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Old 11th Jan 2017, 11:54   #21 (permalink)
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^This author is great. Even helped Charles Manson get his start. He also left a lasting impression...

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Here is a thought....

You need to make a lasting impression otherwise you are pretty much relying on lady luck, i.e. right place right time and few others applying.

This idea might not be your natural style but mull it over, I'm not much good at meeting and greeting and all that cold canvassing stuff but reckon I could do this. After all the grateful smiles and thanks will bolster your confidence.

Get a real good biscuit recipe and make up a big batch of great biscuits, package them in some proper biscuit tins and drop that off with your resume. You don't have to hand it personally to the CP or boss in fact better that you don't, leave them with the front desk person just as a nice gesture. This way it is a little less overt.

London to a brick they will have morning tea and if your biscuits are good someone is bound to ask where the bickies came from. If the receptionists then states it was from that nice young man/woman that dropped their resume in the other day then you are one step closer.

Sometimes it's the little of things that make the difference and whilst self promotion makes most of us uncomfortable never underestimate its power, if you have any doubt just consider that one of the worlds most repulsive humans has just been elected as the US president on little more than self promotion.

Good luck
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Biscuits, lasting impression.....and the whole industry goes down with food poisoning.
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Old 11th Jan 2017, 23:07   #24 (permalink)
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When I was in flight training, I was debriefing when someone came into the office doing just that. The owner was in the office at the time, and the dialogue went something like this:

job seeker: Hey, how are you doing, do you have a moment?
owner: Sure, what's up?
js: I just got me CFI, and ...
ow: Congrats!!!
js: Thanks! I was wondering if you guys could possible use a motivated flight instructor full or parttime, or have other related openings like ground instructor or something.
ow: Right now we don't, but why don't you leave your contact details?
js: Sounds fair, here is a copy of my CV and contact details. Thanks for your time!
ow: No worries, you're welcome.

About three months later, we had a new parttime CFI on the roster.
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Old 12th Jan 2017, 03:10   #25 (permalink)
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Originally Posted by Sunfish View Post
Biscuits, lasting impression.....and the whole industry goes down with food poisoning.
the biscuits are a great idea; baked goods aren't likely to give food poisoning. Of course the hired party will be forever more expected to bring biscuits, but that's a small price to pay for getting a foot in the door. The point about being nice to the receptionist is vital: I've seen someone interview really well, and then the receptionist said, he was rude to me, and that's it, application was binned.
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Old 12th Jan 2017, 04:54   #26 (permalink)
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ALWAYS be nice to the receptionist! I relied on mine a lot for the stuff I was too busy to suss out, like who was being mean to who, who was sleeping with who, etc., etc. I Always ensured she got to pick the Christmas party time and place as well as any other powers I could delegate to her. She saved my bacon more than once.
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Old 12th Jan 2017, 10:06   #27 (permalink)
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If you have lots of Resume's to drop in you'll have to bake a lot of biscuits, so perhaps staple a Kit Kat to your Resume... have a break, and read my Resume.
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Old 12th Jan 2017, 10:46   #28 (permalink)
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Check with your financial adviser. Those biscuits or Kit Kats may eventually be tax deductible if you get the job..
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