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Old 27th May 2012, 04:03   #721 (permalink)
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For that new contract everyone was forced to sign the A300 ones , the one year deal where you earn 2.5 days off per month to be used as vacation time same as in the military or in any other GCAA company.
If it is true that you will be terminated make sure that is included in your final settlement to be paid for any leave time accrued.
I was due days off already earned and was not paid them along with the end of service agreement.
Hope you all get what is owed but doubt the Ali Babba bottom feeding outfit will pay, never has never will!
But at least ask for it.
The end of service money they wont show you any reg where that has to be paid, just claim free zone B/S, but the UAE labor laws say different.
Hope this one ends soon before anyone else gets cheated.

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Old 27th May 2012, 08:19   #722 (permalink)
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Must end soon

The fake doctor must have lost so much money with this outfit it is surprising it is still around. Better he closes it and cuts his losses surely ? Then the managers can follow their true vocations and start serving fries at McDonalds
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Old 28th May 2012, 07:01   #723 (permalink)
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Any Idea where the buses are headed off to??
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Old 28th May 2012, 11:01   #724 (permalink)
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Good decision?

Shutting down the A300 operations is probably the best business decision Midex taken for many years. As the CEO is completely ignorant how to make money in aviation, shutting down the whole company would be even a better one. But is that really what you want???? Is it not more fun to see the CEO loose more money? And give some people a steady income, at least as long as they cope with the situation? And if they do shut down all operations, no matter how many disgruntled ex Midex crew members there is out there that will give the their former lower managers negative recommendations (if ever asked), you will be surprised how hot the market for spineless managers really is. Reality is, companies (airlines) don't want heroes or popular vote winners as managers. They want yes-men and doers! I hope you A300 guys finds a new job soon, and I also want to welcome you to your new life in freedom (and that include A300 lower management guys ;-)

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Old 4th Jun 2012, 12:15   #725 (permalink)
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Are the Airbus crews being offered a transfer to the 747 fleet? I heard that they are short and having problems finding 747 qualified crew members.
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Old 4th Jun 2012, 12:59   #726 (permalink)
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You can leave!

B747 crews do not have to stay, a new operator needs Capts., B747s DXB to Afghan, 40 on 20 off, beats 12 months from Midex, and the money is better! But just experienced Capts., But definately no FF and JS.
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Old 11th Jun 2012, 09:25   #727 (permalink)
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Interesting info....any details for this outfit out of Dxb to Afghan. Many thanks
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Old 14th Jun 2012, 09:33   #728 (permalink)
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Attn Midex 747 FO's

Get in touch with hubby if you're looking for another job. Sorry FE's.. just FO's only right now. Same Same on location
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Old 14th Jun 2012, 19:40   #729 (permalink)
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Great sassy pilot wife...appreciate if u could PM me your hubby's details for me to get the info.
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Old 15th Jun 2012, 19:00   #730 (permalink)
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Laid-off pilots say Dh2m is owed - The National

DUBAI // A group of pilots laid off from a cargo airline claim they are owed Dh2 million in end-of-service benefits.


Midex Airlines has laid off more than 34 employees, most of whom were pilots. But a group of nine pilots and flight engineers are campaigning for three months' salary, saying they are entitled to it under labour laws.

"I'm going to have to sell my car just to survive because I have got bills at home to pay," said John Casey, the former chief pilot at the company. "It's dragging on, and I'm afraid they're going to drag it on forever."

Mr Casey, 54, from the US, had completed a three-year limited contract at the company and was seven months into a new contract. He said he was owed Dh280,000 in severance pay.

But he said the company offered him only Dh74,000, which was about one month's salary. The company has refused to pay the requested amount and said it was prepared to go to court.

"They want three months' additional compensation," said Dr Issam Khairallah, the president of Midex. "They cannot get it because the terms of their contract are very clear. If they don't agree with us, they should go to court like everybody else."

But there is confusion over where any possible case would be held, as Mr Casey has a Ras Al Khaimah visa while the company lists its head office in Dubai.

He was among a group of 22 pilots and flight engineers who were laid off over the past two months. Twelve ground staff were also sacked.

Dr Khairallah said the redundancies came as Midex grounded its ageing fleet of A300 jets and replaced them with Boeing 747s. He said those made redundant "weren't qualified" to remain at the company.

A former airline captain, Al Jacquet, 61, also from the US, claimed he was owed about Dh260,000 but had been offered only Dh92,000. He had completed a three-year contract at the company and was more than two months into a new contract.

"Everything I've read says that I'm entitled to this money," Mr Jacquet said. "I won't abandon this case unless someone official tells me that I'm not entitled to it."

