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230 Course South Cerney

Where Are They Now? Please feel free to post contact information here if you are looking for long lost friends or trying to find out what has happened to colleagues. Obituaries and condolences can be posted here too.

230 Course South Cerney

Old 30th Jun 2010, 12:05
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Snap, old beefer, I was also on 241.
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Old 30th Jun 2010, 20:24
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173 course

Anyone out there from 173(?) course graduated 3rd Aug 62 !!
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Old 3rd Jul 2010, 09:39
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Check your PMs
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Old 18th Jul 2010, 18:30
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176 & 177 U.A.S. Courses

After stumbling through the vaults, discovered these graphic images of "days gone by" at South Cerney!

I wonder where we all are now?

BTW, also have photographs of 176 Course Flights B, C, D, & F (no idea what happened to A & E!).

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Old 26th Jul 2010, 15:09
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230 & 231 Course

I was on 230 Course at South Cerney. I was also given a ‘wee’ holiday at Elgin (enjoying Outward Bound) with some of my course mates beforehand.

Then half way through basic I was asked, ever so nicely, to join 231 Course, and I finished the course with them...from red to white. Only did 10 years service, I suppose I got time off for good behaviour! After hearing about Dick F’s life sentence all I can say is I hope they gave him a ‘big’ medal.

Shortly after my PVR/resignation I got a letter from HM saying that I was no longer any use to them, not even as a Reserve, because I was playing for the wrong team; also that I was no longer entitled to the status and style of “an Officer and a Gentleman”. The Cads!!

Still get a chance to fly occasionally, usually to show the youngsters how it is done without a GPS or something similar.
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Old 26th Jul 2010, 18:49
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Hi Hidden Agenda. I went on that detachment to Moray!! What a time we had. Running down the beach in a pair of shorts and pumps then 30 sec in a cold shower! What a way to start the day!

Then a trip to the Highlands where we slept in tents in the snow! I bet Helf and Safety would not allow that now! Then out in a force eight gale rowing some heavy old lifeboat. Now that was hairy!

Great fun when your only 18! Give me a club class seat and a nice hotel any day of the week!!
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Old 29th Jul 2010, 11:25
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Dating the 'other ranks'.

Does anyone remember that cute, petite, AC(W) that used to work as a steward(ess) in the Officers’ Mess Dining Hall?
She had a reputation for accepting dates from the students and then reporting them to the OC the next day. I believe there were one or two cadets ‘sent down’ for their un-officer like behaviour in this regard?
I wonder where she is now?
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Old 29th Jul 2010, 11:57
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Question is - did she 'send them down'..........?

Will not be long before someone pops up and says 'I married her"

Bit like "Whatever happened to that camp bicycle at RAF XXX with the upside down legs and spotty bottom" - err.....................................
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Old 21st Aug 2010, 18:43
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I was delighted to stumble upon this thread - till I remembered that I had been on 203 Course (August - December 1964) rather than 230. Still, with the thread creep that's happened, it has been interesting to see a number of familiar names from around that period. (Like others, I recall Sgt 'Ned' Sparkes, our DI, as a first rate chap. I seem to recall that he was asked by another Sqn Cdr to apply some final polish to his graduating course's drill, something that must have caused a bit of rancour in the Sgts Mess!)

No Air Marshals amongst our number, and I think I might have been the only one to hang-in till age 55.

As I recall, a story went around on our first Monday that a cadet had turned up on the Sunday with his Army officer Dad who, on discovering that the lad's first 4 weeks were to be spent in a Barrack Block, took him straight back home.
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Old 21st Aug 2010, 20:34
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Whatever did he say?.....

.....when he got home.

The very rainy Monday that I and several others pitched up at Cirencester station on the little shuttle train, we all stood milling about until a bellow from the far end of the car park from the esteemed (and oft mentioned, Ned Sparkes) "Get a bloody move on gentlemen I'm getting effin' soaked down here, get on the bus!!"

The chap standing beside me made a funny sort of whimpering sound, picked up his bags and went and got back on the train! When there was no response to the name at headcount I told Ned about matey sitting on the train. Off he went grumbling about the rain but returned shaking his head having failed to persuade the lad to join in.

"A nasty man shouted at me Mummy"

How come he was picked at Biggin?? Gawd knows.

The Ancient Mariner (ex 187 Cse)
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Old 22nd Aug 2010, 20:37
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SOuth Cerney

Just rejoined the site, what fun I've had reading about SC courses!
I was on 218, 13 Dec 65 to 1st April 66. Then 88 nav course, No 4 Herc course ( first baby nav posted on to the mighty Herc), 48 sqn Changi then 30 at Fairford and Lyneham. Took 8 yr option and became civil ATCO while waiting for something better to come along. It never did!
Latterly, until early retirement in 2000 at LHR - all you airline types will remember me, always happy and full of quips on the radio! The tales I could tell.

