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Here is a thought....

You need to make a lasting impression otherwise you are pretty much relying on lady luck, i.e. right place right time and few others applying.

This idea might not be your natural style but mull it over, I'm not much good at meeting and greeting and all that cold canvassing stuff but reckon I could do this. After all the grateful smiles and thanks will bolster your confidence.

Get a real good biscuit recipe and make up a big batch of great biscuits, package them in some proper biscuit tins and drop that off with your resume. You don't have to hand it personally to the CP or boss in fact better that you don't, leave them with the front desk person just as a nice gesture. This way it is a little less overt.

London to a brick they will have morning tea and if your biscuits are good someone is bound to ask where the bickies came from. If the receptionists then states it was from that nice young man/woman that dropped their resume in the other day then you are one step closer.

Sometimes it's the little of things that make the difference and whilst self promotion makes most of us uncomfortable never underestimate its power, if you have any doubt just consider that one of the worlds most repulsive humans has just been elected as the US president on little more than self promotion.

Good luck
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