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Old 5th Sep 2002, 21:18   #21 (permalink)
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From another pax point of view-

Was on a flight from Las Vegas to Philly the other day and Teller out of Penn and Teller (magical duo) was a fellow pax.

Teller is the small one who never speaks, so you can understand my confusion/horror when I saw him at the gate nattering away into his hands-free mobile phone.
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Old 5th Sep 2002, 22:01   #22 (permalink)
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This is a great thread

I have been a visitor to Prune for ages and just signed up tonight. I work for a large Gulf airline, and although i am not cabin crew, I heave heard some real great stories from our crews who come from all walks of life:-

Some highlights:-

The Pope
Just for the sheer magnificence of it and cannot be compared to ANY other celebrity anywhere, anytime.

Margaret Thatcher
Surprisingly civil

Prince Edward and Sophie Wessex
He is quiet and pleasant. She was a bit loud and appeared bossy.

Princess Diana
Sheer beauty and sincerity personified

Tina Turner
She is the Queen........and surprisingly smaller than you would think.

Kylie Minogue and Michael Hutchence
Quiet couple who were obviously in love.

Helen Worth (Gail Platt from "Coronation Street")
Tiny but very bubbly and just like Gail!!

Jan Leeming
BBC News lady from years ago - a total snob!!

Ronnie Corbett
Nice fellow but with a very loud voice that was painful after a while.

Derek Jameson (BBC Radio guy)
Grumpy and arrogant. And his wife - aka Cruella de Vil

John McEnroe
As someone said above, sursrisingly nice and affable

Shahnaz Pakravan (Dubai TV)
Lovely lady and didn't squeak once on board

Keith Harris (& Orville - only this time, without)
A bit cocky and full of celeb status s**t

Barry McGuigan
Former boxer. Just like a little boy who giggled all the way through the flight.

Liz Smith (Brits will know her as Nana from The Royle Family)
Absolutely hilarious and questioned us on the material of the uniforms and asked if they were itchy....spoke about varicose veins, food, cooking, aphrodisiacs......a really, really lovely lady, and quite bulky too!!!

but, our former Alitalia members still say Pope was the most unique.

Guess it's easy to understand why.
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Old 6th Sep 2002, 09:40   #23 (permalink)
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Location: Dubai, UAE
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As a Pax

However, myself as a pax:-

Nicest: Kylie
Why: just because she was!! Didn't ask for any special attention and was happy to pose for photographs and even helped us (or helped my friend whom i was with) with make up hints for best results in the dimly lit cabin.

Worst: Hillary Clinton
Why: She growls just as much in reality as you would think she does.
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Old 6th Sep 2002, 11:52   #24 (permalink)
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Great thread..........

One that instantly come to mind was Norman Wisdom. He was on one of our Cruise charters going to BGI. He was SO charming and funny.

He was sitting at the front next to where one of our girls was doing her manual demo (no vid that day). As she bent down to pick up her life jacket, he put his hand on her head and wouldnt let her get up. The whole front cabin errupted with laughter, the girl just cracked up, and I just wet myself in the front galley.

Great guy.
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Old 6th Sep 2002, 14:09   #25 (permalink)
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Elle McPherson is apparently a bit of a handful. On one QF flight she was given white first class pyjamas.

On another flight she was given blue pjs and insisted that they 'take back this old stock and give her some white pjs'. Turns out that the white was the old stock.

Also was quite moody when asked to get off her mobile and in some cases will only speak French.

As for Kylie Minogue and Sarah Ohare, lovely!!
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Old 7th Sep 2002, 13:37   #26 (permalink)

You Think, Therefore I Am
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On Uk Charter, I've not experienced any "celebrities" , which didn't bother me at all until I read this (excellent) thread - now I am depressed! I would like to be checked out on a celebrity please, and have my license endorsed accordingly.

(I hope Kylie's on FF miles - she seems to spend more time airborne than some crew.)
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Old 13th Sep 2002, 14:53   #27 (permalink)
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Don't get many celebs travelling with us - but -

Best - Tracy Shaw (Maxine - Corrie), made up for her alleged bad behaviour on a BA by joining one of our charity flights. Donated a stack of stuff 4 on board raffle, posed for photo's, paid full fare, didn't create a fuss when no veggie option available, spoke to all the crew and did a quick 'twirl' in front cabin for pax. No cameramen, no publicity, just came along and joined in.

Lisa Tarbuck was a real nice lady, very chatty and down to earth

No bad ones - yet...
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Old 15th Sep 2002, 09:39   #28 (permalink)
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Best: Steve McFadden ( Phil Mitchell eastenders) and Lucy Benjamin (Lisa eastenders)---These two were totally lovely and charming....When I served them drinks, they asked for two beers. As i was getting them out of the bar, I thought to myself in a panic, should I say something like "Do you think this is a good idea?" coz Steve's character in 'enders is an alcoholic...Got the lines blurred between tv and reality!

Posh Spice was smaashing...Has my photo taken with her, then she took my camera, turned it around and took a self-portrait! She even threatened to put it down her pants to take one...I asked her to do it to David instead! phew!

WORST!!! Cilla Black was a total nightmare...Ignoring the crew when asked if she needed anything, preferring instead to make her PA answer for her!! Remember your roots missy!

