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Wayne Morgan

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Wayne Morgan


Does this mean that Wayne wasn't Chief Pilot BAe, hadn't climbed Mount Everest or been to the South Pole? Was he not the RAF's chief TSR-2 test-pilot and ADC to the POW (specialising in errant Princesses_)? And is he not the great grand-son of Admiral Sir Henry Morgan (one of the most dangerous pirates who worked in the Spanish Main)?

God I wish I wasn't so gullible. He was my hero and now I just don't know what to think. Like this article's depiction of him, I'm now wrestling with my own credibility because now my main man mentor is showing feet of clay......

Surely somebody has misspoke.

I don't think I'll fly MyTravel ever again. I just couldn't face him.

Grappler thumps her lover | The Sun |News
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That explains it then! The last time I saw Wayne was in that hotel in the metro centre in NCL in '04. I met him in the foyer, he had herself in tow, and he took a red face and said 'This is my friend Jocelyn who comes from near you'. Knowing he had just been in TLS on an Airbus course I did wonder!
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Wayne Morgan

I was the crew's AEO on Wayne's first Vulcan tour. He was the the young co-pilot and I was the old man of the crew. So, I was one of three 'rear crew' who sat in the 'cupboard reading the gas meters'. We all knew that Wayne told tall stories! I remember someone saying that if he had done all that he said he had done he would have to be 186 years old. I may have got the figure wrong - it was a long time ago.
But please do not feel so badly about him. He was one of the nicest, kindest blokes that I flew with in 27 years of RAF service. I'll tell you something else - he was a smashing pilot - I never felt safer with any other pilot than when Wayne was the 'pilot handling' and we're talking 250 feet low level manual terrain following in the roughest weather here. The Rockies were rough but the biggest bump we ever experienced was over Wales. The navigator sitting next to me thought we'd had a mid-air collision; by the way, I was older than his father. Wayne used to get into trouble on check rides for shaving the tops at 50 feet. At de-brief he used to claim that he did that to give the rear crew a smoother ride. Because I was so old (46), Wayne used to carry my bags for me! And another thing, one time when my drains blocked he insisted on coming round and digging them up and repairing them for me! And boy! Could he pull the birds. I remember that Mrs Oski, who used to serve our pre flight breakfasts in Omaha, couldn't take her eyes off him. She was twice his age and big with it and Wayne always got twice as much bacon as the rest of us! I said to her one time, "You fancy him don't you?" The greasy Mexican lady replied, "He's cute".
Wayne's a damn good bloke and a damned good pilot and his stories never harmed anybody so there!
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That's a six year old link, still tickled me as much as the first time I read it.
Was posted within this forum back then.

Don't know if you'll experience Wayne again but, at least you'll never suffer
another flight with Mytravel

The Moss
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Wayne Morgan

He was never in the same league as Crossy.
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More on Crossy please....

Simply cannot believe that Wayne M. had any peers, proxies or pretender proximos.
He was always the ultimate Walter Mitty type - and that brand of leotard never changes its spots.
Of course he could fool most of the people most of the time, but he always left in his wake a multitude of wiser people. Multitudes ultimately become throngs. Wayne's throngs are many and varied and of both sexes. He has accumulated sufficient by way of throngs to be elected President for Life of Cloud Cuckoo Land.
I speak from hard experience. He got me sacked from Saudi.
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I say, what a boy!

Make a good politician that chap.
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Got himself sacked from Saudi too.
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To John Harris,

Hi John

Wayne was with us at Jet2. You have a pm.
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Flew with Wayne and attended a couple of social do's with him whilst on the -10 at MYT and he was always very generous and pleasant to be with. In fact I think he took my place on the Airbus course in TLS when I opted out.
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Nice but Deadly

Initial impressions are always good but the sharp knife is not seen until it's too late .....
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...a complex character, although some in the AY community may have a less generous view!
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........ interesting how the undeserved get on and progress!
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Wayne will never wain

Wayne is presently a consultant to Sir Richard Branson on the Spaceplane Project. His qualifications include a 2002 trip to MySpace. (check Myspace.com for further details of that exploit). He's quite an interesting character. Turns out that Sir Richard was impressed by the claims upon Primal Sovereignty of Outer Space that Wayne had filed simultaneously with the UK Patent Office (as well as Ripley's Believe it or Not, MythBusters and Guiness World Records). And "believe it or not", as "first in, best dressed", all his claims are tinged with legal credibility. If tested in the High Court, Privy Council or European Commission of Human Rights, I firmly believe that Wayne may indeed be entitled to a righteous Claim to be "Master of the Universe"/"Right hand of God".

