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Dating life of Cabin Crew in Dubai

Hi all,
Please let me know if you guys know something about dating life of cabin crew in Dubai. I intend to apply Emirates cabin crew after 2 boring working years in the office and worry a bit about the dating life in Dubai. I am female, single and also don't want to be forever alone after many years as a cabin crew. I think this is the glamorous job and lonely when you meet so many people around the world but no body can become your close friends/relationship ( except the colleagues in Emirates Corporation) and it is hard for dating when you are just around the world and on the plane. (I m not interested in dating a co-worker or pilot)
I do some researches on internet about the life in Dubai but there is not many information about the dating life of cabin crew and as far as I know that there are many male expats and it seems a lot of great chances for female to find somebody for dating but how about the cabin crew who has to fly frequently and stays at Dubai just a short time in a week/month...is there any chance for dating?
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Risky business

Hi Tinkerbell, this is a war zone.

In general the guys (myself included) are not really interested in an long term relationship.

It is very difficult to establish any relationship outside work, as every time you set up a date, dinner, or just a social event, the roster changes... and any plans go out of the window.

However you will make lifelong friends inside your work group.

Many relationships falter as a result of miss trust. We live in a very glamourous environment, and on the CC side you are expected to smile, and be nice to everyone, (even if you are dieing on your feet).

I can understand the need to move from the office work to airline work, and given what I can see of your understanding of the "game" you will enjoy your new life.

I suspect you will be too tired to party for some time too.

As to dating just go with the flow, and enjoy your work mates company, and let your social life expand, and with luck you will meet non workers, perhaps a social life outside work would help. BUT first get your feet under the table in EX and explore the new world.

Good luck, from the sharp end.


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Hmmm, time to revive the 'Single Life' thread down in ME perhaps Glf?? At least you are honest that you're not in it for the picket fence, happy ever after et al just yet...

Reading the question just made me ha ha ha

Have lots of friends here CC and flight deck, 98% end up dating/seeing each other. Only a few in my circle have relationships with non-crew. Once you get here you'll see why- unless you live out, the visitor rules mean it is way easier to date crew since they have more freedom to visit you than a non-airline person.

But if you just want to date, go to dinner, clubbing and whatever else, plenty of takers to be found I am sure. Just depends on what you are looking for. As Glf says, DXB is a very transient place so you're more likely to find people up for a good time unless you really go looking...

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When you here yourself uttering this phrase, well, you will figure it out...

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Don't forget.... M.P.I.D as well...


Sort of.
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Thank you to all you guys
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