecutors, AFP reported.

All seven passengers aboard the chopper were killed. The three crew members sustained injuries and were taken to hospital.

The cause of the accident is not immediately clear, said a statement from AFP, adding that Russian authorities have launched an investigation into the crash.

PressTV - Russian copter crash claims seven lives
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Old 26th Nov 2010, 07:15   #13 (permalink)
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Baron, does the photo in your post have any relevance to the Tary fatal accident apart from same type ?
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Old 26th Nov 2010, 08:02   #14 (permalink)
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"A file photo shows the carcass of a Russian helicopter Mi-8"

Apparently not...
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Old 26th Nov 2010, 15:50   #15 (permalink)
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I have seen that photo before talking how that one crashed and wasn't recoverable because it's to high up a mountain which didn't make much sense to me.
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Old 28th Nov 2010, 22:44   #16 (permalink)
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Moscow 29 Nov 2010

The Managing Director of Ulan-Ude aviation plant, Leonid White, has issued a statement this week that the plant will have produced a total of 85 Mi-171s by the end of 2010, an increase of 25% over the previous year.

The Mi-171 can transport a maximum of 37 passengers, although frequently a mixed passenger/cargo configuration is used. Currently, countries from Central and South-East Asia, Middle East, Africa, Europe, Latin America the CIS and China operate more than 600 Mi-171 helicopters in various versions and variants.

More Mi variants (Mi-8/17) have been produced than the total civil helicopter population of the United States.
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Old 29th Nov 2010, 22:47   #17 (permalink)
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What the latest on the fully aerobatic four seater they were going to put into pruduction.
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Old 30th Nov 2010, 04:23   #18 (permalink)
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Please for patient as we still work for this. For 2010 extremly busy year for Mil. I tell before we have so many big project and I tell last month of teknical facilities in China and still more news for you next year (big) for Mil.

We are still worink on Mi34 and it will be the Russian colibri but better and you will enjoy.

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Old 30th Nov 2010, 11:04   #19 (permalink)
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On Mi 34 C1 subject

It was Mi-34C (not Mi-34C1) which was manufactured in 2000-2002. Since that time we worked with owners of Mi-34C and customers of other light helicopters.

The feedback allowed us to design a new helicopter - Mi-34C1. So now it is with electro-starter, new rotor hub, space luggage place, new interiors (designed by AeroTaxi company experienced in works in Russia and abroad for even countries' leaders) and many other improvements.

I fly both R-44 and Mi-34C and can insure that Mi-34C1 will be a new helicopter on the market. And in CIS Mi-34C1 will be sufficiently cheaper than R-44, the closer competitor.

Since we launch a new helicopter it is reasonable to analyze order backlog after the official presentation with demonstration flights. It will take place at MAKS (Moscow, Aug 2011). Serial manufacturing starts in 2012. We are organizing an impressive event at MAKS and the quantity of orders will be announced officially there. Now I can only say that surprising to me personally we have orders not only from Russia and CIS but from Europe also. And 2012 is fully booked.
As for distributors, we will use "Russian Helicopters" already established worldwide network and add private companies working with piston helicopters. We'd like our partners to distribute/maintenance and do all aftermarket works at one company.
The task is to cover the world with distributor/maintenance centers not less convenient than Robinson do for it's customers.
I will be glad to answer additional questions.
In December I'll try to provide some technical details and some parts of commercial offer to be more precise.
Turbine version is called Mi-34C2. It will be the next step in our market expansion. Frankly, we have several scenarios of further activity and will come back to consideration on obtaining feedback from launching Mi-34C1.

What are the main parameters for you while you chose the 4-seater helicopter to buy?

Please, share your minds and ask questions about Mi-34C1.
Mi-34C1 is to be used for pilot schools, corporate and private transportation, all types of monitoring and sport.....
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That guy knows his aerodynamics
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