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Old 28th Jul 2013, 10:13   #441 (permalink)
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Originally Posted by blaggerman
Also, as the relentless Middle East monsters continue to gobble long haul traffic from the UK and Ireland they will take transit traffic from those Amsterdam and Dublin numbers.
I suppose it should also be noted that AMS and DUB are huge destinations from the UK in their own right, and not merely as transit points. Dubai's stature as a destination has grown recently, but even so the city itself is not the massive draw that Amsterdam and Dublin are for UK travellers. Airlines like TK, QR, EY and others will indeed be looking to draw an increased share of long haul traffic from the UK too, and potentially from EK.

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Bartek, amazing stats. The UK government and BA should observe the scale of AMS and what KLM have achieved. Should help them put in perspective the risks associated with LHR standing still. Equally to BA et al reference to keeping domestic flying a focus.

If we knew the proportion of those pax on AMS connecting at AMS would be possible to put metric opposite the value of such business if LHR were to capture some of it in future.

Based on knowing the level of connecting pax it might mean that DUB could be the largest destination when transfer pax are stripped out?

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The connecting traffic at DUB will be nothing compared to AMS. At most 10% would connect at DUB but I expect its below this and closer to 5 or 6%. Would imagine connections from the UK via AMS would be 40 or 50%.

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Old 28th Jul 2013, 17:54   #444 (permalink)
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Would the DUB transfer percentage not be higher as it would include ex Dub pax connecting at LHR with EI & BA?
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Old 30th Jul 2013, 02:36   #445 (permalink)
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I dont think we will be seeing Emirates at either BRS or LBA considering their runways lengths just take into account the issue with PK at LBA concerning 777 ops and Thomson with their 767s and 787s at BRS plus EK wont have any 330s in the fleet soon so no suitable aircraft anyway for either of those airports.

Even if a 777 could be operated out of either BRS and LBA without any penalties I still think it would too large an aircraft and would be over kill for the routes.

STN is my bet on the next Emirates UK airport and even more so now MAG is involved it surely has to be announced within the year even if it is cargo ops to start with but it will happen one day.

It has the potential catchment area as we all know of North and East London, the East Midlands and the whole of the Anglia region and especially the Essex crowd so it is only obvious that EK will eventually fly from the three main London airports at some point.
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Old 31st Jul 2013, 11:58   #446 (permalink)
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Emirates to introduce a 2nd daily Dubai - Amsterdam flight operating on a Boeing 777-200LR aircraft - Read on another forum
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Old 4th Aug 2013, 07:29   #447 (permalink)
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Emirates to introduce a 2nd daily Dubai - Amsterdam flight operating on a Boeing 777-200LR aircraft - Read on another forum
It's official:
Emirates doubles services to Amsterdam | News | Emirates United Arab Emirates

EK celebrates 5 years of A380
Emirates? A380 Cruises into 5th Anniversary | News | Emirates United Arab Emirates

360-degree virtual journey of A380
Emirates A380 | Our Fleet | The Emirates Experience | Emirates
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Old 4th Aug 2013, 07:57   #448 (permalink)
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the real point is that Emirates are steadily increasing their services into UK regional airports whereas BA are cutting back

Apart from LHR any of the airports currently served by Emirates can take another service per day or they can just up the size of the aircraft - at LHR it just means more A380's

I guess most interlining traffic at Amsterdam is Europe/N African bound, Paris Africa , Madrid, S America whilst Dubai is steadliy becoming the main choice if you are heading into Asia & the Middle East
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Old 1st Sep 2013, 07:33   #449 (permalink)
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New destinations

5th November: Sialkot 4 weekly A332
Emirates announces its fifth route to Pakistan | News | Emirates Deutschland

10th February: Taipei 6 weekly B77W
Emirates announces passenger services to Taipei | News | Emirates Deutschland
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Old 29th Sep 2013, 07:02   #450 (permalink)
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New destinations

4th December: DXB-KBL daily A345
Emirates to commence daily service to Kabul | News | Emirates Deutschland

10th March: DXB-BOS daily B77L

upcoming changes:

1st October
new: MXP-JFK daily B77W (MXP and JFK each 3 daily)
new: DXB-CLK daily B77L
DXB-MEL-AKL daily B77W > A380
DXB-GIG-EZE daily B77L > B77W
DXB-MAD daily B77W > B77L
DXB-VCE from 2 daily A332 to daily B77W (2-class)
DXB-DAR daily B77W (2-class) > A332
DXB-NBO daily B772 > A332

27th October
new: DXB-BKK add daily B772 (6 daily in total)
new: DXB-HKG add daily A332 (3 daily in total)
DXB-BKK daily B77W > A380
DXB-ATH daily B773 > A332
DXB-MXP daily A332 > B773
DXB-LED daily A332 > B773

