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Glamorgan flying club Rhoose airport

Where Are They Now? Please feel free to post contact information here if you are looking for long lost friends or trying to find out what has happened to colleagues. Obituaries and condolences can be posted here too.

Glamorgan flying club Rhoose airport

Old 3rd Jul 2009, 09:22
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Glamorgan flying club Rhoose airport

I learned to fly at Glamorgan flying club (Rhoose airport) back in 1979 and would love to know where everone ascociated with the club back then is these days. I was tought to fly on G-ATTI & G-AVWM PA28's and the instructors of the time were.. Ivor Jones, Bob Thursby, Barry Mahoney & Mike mylan. I remember doing my 'first solo' just after my 17th birthday and was sent on my way by John Morgan. I am also interested in knowing what happened to some of the old members.... Nigel calder (and his brother Big John)... Merl giles, Kelvin sweet, the 'Hoover guy' ham sandwich was his nick name i seem to remember.. loads of others too many to mention. I was a member there from 1979 till around 1986. if anyone has any news, I would be very greatful.
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Old 3rd Jul 2009, 15:35
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Bob Thursby is still about but no longer ballooning, Barry Mahoney is back at CWL with BMI Baby and Mike Mylan I believe went to Singapore Airlines but may not still be there. Cliff Hubbard passed away a few years ago.
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Old 3rd Jul 2009, 18:15
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Thanks for the response. I have fond memories of Bob thursby... he sort of inspired me to make a career out of aviation and as a young seventeen year old PPL was always looking up to him. !! Were you a member of Glam FC. ?
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Old 5th Jul 2009, 12:42
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This has really brought back memories, I was learning to fly around that time (John ginger and with a beard) and remember G-ATTI (tatty as it was called) and my first solo was in GAVWM, Bob Thursby was my main instructor, I still have a picture of Bob in my mind with him smoking a cigar and his Morgan sports car, if I remember rightly he used to fly BAC 1-11, s out of Birmingham at the time, I have looked up TI and it is still flying not certain about WM, the good old days.
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Old 5th Jul 2009, 14:55
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It sounds like you and me were learning at roughly the same time. ?? I was the 17 year old 'blonde haired' lad that went on to complete my instructors rating with the late Cliff hubbard. G-AVWM is still in use with 'Southend flyling cub' and looks no different at all. I dont know if any of the old faces are still around the area but I do intend to call into the now, Cardiff wales flying club, to see who stil go's there.
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Old 5th Jul 2009, 20:55
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Bob Thursby is still around and is still driving his morgan sports car , does the odd bit in a tomahawk now and again.

Sadly Merl passed away last year.

Unfortunatley there are no flying clubs at Rhoose these days , just a restaurant in the old white building.

Cardiff Wales Flying club went belly up in 2004 and its successor went the same way last winter.
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Old 6th Jul 2009, 09:45
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From my 1979 logbook, first flight with Steve Hubbard in G-AWUM, then flew with Barry Mahoney, Mike Mylan, Howard Bosworth, Mike Peters, Don Holland, John Remmington (also RAF) and Gerry Grant who did my GFT. Said my landings were not very good, I've done a few more since then and they are getting ever so slightly better.

If it is the same John Morgan that I know, again ex RAF, he is now flying at Sywell, Northants in his homebuilt Dyn Aero Ban Bi having retired from Monarch Airlines.

I also did a night flight to a 'black as your hat' Dunkeswell with Steve Davies where I persuaded him to backtrack before we took off in case someone had parked a piece of farm machinery on the runway during our absence.
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Old 6th Jul 2009, 23:08
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Its nice to hear all your stories so thanks for replying. I learned of Merls death earlier today. I am very sadend by this as Merl was there, cheering me on, when i did my 'first solo' at just seventeen. I remember my parents standing on the patio of the flying club bar, along with Merl and Tom (her partner) after returning from my circuit of the airfield, tears pouring down thier faces.... what a day. !! I also found out today that, there is no longer a flying club at all now. they appear to have sucombe to the financial wow's i'm afraid to say. I remember howard bosworth and also Marc Mumar. "wonder where they are now" ?? Keep the memories coming.
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Old 7th Jul 2009, 19:58
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Cool Glam Flg Club

Some further info:
- Bob Thursby still flies.Owns an Airtourer 150 at CWL with Chris Goldsmith
- The John Morgan referred to earlier is not ex-RAF and is prob retired now.Last heard of flying for Globespan
- Howard Bosworth last heard of flying for GB Airways.Wonder how he likes Easyjet(!)
- Hugh Thompson ('Prongly') still flying commercially (Shorts 360)
- Steve Davies last reported working for Pliatus on the Isle of Wight...!
- As mentioned,Merle Giles & Cliff Hubbard are gone (his son is Tony,not Steve - if you see this,how are you doing 'Radar'?) so are John Calder and Gerry Grant
Sadly,light aviation is virtually extinct at CWL these days.Pity,it's easily the sleepiest airport on our route network.
Would be an expensive nightmare to learn to fly there now though.Massive slab of controlled airspace,gargantuan circuits,security farce (access airside only via Fire Station now,so no pass=no entry)

Fogmaster,pretty sure I now who you are,PM me with tel no or e-mail address and I'll get back to you.You'll remember me well.
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Old 8th Jul 2009, 10:32
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I had my ATC 15 hours flying training at CWL. I recall Cliff and I at Flight Level 90 above solid cloud cover in a tomahawk....he regaling me of tales in a Viscount...me wondering where the hell are we?...