Charlie Dimmock (the bra-less and not too attractive gardener) Did the whole...."Dont you know who I am?" thing and I took great pleasure in telling her that I didn't know her from Adam! It makes no difference to me how big she can grow her melons!
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Old 17th Sep 2002, 12:08   #29 (permalink)
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Location: Worthing, UK
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Best - Francois Pieenar, JNB-LHR - as you can imagine to Saffa's this guy is something of an icon even after all this time. He must have only got about 1 hrs sleep on the night flight as he was constantly being asked for autographs, pictures and chat. Was friendly and affable to all comers, great to the crew, top all round guy!

Worst - Richard E Grant, JNB-LHR (not same day!), seated in 8K Upper, spent whole flight with left hand to face to avoid 'recognition' in cabin with lights out and everyone asleep! Wouldn't speak to crew, only through 'assistant' in 8H, snarled at unfortunate brave enough to ask for autograph. 100% Deus (Ask a Saffa!)
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Old 17th May 2005, 09:12   #30 (permalink)
Posts: n/a

Sorry to drag this one up, and slightly off topic, - I noted your comments about Kylie. Let's hope she gets well very soon. I have heard similar recounts from various crews who all adore having her on board. True trouper.

Get well soon Kylie.
Old 17th May 2005, 17:50   #31 (permalink)
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Yes indeed, I was really sad to hear the news about Kylie this morning.

I know crew who have had her on board and they said she was lovely, a real star.

She's a wee fighter so I'm sure she'll pull through!!

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Old 18th May 2005, 00:42   #32 (permalink)
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BEST CELEBRITY: Morgan Freeman from LIS-LHR on my 21st birthday...he was lovely, quiet, never asked for a thing, just fit in like any other passenger.

WORST CELEBRITY: Naomi Campbell (LHR-ATH) or Cher (NCE-LHR)...Can't decide who. Naomi kicked off about having to carry her own bag and spent the whole flight wearing a face mask over her mouth and nose, and Cher had a mini nervous break down or something, chucked down her knife and fork and started yelling and screaming about how terrible the food was (after she'd eaten half of it)
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Old 18th May 2005, 04:38   #33 (permalink)
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Unhappy Ricky

My claim to fame....

Once pashed Ricky Martin.... Then I woke up.

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Old 18th May 2005, 05:20   #34 (permalink)
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What does pashed mean Fourplay?
Old 18th May 2005, 08:15   #35 (permalink)
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Yes, all the best for Kylie!!

Well as a pax (waiting at the airport that is) I seem to always run into the bloke from 60 Minutes... RIchard something. Always talking on the phone and tapping away at laptop....

the funny thing was, I was thinking "Hmmmm, I know that voice, and the face is familiar..."

He was obviously trying to 'blend in", when the TV above his head launched into a loud advert for... you guessed it, 60 Minutes, with his face and voice plastered across the screen! I swear every person in the terminal went "hnuuuh?" and turned to look at him again.....

Also once saw Miss Kidman walking down the street in Sydney, very tall and willowy she is, even taller than you think. Wished to take a picture but felt rude as she was going about her day, so didn't.

Now kind of regret that. Apparently no-one else really saw it was she, guess people in Sydney are used to it!!!
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Old 18th May 2005, 09:34   #36 (permalink)
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One flew in J LHR-JFK next to someone who, apparently, was a celebrity - you know, some dimwit who's famous for being known. Who he was, I wouldn't know but probably someone who thought he was somebody in the UK. Anyway, he's bitching and moaning, being obnoxious and very rude to the FAs, and after about an hour I'd had enough. Asked the kind hostie if she could possibly relocate me, as I was getting fed listing to this idiot (direct quote, if I may add). Poor girl had had a very hard time with this scumbag too, so she said there was a seat available in First. "Celebrity" goes into a fist and starts bitching the usual "don't you know who I am" and "I should get the upgrade". At that point in time I was standing up in the aisle, so I leaned over the bozo, grabbed him by the collar and threathend to beat the living daylight out of him if he didn't shut the f. up. Suddenly, a loud burst of applaus rang out through the cabin.

Was handed 3 bottles of Jack D. by the number one on arrival

I've flown with Helena Christensen too once. She still forms a significant part of my wet dreams
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Old 18th May 2005, 10:11   #37 (permalink)
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Do Kylie, Tom Cruise, Morgan Freemanand the lot still fly on airlines rather than private jets ?
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Old 18th May 2005, 10:12   #38 (permalink)
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Well, I'd think Kylie would be exclusively BA, now, since she has the endorsement deal!!

Plus I guess a private jet is a big ask for particular routes...
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Old 18th May 2005, 12:41   #39 (permalink)
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Reply to A300- 600R


It means a passionate kiss... hence (pash) I know we Aussies bastardise the English language.

Anyway he was brilliant!
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Old 20th May 2005, 00:50   #40 (permalink)
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I'm not a cabin crew but whatever - I flew LHR-JFK with Danni Minogue once. Apparently. Sadly I never knew who she was until the bloke who was sat behind me pointed it out, and he didn't bother to tell me until after she'd gone through customs. How annoying!
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