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Canada The great white north. A BIG country with few people and LOTS of aviation.

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What happened to the plan for solar powered snow mobiles ?

What was the name of that Senator who said something like " Most countries have a military in them .If not their own then somebodies "

We all know who would annex Canada in a heart beat if they thought they could get away with it . Some of the Reformers out west wanted to rid themselves of eastern politicians and pave the way for that to happen through " harmonization" . Harper ruined that plan and kept the country together.

Who knows maybe JT will achieve what the reformers could not .

Cascadia does have a nice ring to it . They might even let California join after Calexit . If they do not vote to rejoin Mexico

In other news the Russians have just completed tests on a new space plane engine for the 6th generation fighters .
Maybe the secret plan is to wait until the seventh generation of fighters are developed, before spending money to honour treaty requirements .
The new Chateau Clique has not been in power long enough to guess what they will do other than buy what they are allowed to buy .

Remember the Arrow farce ?
The problem Canada has is when they show what they are capable of producing, the neighbours get very nervous .

We may have to wait until after the new boss comes in on January 20th to know what will be allowed to be bought. or more accurately told what to buy .
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