5th November
new: DXB-SKT 4 weekly A332

1st December
DXB-CLK daily B77L > B77W

2nd December
DXB-LAX daily B77W > A380

4th December
new: DXB-KBL daily A345
new: DXB-AMS add daily B77L (twice daily in total)
DXB-HAM daily B77L > B77W

16th December
DXB-MRU daily B773 > A380

1st January
DXB-ZRH daily B77W > A380
DXB-HKG 5 weekly B77W + 2 weekly A380 > daily A380
DXB-NCE daily B773 > B77W
DXB-WAW daily A332 > B773
DXB-KUL daily A332 > B773

15th January
DXB-VIE 6 weekly A345 > B77W

16th January
new: DXB-KBP daily A345

1st February:
DXB-BCN daily B77W > A380
DXB-HKG daily A332 > B77W
DXB-MAD daily B77L > B77W
DXB-LYS 5 weekly A345 > B77L
DXB-NBO daily A332 > A345

10th February
new: DXB-TPE 6 weekly B77W

1st March
DXB-SEA daily B77L > B77W

10th March
new: DXB-BOS daily B77L

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Old 17th Nov 2013, 08:32   #451 (permalink)
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1st December
DXB-LAD from 3 weekly to daily B77W

30 March
DXB-HKG daily B77W > A380 (DXB-HKG trice daily A380 + daily B77W)
DXB-MUC daily B773 > A380 (DXB-MUC double daily A380)

1st May
DXB-BKK daily B773 > A380 (DXB-BKK 3 daily A380 + 3 daily B77W)
DXB-PRG daily B773 > B77W
DXB-ATH daily A332/A345 > B77W
DXB-ALG daily A332 > A343

1st June
DXB-CDG 6 weekly B77W > A380 (DXB-CDG 20 weekly A380)

21st July
DXB-CPT daily A343 > B77W (DXB-CPT twice daily B77W)

1st August
DXB-AMS daily B77L > B77W (DXB-AMS daily A380 + daily B77W

1st October
DXB-MXP daily B773 > B77W (DXB-MXP twice daily B77W + daily B773)

EK annonce order for 150 B777X (+50 options) and additional 50 A380 at Dubai Airshow today.
Emirates orders 50 additional A380s, boosting fleet to 140*| Airbus News & Events
Boeing Launches 777X with Record-Breaking Orders and Commitments - Nov 17, 2013
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Old 17th Nov 2013, 09:44   #452 (permalink)
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Heathrow Harry,

Yes BHX could take a 3rd service the load factors on the 2 at present are now consistently over 82%.

However it may get an A380 before then, although that would hit cargo.

Of course if another carrier started from BHX (Qatar said they want to fly from BHX) then could scupper any EK increase although another carrier would be prefereable.
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Old 17th Nov 2013, 10:32   #453 (permalink)
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When Qatar and Etihad came to Manchester it actually made Emirates grow faster as they competed
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Old 17th Nov 2013, 10:35   #454 (permalink)
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At GLA Mid 80's LF on double daily with First Class versus mid 60's on once daily 2 class at NCL, one presumes any further northern regional expansion will be at GLA ? Not sure if they'd go A380 / 2 class 777 or add a third frequency. An Emirates lounge is currently being built at GLA.
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Old 17th Nov 2013, 13:49   #455 (permalink)
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For the hub-and-spoke operation Emirates has it makes sense to fly with bigger planes on the high-demand routes. Add slot restrictions at major destinations and growing by flying bigger planes becomes the easiest solution.
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Old 17th Nov 2013, 15:03   #456 (permalink)
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Yes noticed that Qatar Etihad and Emirates were all up again out of MAN last month.

Think we still have a shout at getting Qatar next year at BHX, to give EK some more competition.
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Old 17th Nov 2013, 15:13   #457 (permalink)
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Looking for a job

Think nearly all of EK current A380s and the newly ordered ones are leased. So its more a headache for the leasing company, Doric.

In 10 years their will probably be an A380 NEO with new engines so as EK only want to keep the current ones 12 years who would be interested in the older less efficient model..might have to start scrapping them !
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Old 17th Nov 2013, 15:23   #458 (permalink)
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Yes, I'm sure Doric will have a headache from all the $$$$ they'll be collecting from the maintenance reserves/rent from all those A380s!
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Old 17th Nov 2013, 16:31   #459 (permalink)
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You miss my point, that being it will be up to Doric to find homes for a large number of older A380s, who will want them ?
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Old 17th Nov 2013, 17:28   #460 (permalink)
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Ryanair to take them

Ryanair may take then

How many could he fit into them.
Problem is not many airports Ryanair fly Into could handle the aircraft
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