Flew my fist ever SRA into CWL with him.....learned they were MUCH easier to do from in front of a radar.

Great guy....

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Old 8th Sep 2009, 09:45
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Still living in Barry

Hello. I'm here because I just Googled 'Glamorgan Flying Club' and this thread appeared so I had to take a look.

I joined the club in about 1970 and gained a PPL a few years later. Spun by Keith Pickett, sent solo by Cliff Hubbard, GFT with Jerry Grant.

I joined Bob Thursby for a jolly in his Airtourer last year and, still living in Barry, am in touch with him from time to time. Until recently he and I used to drink in the Blue Anchor on Monday evenings.

Bob's done well to keep flying - he was off for a while with medical problems but has now obtained an NPPL (is that right?) aeroplanes, and a PPL (balloons).

I haven't had a licence since I acquired a family.

If anyone has any queries about / for Bob I'll pop in and see him and report back.
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Old 9th Sep 2009, 22:04
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Hello Chris.

So good to hear from you. I am glad Bob is still flying, I can still remember the night in the Blue Anchor when we started the Deadwood flying club, along with Bob, Kelvin Sweet, The Calders, and, Jeff Woods. I Guess you might still be working for the Beeb, but I might be wrong. I also remember a really good night at my parents restaurant in Llantwit Major. I hope you are well.

Regards Soundfield.
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Old 10th Sep 2009, 08:27
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Glamorgan Flying Club

Hello to all you "new" members of the GFC,Just looked at my first log book,first flight with that great instructor George Kemp 16/2/1958 great club some great guys Bunny Bramson,Alan Wakefield etc A few of us were lucky enough to eventually make it to our dream ,Cambrian Airways. I remember that most of our flying on the DC3 finished by 7pm,always went into the GFC for a little refreshment before going home
Just found a bill dated 3/9/1959 Tiger Moth[G-AOUY] flying 1 hour 40 minutes 6-10p, expensive for those times,Still the club did give a beer tankard inscribed with first solo date Happy Days
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Old 10th Sep 2009, 09:27
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Hello Soundfield

How are you? This is quite uplifting (excuse the allegory) - hearing from and about so many people from that glorious time at the flying club.

I'm with ITV in Cardiff now, but things aren't looking good here.

What are you up to? - flying professionally I guess.

I remember that night at the restaurant - how long ago was that?

I don't see any of the DFC lot apart from Bob occasionally and the private flying scene at CWL has been dessimated by the overambitious and greedy types that had been running the club there.

John Calder and Don Taylor (Mr Dotty May) have sadly passed on. I have bumped into Nigel Calder on the odd occasion - not quite sure what he's doing but he's no longer working as a solicitor. PM me for more on that.

I had a strange experience in a cafe in Usk a short while ago. There was a balding, elderly man in the corner to whom I paid little attention until I heard him speaking. It was the unmistakable voice of RRW. I went over to talk to him and said "aren't you Ray?". He responded by saying his name was Rhys Williams and gave me his card - Factotem Management Services (or something like that) - MD: Rhys Williams. We then exchanged memories of the flying club. He said he had attended Cliff Hubbard's funeral, but Bob says he has no memory of seeing him there.

I think Mike Peters is still around the Rhoose area but not involved in flying as far as I know.

Are you in touch with any of the others?

Best wishes

Chris W
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Old 10th Sep 2009, 11:32
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Who remebers this unfortunate day at CWL?

I snapped this one day whilst taxiing for fuel. Quiz question - what airline was it?

Last edited by Chris Ware; 10th Sep 2009 at 13:49.
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Old 10th Sep 2009, 13:55
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Wardair B747
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Old 10th Sep 2009, 13:59
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Your memory is obviously better than mine - I thought it was CP Air.
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Old 10th Sep 2009, 16:24
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Remember doing my instructor upgrade test with Cliff Hubbard around 1975. Lovely club and Cliff was a real gentleman to fly with - he passed me too!
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Old 10th Sep 2009, 18:39
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Didn't CPair buy? Wardair?

Or was it the other way around?
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Old 10th Sep 2009, 23:27
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Good to hear where some of the chaps are now. I did my PPL at the club in 1977. Most of it paid for by the RN by means of a flying scholarship. We all lived in RAF St Athan and had the use of a clapped out old cortina provided by the club to get us to and from Rhoose. Apart from the flying memories, the first and most amusing one being of three students doing "effects of controls" at the same time in Tatty. Swaping seats in flight after 20 mins at the controls.
I have fond memories of flying pausing once a day to watch the daily Aviaco flight almost crash. It gave us all confidence that we would make it one day.
Also of the drink we had to down in one after our first solos. The "Night Fighter". Half a pint of Guinness topped up with port (red) Chartreuse (green) and gin (white). Was that just for us scholarship boys or was it a club thing?
Lastly how one night we all went to Barry Island with Ivor (magic merlin) Jones in his E Type. How six of us got in that car I will never know!

The only one of the people mentioned I have seen since is John Morgan who worked with me for one season for Air UK Leisure at Manchester in the late
80s. Just after he had stared in a dramatic reconstruction of his Concorde airmiss that happened when he was flying a Twotter for Brymon.
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