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Old 18th May 2011, 17:23   #21 (permalink)
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I am happy I went to florida and EFT. I have heard aweful things about OFT, before I came here, and since. I have no personal experience though.

Note though that there ARE issues here too, be sure to read the contract closely, and oppose what you don't like. You should be able to do some negotiation...
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Old 19th May 2011, 06:09   #22 (permalink)
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Thumbs down

stay away from these schools, there is no job at the end anyway, what's the point?

you need JAA 500h on type just to get an interview.

really guys, if you want have a life, do something else. stop playing with planes in the sky, you just waste fuel for nothing. airlines are not interested by pilots learning in the States. Airlines dont need pilot for the next 8 years. There are tons of pilots already waiting to get a job.it s true!
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Old 27th May 2011, 14:14   #23 (permalink)
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Thank You very much for the info.
I think one italian of the 2 came from OFT is my friends (A.B.).

Are You attending APP program in otder to go ahead with CFI course and 1000 hours program ?
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Old 6th Jun 2011, 20:00   #24 (permalink)
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Helping a friend navigate through the maze of Flight Schools in the US, he's looking into getting his FAA Certificates firstly on top of his already existing JAR PPL, eventually looking into converting to a JAR CPL. I am fully aware of all the IR stuff not being done in the US, I was just wondering if anyone could remind me of which JAR FTOs in the US should be avoided at all costs, I seem to remember that one was in Ormond and the other in California, can anyone confirm? Both used to run their business under a different name before shutting and reopening a while later.

If it was Rotary then the answer would be pretty straight forward but I haven't been following things as closely on the Plank front.

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Old 9th Jun 2011, 13:30   #25 (permalink)
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Hey lads im going over on the 10th of July to do my ppl/ night rating course. I visted the school last year and the equipment looked in tip top shape. Planes looked fresh and instructors were really friendly. Accomodation was nice nothing special but not bad. Their prices are the best ive seen around and will keep ye posted when im over there.
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Old 7th Jul 2011, 13:32   #26 (permalink)
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Eft cpl me

I am looking at going to EFT.. CPL ME.. flyeft.com European Flight Training this August... any helpful comments anyone? Add me to Facebook if you like
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Old 9th Apr 2012, 20:43   #27 (permalink)
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2012 NEWS!!!!

Anyone have any news on how things are going in 2012, heard some fantastic things about them!!!

Also has anybody got any success stories to share such as recruitment, jobs, location ect ect......On the site it states 6 Airlines recruited in 2011 from EFT Pilots and Emirates have already this year???? Is this a good trend for now?
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Old 9th Apr 2012, 21:12   #28 (permalink)
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Emirates recruiting from EFT?
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Old 9th Apr 2012, 21:16   #29 (permalink)
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Yeah according to their website, ive sent a email over to confirm as this must be quite big news for them???

Join other successful EFT graduates!

Thats where i got it from. This must be a great sign.
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Old 10th Apr 2012, 22:10   #30 (permalink)
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I don't think it's meant as they have an arrangement with Emirates, just that some of their graduates are now working there.

I'm going there this october for the PPL, anyone else?
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Old 11th Apr 2012, 08:40   #31 (permalink)
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Yeah thats what i meant, spoke to trevor out their who said that quite alot of guys that have been there 4-5 years ago have ended up on 777 emirates after having other aviation jobs.
EFT seem all about quality!

Im out in october too, the 29th?
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Old 11th Apr 2012, 11:15   #32 (permalink)
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Location: EU
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That's great. I am starting 29th october as well! Are you starting on the PPL or the APP course?

Feel free to message me your facebook. Would be fun to chat a bit
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Old 14th Apr 2012, 06:15   #33 (permalink)
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777?really?any proof?
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Old 14th Apr 2012, 07:38   #34 (permalink)
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Wingreencard, in reply to your interesting comment, yes there are ex EFT students in Emirates, I know at least 3 personally, I fly the 737 and some more are at Jet2 and Ryanair.

Seeing your ratings expired 4 years ago, you are not really in a position to say anything are you.
Bitterness is one thing, but you sir are a troll.
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Old 14th Apr 2012, 14:00   #35 (permalink)
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They havent just rolled straight out of EFT and gone into emirates. Thats just ridiculous.....

Seems to be about 4/5 years with previous jet/Prop Airline Experience (which in itself is great) ...The point is that this doesnt seem to be just another USA flight school and that they seem to teach quality rather than quantity....

Wingreencard here we go again........You seem to demand proof from every single comment and opinion.......Leave your bitterness elsewhere, People want to use this forum for networking, guidance and assistance. Not to watch you step on every persons aspirations. Professional Pilot Studies this forum....why are you still trolling on here?
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Old 14th Apr 2012, 21:58   #36 (permalink)
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rmartingens, I forgot to state the obvious, yes the people I know who have moved out to the sand pit, all have met the minimum hours, which means it was several years ago since we attended EFT.
To be fair if you look at ANY flight school they will have a section of their website showing where their ex students have gone to.
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Old 21st Jun 2012, 17:47   #37 (permalink)
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need help

hi 1sky2 i will go to EFT for hours bulding and JAA CPL MEP could you please send me any contact details of the good flight instructor that you havd been with . As i planning to finish with the min time possible.
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Old 21st Jun 2012, 18:12   #38 (permalink)
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Yes - there are a few of the EFT guys now at Emirates.
They have not walked straight in from training however, and have served their time for the last few years.

Will look forward to catching up with them soon.
(You know who y'all are!)

Big Grecian & Mordecai: you two should join 'em soon!
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Old 21st Jun 2012, 22:14   #39 (permalink)
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Would love to hear career routes and stories from former EFT pilots, Feel free to PM me or share it on here. . .

130 days to go but im not counting at all

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Old 28th Jun 2012, 20:17   #40 (permalink)
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Great to see you enthusiasm shining through here. I wish you every success in your career.

May I suggest that you search the archive of this here website and delv a little deeper before you commit what will no doubt be a significant amount of money.

Private message me if you like.
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