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Where Are They Now? Please feel free to post contact information here if you are looking for long lost friends or trying to find out what has happened to colleagues. Obituaries and condolences can be posted here too.

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Old 21st May 2011, 11:18   #41 (permalink)
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Yep you are right it was John Simmonds. That solves the problem and has got all the names thanks very much.
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Glad we got there eventually!

Do you know if he is the same John S that flew with the Roulettes Aerobatic team in the mid 80s ?
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Not sure but that time frame would be highly likely cos it ties in with my time on FIC then add on a few years instructing before going back to CFS. According to my Air Force List he was a QFI and promoted to Sqn Ldr in 82.
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There were some slightly earlier RAAF pilots through the RAF mill, but not much earlier. They did their Officer Training at Church Fenton early in '68 (on the same course as me and Rhys Perraton the OP!), I think they went to Linton and Leeming and then Valley. (I went on [eventually] to Syerston, after flying Chipmunks with the Navy at Linton ...... it's a long story.....!)

The RAAF guys were:

Greg (?) Warne
Bob Chaplin
Bob Hobson
Noel Furber (who I think later returned to UK on an exchange posting - on Buccs?)
Greg Walsh
Reg Van-Leuvan (believed KIA in a helo in Vietnam?)

I also think they had been the first RAAF to train with the RAF for some time.

From the original poster's list I also recall Tom Mitcham - who was chopped at some stage and became a supplier.....and Roger Lane 'cos we both drove similar old MGs....
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Old 6th Jul 2011, 06:46   #45 (permalink)
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Sadly Reg Van Leuven died following a chopper crash near Stanthorpe in Queensland on 11 Jan 74 whilst en route to fly a flood relief mission in an Iroquois. Not in Vietnam.
From what I can recall the chopper was either in cloud or just below it when it suffered an engine failure and crashed in what we called 'tiger country' or timbered scrub. The chopper was fully laden for the task ahead so the chances of a successful forced landing were not good. One of the crewmen was also killed.

I flew with Reg in Vietnam and he was a great bloke. Did not meet him whilst in the UK though cos he was pre my time.
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6 Course Linton

Yes it was John Simmonds, he was my first student and could fly as well as me from the start. I recall that he had a painful time after being sat on some wine glasses at a guest night. Good guy and a good aviator. Would be good to know what happened to him. Also remember the other RAAF mentioned above and am not surprised that they did so well. Sad to read about Bruce H.
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Old 14th Jan 2012, 23:07   #47 (permalink)

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Hi! I was googling dad (Bruce Hartwich or "Brucewich" as he was known) & came across this. Thought I would throw in my 2 cents worth. I read in the thread that someone thought there was another Paul on the course. I'm not certain, but I know a Paul Kaye (or PK as he was known) contacted mum after dad died, it's possible it was him?? He is currently (well was 3 years ago) in the USA flying Kelvin Kline (yes the underwear/aftershave guy) around in "Mr Kline's" private jet. I think he is away alot but I could track down his email for you if this is the same guy.
I am going to read through these threads to see if I can find any other stories that perhaps Dad didn't fill us in on! We have a little viking trophy that dad got during a winter survival course and there some stories that went along with that! Would love hear from anyone that worked with dad.
My brother Scott Hartwich is now in the RAAF aswell working in the tower in Darwin.
How do I see the original photo that is being referred to? Sad to hear some many of these pilots/instructors are no longer here with us - but they certainly lived a full life!
Dad had two stints in Malaysia (BUtterworth) & a couple at Williamtown NSW. The RAAF wanted to give him a desk job & so he retired & joined the RAF in Chivenor, England for a couple years. From there he retired, built a house on family land in Hamilton Victoria. Within a couple years he must have gotten itchy feet & was off to Saudi Ariba where he instructed the Ariba's with British Aerospace. After a couple years there headed home again. He built a couple RV's and did some casual work at the local silo jus to help out. Before he knew it, they were asking him to work most summers. At 57, he had just completed his medical as he going to fly learer jets up in the NSW coast. Sadly that didn't happen. He certainly packed a lot into a short life time. Ontop of all that - he was a brilliant dad (could be strict & everything had to be perfectly) but we had a great time. He is GREATLY missed & after 3 long years I still google his name every so often just incase things like this come up! Thanks everyone for listening
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The three Aussies you mention were on my course at Syerston - Sept '68 onwards.
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My First Officer said he had seen this thread with my name in it.

Wow Linton on Ouse 1969.

What exceptionally fond memories.

Of interest I had passed through Hamilton just months before Bruce Hartwichs tragic accident and renewed our acquaintance after more than 20 years.