Back to SC - someone mentioned 215 course but not Mismike, Mike Wood, Victor Meldrew of BA, hijacked in 74 on a VC10. Sadly died on his 62nd birthday of cancer. Mike I still miss you guy! Friend of my family for years.
Lots of names I know :-
Norm Hartnell,211, still a close friend
Graham Young, 211,sadly killed in the Herc crash in 93
Mike Preston,202,ill in recent years but still fighting
John MacDonald, ex 217, now retired from Monarch
Pete Adhemar ( Paddy at school in Camberley) ex 217, Britannia, now the FOI in Bermuda
Dave Bryant, also ex Camberley GS, ex 205, finally retired last year - what a career he's had!
Ron Jeffrey and Chris Parsons, both ex 215A university entry and Cathay/BA
Arthur Chapman ex 219, made it to 55 as a Flt Lt Herc nav
Chris Kelly ex 216 and Cathay
Dougie Barr on 218 (and 217) made Grp Capt Nav - blimey!
Martyn Gardiner, also ex Camberley GS.and made Air Marshal

I could go on as lots of guys from the courses around 218 ended up on the Herc.
Happy days !
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Old 23rd Aug 2010, 03:39
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Hi Brian 48 Nav,

I started at Cerney on 210 course & had an administrative recourse on to 211, I remember both Norm Hartnell & Graham Young very well from this time. Norm I recall was a very tall guy & was into athletics to some extent, he & John Edward from the course did a lot of walking training together. Graham was a real gentleman & being an ex NCO was our initial Course Leader. We all used to pick his brains, as to how best get that shine on out boots & he was certainly a great help to us in those early stages on the course, when most of us were finding our way rather. I ran into Graham a couple of years later at Oakington when he was on the Varsity course one ahead of me. I remember being very sad indeed at the time of his tragic accident.
I knew big John McDonald very well from my 25 years with Monarch, we were both on the 757 for many years & later on we had the fun of flying the DC10 for another 6 years.
Dougie Barr I also know quite well from my early days at Abingdon on the Andover Mk1, I went out to Sharjah on 84 & Dougie remained with 46 I think. Dougie has been the Secretary for the 46 Association for a number of years now & does a superb job at organising the annual reunions & such.

Nice to hear that you mentioned these guys.
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Old 23rd Aug 2010, 18:29
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Anybody have any info on 232 course? We were at SC when the whole caboodle moved to Church Fenton! Did Moray Sea School too. Ta.
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Old 26th Aug 2010, 14:10
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Had a beer with John MacDonald 2 days ago and mentioned you and he said ' yes I remember that's'..... and his mind went blank.
Norman Hartnell rang today and said 'who is the guy with a NZ callsign that remembers me?' Poor Norm has lost his 211 photo and has a dreadful memory for names (sorry Norman).As it's his 65th birthday today can you make his day and put him out of his misery?Perhaps a PM?
Brian Wildey
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Old 26th Aug 2010, 14:57
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Dreadful thread-creep ----

Back row: Gary Norris, Wynn David, Larry Lambourne, Mick Malone, Courtney Guest, Roger Smith, Rob Williams, Al Mavin, Peter Read, Tony Semark

Front Row: John Wells, Hugh Chilvers, Ian Grant, John Barnard, Barry Adcock, Ian Stephens(RIP), Ray Humphreys(RIP), Sandy Mason, Brian Taylor, Mal Grosse, John Bent

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Old 26th Aug 2010, 16:39
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Happy birthday Norm. Bus pass and OAP at last.

Edit: Thinks - wonder if he can remember who I am..........................expecting a Chrissy card this year, Brian...?

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Old 26th Aug 2010, 23:44
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Amazing! Seven pages and still going strong. Maybe its time for a South Cerney reunion! Who cares which course we were on. I wonder if the agricultural guys would like to host the reunion at the collage?

No trilby hats and no fights!
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Old 27th Aug 2010, 10:22
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Hi Brian,

Quick PM for you.

Thanks K76
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Old 27th Aug 2010, 12:16
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Were you one of those blokes who liked going round in nines, led by a big boy called Dickie,disturbing the peace of Crudwell and surrounding villages?
If so my spies tell me you didn't go to SC!
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Old 27th Aug 2010, 14:59
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157 Course

You got the names Jindabyne?
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