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Type rating and base training

Hello everyone!

I hope I chose the correct section to post this question in...anyway, here goes...

I have a UK CAA issued CPL which will be converted to a UK EASA license in the next few days. I am now planning on doing an initial type rating for the Learjet 60 at Flight Safety (USA), thereafter, I am travelling back to my home country (in Europe) to do the base training here. Now the question is...after doing the type rating course in the USA, can I do the base training (6 landings) in my home country in Europe and then send off the paperwork to the UK CAA to get the TR endorsed in my EASA licence? Or does the instructor (TRI, TRE) who will be doing my base training here need to be a UK EASA license holder?

I hope I explained myself clearly. Basically I am worried that the UK CAA will no accept the base training certificate from an instructor with a non-UK license (JAR).

If anyone can help me out with this question then I would be very grateful! At the moment I am slightly worried that after coming back from the US, I might end up having to hire a Learjet with an examiner in the UK as opposed to doing it with my potential employer here at home.

Thank you very much for your feedback!

P.S. I tried calling up the UK CAA but the queue was more than 9 people and when I called them back the automatic reply said that they are now closed for staff training...

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The only way to get a definite answer is from the CAA, guess you have to wait in line to talk to them, better yet send a letter so your reply is in writing.

It is an expensive decision and one I would not rely on an internet forum for.
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First with the new UK EASA, you need before starting training / TR anywhere, first get approval by the UK CAA, this is a new regulation I read about recently with EASA, as a friend of mine just did a A320 rating just before the changeover.

The base check I assume also needs such approval in advance, I can only speak from own experience, my friend, we did TR together, and base training was done in Slovenia, and this was not a problem.

But from my understanding, prior approval for both TR and base training is required.
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Thank you very much for your reply!

Could you please specify what kind of approval do I need to start the training? I will be calling the CAA today and it would help if I asked the right question. Does this approval have something to do with the actual training organisation or my licence?

Thanks again!
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You need CAA to confirm that the TRTO is approved by them, and that it is ok for you to go ahead with the training there! Also try to get confirmation in writing, take notes, who you speak with, date and time, so you have some reference and records.

Base training company also have to be approved, make sure you find out by the CAA ALL records and documents they do require!
A good TRTO will know this, but it is your responsibility to verify it to make sure all is done correctly.
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Just called them up and they said that they can't answer this question and that I need to send them an email which will take months to be processed. And my type rating is due to start in a couple of weeks. Great!
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The folk on the phones won't want to touch that one with a barge pole. And the email will go amiss as well because they won't want to say yes or no.

There are a raft of boxes you need to tick for it all to work.

The sim needs to be approved
The TRTO needs to be approved. The TRI should be on the books of the TRTO so should be covered by that.
The TRE for LST needs to be UK or have done the briefing and payed the cash.
The TRE thats doing the base check also needs to be either UK or had the briefing and payed the cash.

Just heard of someone who is transfering there license to Ireland. Getting thier IR back using an ICAO IR to keep the theory valid then doing a type rating and getting it put on. Then they will be transfering the whole lot back to the UK again.

Utter madness.
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