John Simmonds basically died from Alzheimer's and complications.

Ian Gonsal
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Old 21st Jan 2012, 19:34   #50 (permalink)
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Teeters, correct re Tom Mitcham, did the senior movs course with him at Abingdon in '70 or '71. There's a course photo on the MAMS site - IIRC Tom did the Majunga slot during the Beira blockade.
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Old 27th Jan 2012, 16:13   #51 (permalink)
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Post 44 - This thread 181 Cse 2FTS

Not the best quality but may be of interest

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Old 27th Jan 2012, 19:44   #52 (permalink)
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Is anyone interested in a 1969 re union at Linton?
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Old 8th Feb 2012, 00:08   #53 (permalink)

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RAF Linton on Ouse '68-'69

I was on 239 course during '68 at Church Fenton then went on to Linton 1 FTS. I can remember quite a few names but in particular Laurie Kaye from South Africa, Pete Cottier and Jack Charters both Kiwis, C Himawan from India, Rog Clements, Dave Hawkins, Harvey Spirit. Then there were Braybrook, Glennie, Lane, Harries, Champion, Moniz, Padden, Davey, Kahn, and Nick? with the TR4A.

I'd be interested in a re-union if anyone I know is going, they were happy days.
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Old 7th Jul 2012, 21:31   #54 (permalink)
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Linton Reunion

A few of us from Number 5 course will hopefully be there around 30/31 July 1/2/3 August 2012.
PM me for details and pass on info to other course members around 1968/69/70
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Old 10th Jul 2012, 19:04   #55 (permalink)
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Linton reunion

cojones , have sent PM regards possible reunion at Linton in July-August but no reply as yet . Please check your in-box as I can probably help !
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Keith Bainbridge

Hello, I just saw this and albeit too late, I have access an old promotional piece from the Bulldogs Aerobatic Display team from 1977 that Lt Cmdr Bainbridge commanded. I was ground crew with the team that season.

(Hence the pseudonym "OldSAC" - Old Senior Aircraftsman)

So Glad to hear he is alive and well! Perhaps you would be so kind as relay my best regards. Don't know of he still has it but I presented the team with painted plaster-cast caricature of each one of them I'd created.
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Laurie Kay

Regret to Inform you guys that Laurie had a heart attack whilst in the Kruger Park and has passed away. He was 67.
I only got to know him socially in his later years in Joberg. He was a kind and generous man and very much respected in the aviation fraternity.

More on Laurie, including some course shots from his RAF days is at:

Pilot's Post - Online Aviation in South Africa

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At Linton people used to mix us up - when Laurie had his 'tache too - as we were the same sort of height/shape.

Remember getting a very complicated brief from a Station Duty Officer who had Laurie as his Orderly Officer.

Teeters: Sir - why are you telling me all this?

SDO: Because you're my bl%%dy Orderly Officer Kay!

Teeters: I'm not Kay Sir, I'm Teeters!

SDO: Are you sure you're not Kay? .........
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Sorry to hear about Laurie, talked to him a bit over the last few years.
Well I suppose we are all getting to the age where every day you turn up for breakfast is a bonus.
Always pleased to hear from anyone.
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No 5 RAF Basic Flying "Wings" Course 1969/70

We held our first re-union at Linton on Ouse last December and are planning another for Autumn 2013 in London

Present were:

Don Foley
Dave Guyatt
Andrew Dudley-Smith
Peter Bailey
John Derrick
John Myers
John Grainge

Apologies from David Henderson

We have made contact with:

Mark Fielding RAAF
Andy Kirk
David Gunn

Died in service:

Roy Citrine
John Fox

We are aware of:

Tan A Ung SAF
Liew Kwok Leong SAF
Lum Chiew Khuan SAF

We have lost all contact with:

John Mabbot -- ?? Sqn Ldr John Mabbott - retired 1.3.1986??
David Dillon -- ?? possibly left RAF July 1970?? possibly died in West Sussex in 1986??

Our Course Instructors were - just for the record:

Wing Commander P.G. Middleton
Wing Commander F.D.G. Clarke OBE

Squadron Leader A. Dawson

Flight Lieutenants:

W. McGillivray
W.D.S. Waddington
I.C. Gibbs
M.R. Brown
A.N.S Parker-Ashley
P.A. Freize
R.K.J. Whaley
D.M. Grey
K.I. McKensie
E.D. Bell
L. Nash
R.G. Curry
P. Bentham
W.A. Curtis

Flying Officer D.R. Carvell

Any additional information, corrections, updates will be welcomed. You can contact me direct on ads@susands.co.uk

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