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Of course I do Rossian! What took you so long? Here it is again, as last recollected in March 2014.....

One time one was Orderly Officer (OO) being "looked after" by a aged (at least 30!) Orderly Sergeant (OS). One of the later duties - maybe 2130 or so - said:

Draw Commcen keys from Guardroom, 'phone Commcen, go and check security etc. Which we duly did - except the 'phone call.

" But Sergeant - it clearly says 'phone first!"

"Trust me sir..............."

Now the Commcen (WRAF manned) was co-located with PBX (ditto),and was also where Duty WRAF hung out. About 5 girls in all, with 2 or 3 bunks (double or triple).

Now in those days, Airpersons' uniforms were made of blue blankets,known affectionally (NOT!) as "Hairy Blues". Which irritated exposed skin more than somewhat - so the girls had removed their skirts.

I should also add that this was before tights had gained general acceptance.

Net result: OO and OS confronted by 5 x Section Officer Harveys. (Poorer quality shirts, but good legs!)

Which explained the lack of a 'phone call. (Thank you Sergeant!). And they were in mid brew-up/fry-up.

"Oh hello Sir, fancy a brew and a bacon butty?" (I assure you nothing else was offered )

A stitch up for the baby pilot for sure - but a most welcome one which I remember in detail.
Syerston sometime in '69 - and I can still see it in my mind's eye.....
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Got similarly stitched at Watton, mid 60s. Stunning girl from the comcen was in the drama group and we all changed in one room. Girl had legs in stockings that went on for ever. Two ights or so later I am OO and she is on jankers. Arrives in a mess looking like she has slept in her uniform. Smiles sweetly as in "You have seen me in next to nothing". Quiet word with Ord Sgt, who sends her away and come back in 30 minutes properly dressed, when he and I know that I will be out of sight. Whew....
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How come I never got OO duties like those ?
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