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Middle East Management Videos

YouTube - How to Cope With a Pilot Shortage 1

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Highly recommended viewing fellas, I might well sticky this You could make this applicable to most ME airlines. 6 videos in all

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Love it....!!! Never a truer word.
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Damn that was funny.....
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'The Caravan' has at last been upstaged.

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hats and jimps!

I loved Eds hat... and Stefans ideas .... jimps .. ya jimps... rouse rouse into ze gas chamber!!

Speilberg has a competitor... sad part is ..... not far from the truth...

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What do you think Ed, Allan and Stefan feel when they watch this?
Remorse or guilt?
Doubt it.
Standard defense mechanism - laugh while thinking it's either lies or about someone else!

For me though - brilliant but sad, a bit like nuclear weapons. Sad only because I remember what EK once was.
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Old 27th Feb 2010, 06:22   #10 (permalink)
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Unbeatable, extraordinary, hilarious.

Cough, monkey, cough!

I nearly gave it up ....
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The question is... will the author's name remain a mystery, as has the name of author of 'The Caravan' all these years?

(For his sake - and his family's, if he has one - I hope so.)

Very well done. The Stefan bits were cruelly on target.

My guess the author is an Airbus dude, or we've have had the aft torpedo tube and "torpedoes los!" squeezed somewhere into the dialogue.
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Utterly utterly brilliant! Hearty congratulations to 'stripey pyjamas' for this magnificent piece of work - can the man or woman concerned be commissioned to produce an adaptation for Qatar Airways? A few more episodes to add, but basically the same story with the names changed to fit the 'management' characters over yonder.
Keep up the great work.


By the way TCAS, Ed etc you are but amateurs compared your counterparts in QR, watch for more posts giving you some more 'techniques' on shafting your pilots 'properly'
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anybody that has been here more than 5 minutes, knows who wrote the Caravan
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Pure genius....!

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Original and so true, a must watch for anyone thinking of coming to this sack of sh1te airline!!!!!
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anybody that has been here more than 5 minutes, knows who wrote the Caravan
Yes, ruserious, but since he's taken his bucket and spade and left the Sandpit, he's safe now. I hope the author of this masterpiece has covered his tracks well, 'cos I suspect certain people will.... aaaarrrr.... come alookin' fer 'im.
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Old 28th Feb 2010, 01:25   #17 (permalink)
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So, so true! I wonder what EGT will make of it?
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Its ''funny'' to see how people react on this type of video.
There are not lot's of people who answer the truth about ''working out of dessert''. But its clear now. For guys without a job its ok.
But dont leave your job to work in the emirates!
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Brilliant !!

Brilliant bit of video editing worthy of an Oscar... and not the Martinez variety !!The allocation of characters, subtitling etc.. is well done. Is the original version from the movie "The Right Stuff" .... the Chuck Yeager story?

Whilst I found the videos totally amusing and an excellent laugh, I must admit I am a bit saddened that a once great company that I was so proud to join has now become the laughing stock of the industry as far as pilots are concerned, thanks to the total incompetence of those who have been at the helm. This is nothing short of a crime against those of us who have put in so many years and so much effort to help EK get to where it is.... what to do!
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