Samir Kantaria, the head of the employment team at the law firm Al Tamimi & Company, said it would depend on the specifics of the case, but the gratuity accrued from completing the first contract should be carried over.

"It's very likely that authorities would take into account the full term of service when calculating gratuity," Mr Kantaria said. "The courts here are very employee-friendly."

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Old 15th Jun 2012, 19:43   #731 (permalink)
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'The courts here are very employee friendly' ... Bwahahahahahahahaah!!!!!!!
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Old 16th Jun 2012, 01:29   #732 (permalink)
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I really had to have a good laugh at Dr Khairallah's response to this.
Quote: "They want three months' additional compensation," said Dr Issam Khairallah, the president of Midex. "They cannot get it because the terms of their contract are very clear. If they don't agree with us, they should go to court like everybody else."
What an idiot.
Emirates airlines office is nearly a stone throw away from his.
Do They try and cheat departing pilots on end of service pay also,,I think not.
We all had the same UAE resident visa, labor card etc.
Only difference was ours was registered in RAK.
UAE labor laws apply to the whole UAE.
Midex cannot pick and choose the ones they want or will not follow.
Midex also forces you to sign a Receipt and Discharge form stating that you have received all of your due salaries and that you have no further right to claim anything else from the past present and future.
They know they are cheating otherwise this form would not be needed.
If you refuse to sign this stating I am claiming my end of service money due under UAE labor laws you wont even receive your final months salary or ticket home.
I am sad they are still cheating more pilots, but happy this bottom feeding outfit and the non payment of salaries due is coming out even in the press now.
Maybe next time someone needs cargo moved and does a search they will see all this in the press and bypass this outfit.
If a man cheats his own pilots think what he will do to everyone else.
Sorry once again this happened, but one here was a very high manager listed in this article, guess all his actions to help the company he found out that he was not bullet proof and got screwed just like all of us before him.
Hate to say it but all those questionable times we operated to help the company as you stated, what did that get you?
I wont say I told you so, think you figured that out by now.

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Old 16th Jun 2012, 06:44   #733 (permalink)
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Anyone knows how many 747s are in operation now? Heard that they are bringing in up to 6 a/cs. what are their flying schedules and routes like?
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Old 16th Jun 2012, 17:16   #734 (permalink)
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They are now operating two very tired classic freighters that only seem to fly to Kabul and back, not the best place to fly in to ! Avoid this outfit at all costs
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Old 16th Jun 2012, 20:25   #735 (permalink)
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Snoop Midex buying more aircraft

Listen, they don't have enough captains to fly the two junkers they already have, let alone buy anymore 747s. This is propaganda from the idiot owner & management. Just a matter of time when it's all over. The kiss a** DFO & CP are now bad mouthing mudex. They should have listened to us instead of brown nosing the little man & the micro managers. Karma is good. Now just waiting on the bad news about the hotel clerk, assass.
Good luck with finding jobs, your labeled just like scabs in the aviation world
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Old 17th Jun 2012, 10:52   #736 (permalink)
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Midex Ex-crew | Facebook
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Old 18th Jun 2012, 16:46   #737 (permalink)
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Thanks for the infos posted. Seems like the outfit is having a bad reputation based on what is being mentioned.Will consider all the adverse comments posted when deciding to apply.
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Old 16th Jul 2012, 02:40   #738 (permalink)
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Mudex still has not paid us the end of service and salaries owed still to this date.
Hard to forget how many thousand USD owed under the UAE labor laws and the way they cheated everyone out of what was due along with contract violations.
Just an update for any that may want to attempt working there .
Would have been cheaper to pay what they owe ASSaad .
Company is labeled as bottom feeder world wide and now in the press too, think maybe there is a God.
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Old 16th Jul 2012, 04:38   #739 (permalink)
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Just wonder if Kareilla knows the word Congressional.
Military ones know how big that word is.
And does he also realize that he is flying
US military contracts which he cheated many retired military crews out of contract and UAE labor law pay due?
Many good companies out there that pay the crews.
More than one way to skin a cat here.
Welcome anyone retired military that has money due and not paid to contact their congressman.
Got this from a few others will add mine to my congressman tonight.
We may never see the salary owed but being an American and showing how he cheated the crews this is a good way to get his contracts shifted to a company that pays correctly.
Actually I will edit this as to say it should be all Americans that worked for Mudex, to do the congressional.
Maybe the Brits have an avenue for this also.
This is our tax money that pays these fools and can be spent with a better company that does not cheat people.

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Old 10th Aug 2012, 23:12   #740 (permalink)
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is that idiot Mclane still spinning his lies
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