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Old 2nd Jul 2004, 18:51   #1 (permalink)

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Loss of Feeling In Fingers

Right hand small 5th finger and 4th finger next to it (much worse) both numb although not totally without feeling more like tingly with pins and needles when you touch something - no apparent or known injury - arm below the elbow is achey - been like it 2 weeks?

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Old 2nd Jul 2004, 19:53   #2 (permalink)
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Sounds like trapped Ulnar nerve, will also affect your thumb pinch, go see an expert.
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Old 3rd Jul 2004, 14:51   #3 (permalink)
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That sounds very similar to what I had some years back - little finger, ring finger and outside of middle finger of right hand plus the outside of the right forearm. It turned out to be a cervical spine disc problem which was kicked off by a sneezing session.

Certainly not life threatening but definitely worth further investigation.

However, in my case it took three GPs and a Neurosurgeon before it was correctly diagnosed so be sure to persist until all avenues have been checked and you're happy with the diagnosis.
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Old 3rd Jul 2004, 15:12   #4 (permalink)
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Carpal tunnel Syndrome?

Look here for an explanation

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Old 3rd Jul 2004, 15:25   #5 (permalink)

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They are saying at Doctors today possibly Ulnar nerve or Carpal Tunnel syndrome as I have been putting a lot of pressure on my wrist recently resting it on my desk in an awkward way and also typing on my notebook...they have advised me to rest it and see what happens...put some Deep Heat type stuff on my lower wrist and it has improved it dramatically but not gone completely

Although just before it started I had pulled a muscle in the opposite rear left side of neck and shoulder blade area which was causing me severe sciatica and is still sore today...not sure if it is related
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Old 3rd Jul 2004, 15:31   #6 (permalink)
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Diagnosis of these things can be tricky as there can be many causes of symptoms like the ones you describe. An excellent neurologist Ive seen is Dr F Clifford Rose of the London Neurological Centre which is at 110, Harley St., London W 1G 7GG. phone 0207 935 3546.
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Old 4th Jul 2004, 10:00   #7 (permalink)
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Once correctly diagnosed, there are some physiotherapists specialising in hands/wrists who might be able to help. (Some physiotherapists are very good with diagnosis too.)

I don't get loss of feeling in fingers, but I do get pain in the little finger and the ring finger. Mine comes from excessive mouse-usage. If you suspect this might be a cause, then try using the mouse with the other hand so that you can rest the problematic hand.

Typing onto the notebook is generally ergonomically pretty bad for you. Try getting an external keyboard.
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Old 4th Jul 2004, 10:04   #8 (permalink)

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Tks everyone - I must admit I have good reason to suspect the notebook typing is what is doing it and just a few hours not typing reduces the symptoms considerably - resting from typing just isnt an option however
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Old 4th Jul 2004, 12:10   #9 (permalink)
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If this is associated with the workplace, ask your employer to conduct a proper Work Station Risk Assessment.

This should identify any problems with the ergonomics of your workstation and your work activities.

The following document, available free of charge, from the HSE, may help:

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Old 4th Jul 2004, 17:45   #10 (permalink)
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Had same problem....

I had the same problem but mine was caused by carrying my heavy travel bag with a thin strap handle. I put a piece of 3/4 surgical tubing over the handle and the problem went away in a few days. I had no other problems at the time (6 years ago.)

Now I am falling apart all at once.

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Old 8th Jul 2004, 23:51   #11 (permalink)

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Hi boss raptor
If you go along to a chiropractor or an osteopath.They should be able to sort that out.I had a similiar problem with my finger going numb and it turns out the vertebrae where the nerves were running out where not working in synergy.he did a little manipulation and problem gone.Make an appointment youll not be sorry.And if it were more serious they would just refer you on to someone more qualified but that for someone bordering on paralisys which i doubt is the case.
flaps n slats
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Old 9th Jul 2004, 01:30   #12 (permalink)
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Boss R,

I had the Ulnar nerve problem a couple of years ago in my left hand -- apparently that 2-finger numbness is the classic symptom -- related to my constantly leaning on my left elbow, a habit I had acquired at a job I'd been doing for about 6 months. Doctor put me on an anti-inflammatory (Naproxen) and in about 2 weeks it was gone. But I still find myself tending to lean on that elbow, and when I do it a lot, I can tell it's threatening to come back.
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Old 9th Jul 2004, 01:32   #13 (permalink)
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Sounds a lot like what I had a few years ago which turned out to be from spending hours at the computer with my left forearm resting awkwardly against the edge of my desk. Was alarmed at first, but then realized that laying off the computer for a while sorted things out very quickly. Longer term it's all about ergonomics -- raise chair and/or armrest, lower keyboard ... That was it. 'Course, I'm no doctor but if it is what I think it is it should get better quickly, no doctors necessary. Otherwise it's more likely to be carpal tunnel or something similar. No harm trying, right?
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Old 9th Jul 2004, 15:25   #14 (permalink)

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Have taken all the advice - taken the weight of my arm/elbow and wrist - reduced typing dramatically and symptoms have almost disappeared - just a slight 'prickle' comes back if I type on my notebook for any prolonged time however...

Hopefully acceptable resting and revised care of my arm posture will cure the problem in the longer term - see how long it takes to go completely

As above comments from DocM and a few others previous I have been not supporting my arm and/or bending my wrist back when typing or resting on the desk
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Old 9th Jul 2004, 18:50   #15 (permalink)
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Mr Burns

Just get a voice activated keyboard.

We know you can afford it!

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