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Survey: Pilot Weather Related Decision Making


I am conducting a survey on VFR pilot weather related decision making for a post graduate study. If you have a spare 5-10min it would be great if you could help the survey comprises of assessing 5 in-flight images.

The survey is targeting pilots, therefore only complete this survey if you have some flying experience. Please click on the link below


Thanks very much for your help.


The Posting of this survey has gained approval from PPRuNe Admin
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Old 11th Nov 2013, 23:40   #2 (permalink)
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Better than the last similar one, but I'm not sure some of the options were what I would have been thinking when making my decision
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Old 12th Nov 2013, 09:32   #3 (permalink)
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Did it. Some of the scenarios would be better with a wind indication - which way is weather moving. And icing level?
I chose IR not current although it's only UK IMC not current.
I'm very current at looking at cloud levels and shower activity and making my way round them in north Scotland. I've flown overseas in areas where that situation would be uncommon for PPLs.
In decision making I would also have METARs/TAFs for the area before flight, and the weather map. It would make a difference if the weather I see looks worse or better than predicted.
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Old 12th Nov 2013, 12:01   #4 (permalink)
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You should mix in some pictures that you wouldn't continue.

With all those examples most experienced pilots would have continued with maybe a slight deviation off course.

I have done nav ex's with students through worse. In fact if there was a rain shower about I used to take them into it. In Scotland its only a matter of time before they have to go into one so they might as well have got to do it the first time with an instructor sitting next to them.
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Old 12th Nov 2013, 13:45   #5 (permalink)
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I did it, but do not fit easily into the survey presumptions. I am a high-ish hours glider pilot but low hours (and no longer current) PPL. So No IR or IMC, never file an IFR flight plan (or any other sort AFAIK, no UK glider pilot files a flight plan, certainly not in ordinary circumstances).

But as a glider pilot, I am used to field landings, so I would be willing to proceed into an area where I might not make it to the destination but if all else fails, the ground ahead in the pictures appeared to hold a good chance of finding a suitable field.

Also, I have been IMC in gliders (in spite of having no PPL-type added rating) enough times to not worry about an individual cloud that might develop a bit more rain. That is partly a matter of experience and judgement as to how serious it might become imho, the pictures are not very frightening but they probably should be for a low experience, no-IFR, pilot.

Id be interested to know what others think.

Chris N

PS just seen Mad Jock's comments, and agree.

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Old 12th Nov 2013, 16:57   #6 (permalink)
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Mad_Jock beat me to it. Exactly.
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Old 12th Nov 2013, 19:47   #7 (permalink)
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Wind direction might have helped in one or two. But agree with mad jock. With a miserable 300 hrs I wouldn't worry much.
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Old 13th Nov 2013, 13:01   #8 (permalink)
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Would agree that these are not real problem situations, even if they got worse most could still continue with a turn back option.
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Old 13th Nov 2013, 13:13   #9 (permalink)
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Ditto MJ.

Most of those pictures are all pretty typical Scottish weather, none of which would have caused any issues flying VFR. In all cases you could still see the horizon through the showers, only in the last one would I have made a slight deviation to zig zag around them.

It was the statements I found werent that realistic as I would be considering numerous factors in any such decision rather than just one. Before scudding low over the top of a hill I'd want to make sure I had an idea of the local wind direction and strength, a report of light turbulence from another pilot tells me very little..... If I know how strong the wind is and where its coming from I can figure out the safest way to cross the hills low level myself, if at all.

Much better effort than the last one of these I saw however.


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Old 13th Nov 2013, 18:20   #10 (permalink)
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I would agree with MJ and UA in that all the weather scenarios depicted are rain showers coming from a fairly high cloud base ! My guess put together in MS simulator?
None would cause anymore than a few degrees left or right to avoid running through the rain showers and the bumps they may hold.
Having said that I would probably take the rain showers to give the aircraft a wash
heavy Snow is even better for aircraft cleaning as it really polishes the aircraft
Think you will have to be a bit more creative on your scenarios ?
now the only real big stopper is FOG in my piston twin days or very low cloud and maybe winds 40+kts would raise an eyebrow


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