I first met him during a trip to LSD. He was coming and I was going, but soon, LSD being what it is, neither of us knew whether we were coming or going. Both Wayne's personalities are great. You should hear him arguing quite cogently with himself when he's in a good mood. But when he's in a bad mood, look out for the rusty knife in the flitting shadows. It's a legacy of his swashbuckling ancestors. He's a card. Surely there's a TV writer somewhere looking for a great story?
the swashbuckling Captain Morgan
. - right-click/save as....

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Walter Morgan? Wayne Mitty?

DFO, chief pilot and chief training captain (of previous job) Wayne arrives at Avient to take up post as humble DC10 capt (but still instructs part time in sim on 737 back in UK).

He loose his command and demoted to First Officer. Fact. (Apparently for two very interesting approches that were ok for a Vulcan chief test pilot. Poor FO and FE on both times were sh1tt1ng bricks and had words to 'the management'. But I wasn't there.)

Serves time in RHS a few months then Uberfurher Smit (tyrant-in-charge) puts him back LHS because a former RAF test pilot like Wayne can get a '10 around the route if it is held together with only cellotape and interesting maintenance paperwork.

Now he pays the tyrant for a MD11 rating in USA. Strange decision as he is rated on 737/757/767/321 etc. Guess he wants to do a bit of instructing at NASA of the shuttle astronauts. Or perhaps as European trampolining champ he wants to bounce up and down on another female wrestler.

Thank you much Wayne for putting a smile on all our faces
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Nice one!!! Liked that one!!!! Excellent stuff!!!
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which part of the universe does he now reside?
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Where in the World......>???

Rhino said:
which part of the universe does he now reside?
One place that he's to be found is Wiki, but......

Don't know why the author of that wikipedia entry made wayne so hard to find. Try searching Walter Mitty and morganisms (small "m").

He's also linked from the Wikipedia entries on the Nobel and Pulitzer Prizes as well as the multi-page section on famous cloning failures. Believe the clones turned out OK but in each case, after 5 mins, the assistant would pull the DNA chain and flush him.

Wayne has always had that effect on people. His clones fall outside the strict definition of cloned organisms that are allowed to live: "any individual animal, (plant, bacterium, etc), having various parts or systems that function together as a whole to sustain life and its activities."

A morganism falls outside those parameters, being a single-celled micro-organism (aka singularly cellfish).

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The One and the Same?

Is this the same guy who was running the wife-swapping club at Star compound in the early 90's?. If so I still want to take up with him the rebates that I was supposed to be getting. I had a discount card that was good for doubling up on pug-uglies. The card's still got 40 credits on it and no expiry date. It's always narked me that I never cashed in those credits. Not really his fault I guess. I got sin-binned for six weeks for a non-std rash that just wouldn't go away. Found out later that the liniment I got from the Kuwaiti Souk that I was rubbing on it was actually a camel hump unguent. Drink that expat hooch long enough and next thing you know, you're confusing humping with humps. Anyway, to make a long story short (which it unfortunately did) I contracted Dromedary Bactrianitis. It's one step (actually an inch) short of full Koro. Once you're there, you don't get to print a retraction - you've got one. It involves much more than just shortness of breath. But in the big scheme of things it's of little impotence.

Anyway wayne, if it is you, let me know what your latest enterprise involves. They're always interesting.
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Hello from yet another ex-Saudi WM Vic

CeeJay told me that you were starring again Wayne so I hunted about for this thread. You really are a card (and should be dealt with). I was talking to Paul Du**n the other day and he said to give you his best. I guess we all thought that Saudis were easy to
hoodwink (winky wink wink).
But always good to see somebody else taking the flak for a change. You used to backhand it out freely, so do hope you can take it too. You are a deserving case.

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