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Old 25th Jul 2011, 19:58   #1 (permalink)
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PPRuNe Android and iOS mobile apps now available

PPRuNe mobile apps are now available for Android and iOS devices!

The apps are free. For details and downloads:

Android (all devices release 1.6 and up)

iOS (all devices 3.1 and up)
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Old 25th Jul 2011, 20:16   #2 (permalink)

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Old 25th Jul 2011, 21:03   #3 (permalink)
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And not before time!

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Old 25th Jul 2011, 22:19   #4 (permalink)
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Very impressed, once I figured out how to drive it!
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Old 26th Jul 2011, 03:19   #5 (permalink)
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Why does it need to access phone state & identity, and location?
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Old 26th Jul 2011, 04:47   #6 (permalink)
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Any way to just enable the board for Tapatalk, a tried-and-true app that also has a solid iPad version available? It's compatible with vBulletin.
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Old 26th Jul 2011, 08:27   #7 (permalink)

Lady Lexxington
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Any chance of a crackberry one?
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Old 26th Jul 2011, 10:28   #8 (permalink)
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Android 2.3.4 (Nexus S): The home page FORUMS (dropdown) button leads to a black and white "Select Content Type - Forums" screen, but tapping "Forums" does nothing.

However, the Forums link on the Menu list works OK.

Now I can Prune on the turnaround! Excellent! Thanks very much.
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Old 26th Jul 2011, 13:14   #9 (permalink)
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Cool, like it
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Old 26th Jul 2011, 15:05   #10 (permalink)
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The iOS app does not seem to store bookmarks on threads I've already been reading on...both after reading the threads on my phone and/or on the web. Other than that, pretty nice.
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Old 26th Jul 2011, 15:57   #11 (permalink)
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Very nice, thanks. To make it easier for less pc literate ppruners to find the iphone app why not mention in your announcement that for iphone or ipad just go to the App Store. Under "search", all you need to type is ppru and up comes the App. Cheers.
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Old 26th Jul 2011, 20:17   #12 (permalink)
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Do like
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Old 26th Jul 2011, 20:39   #13 (permalink)
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Tinstaafl wanted to know why this app needs/have access to phone state & identity and location, so do I. It would also be interesting to know why it needs/have access to the camera and SD card?

This application has access to the following:

  • Hardware controls take pictures and videos
    Allows application to take pictures and videos with the camera. This allows the application at any time to collect images the camera is seeing.
  • Your location coarse (network-based) location
    Access coarse location sources such as the cellular network database to determine an approximate device location, where available. Malicious applications can use this to determine approximately where you are.
  • Network communication full Internet access
    Allows an application to create network sockets.
  • Phone calls read phone state and identity
    Allows the application to access the phone features of the device. An application with this permission can determine the phone number and serial number of this phone, whether a call is active, the number that call is connected to and the like.
  • Storage modify/delete USB storage contents modify/delete SD card contents
    Allows an application to write to the USB storage. Allows an application to write to the SD card.
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Old 26th Jul 2011, 23:01   #14 (permalink)
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Thumbs up Bravo!

Got it!
Great job.
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Old 26th Jul 2011, 23:49   #15 (permalink)
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Thanks for all the input, everyone.

To answer a few questions:

Tapatalk - We are in talks with them, but those have not reached any actionable business level yet.

Blackberry - We currently have no plans for a Blackberry app.

App access to phone functions -

Hardware controls: Allows photo upload to forum.
Storage: For app's caching functionality.
Location, network communication, phone status: Ad support.

Hope that helps!
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Old 27th Jul 2011, 05:19   #16 (permalink)
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PPRuNe iPhone app

First post. Woohoo!

Thanks folks.

FWIW it is better on iPhone than iPad as it is not customised for the larger screen so the web browser works better.
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Old 27th Jul 2011, 06:26   #17 (permalink)
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Like it. Very nice - first glance, very quick & easy to read through the threads, clear navigation. Will play more.
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Old 27th Jul 2011, 06:39   #18 (permalink)
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It was about time, this should have been done a long time ago.
Landscape orientation on the iPhone would be appreciated.
Thanks for the app.
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Old 27th Jul 2011, 06:45   #19 (permalink)
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And notifications for subscribed posts would be swell on the iOS !
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Old 27th Jul 2011, 09:12   #20 (permalink)
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Great app

Having the same problem as Bloggs (on HTC Sensation Android 2.3.3) with the Forums button on the screen but works via the Menu button.
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