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South-West London/Surrey Flying Schools


I am looking to start training towards my PPL in the next couple of months. I live in Chessington, Surrey and I don't drive, so I will be relying on public transport to travel to the airfield.

The two closest airfields to me in terms of their ease to get to using public transport are Fairoaks and Biggin Hill, both take approx 1hr 30m to get to from me.

I have been looking at a couple of schools at these airfields and the two that I have found which offer the best prices are LTFC at Fairoaks and Surrey and Kent at Biggin.

I was wondering if anyone had any experience of either of these and if you did, what was your opinion?


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What about Redhill ?
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Redhill is hard to get to by public transport for me, takes about 2hr 30m
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Also worth considering....

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Hi Ben,

I can recommend EFG at Biggin Hill - finished my PPL there last year. Very friendly and helpful bunch of instructors, and seems to be a reasonably stable business. Also, having 3 or 4 planes of each type means fewer cancelled lessons (somehow, I didn't have a single lesson cancelled for a tech fault!).

Your best bet is to do a lesson at each of 2 or 3 schools (they will all count towards your final hours, and in any case you will be lucky to finish in the minimum time) and see which one works best for you. You'll save more by having an instructor/school that you get on with and that is flexible - this can easily make a difference of 10 hours to your total time.

Good luck!

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Can definitely recommend LTFC; good club, great atmosphere, good aircraft and instructors - and it's not profit driven, which means it's very reasonably priced (home landing fee is included not extra, for example)

Get yourself a folding bike, cycle (or 71 bus) to Surbiton and hop on a train to Woking (17 minutes), then cycle to the clubhouse - there's a path that'll take you straight there from the station in 15 minutes; it couldn't be easier..

PM me if you want to know more

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