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Britannia Ops 1974-79

Where Are They Now? Please feel free to post contact information here if you are looking for long lost friends or trying to find out what has happened to colleagues. Obituaries and condolences can be posted here too.

Britannia Ops 1974-79

Old 22nd Jan 2013, 14:00
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Oh Memories!!

Like c3b, certainly had an affinity with the guys' and girls. Likewise did not work for BY, but due to my position at time with a Tour Operator Aviation department, I had the privalege to work and meet many with what I would class at the time, as the 'best op's team' by far Very fond memories, Steve, Tony, Frank, Fred (Count!!!) plus many others, names forego after years!! and indeed Jock - what was it with Jock, Thursdays selling eggs around LTN??? Or was that just an excuse for him not to be disturbed - a real gent.

And talking about BY at the time, spending my time at BHX, had the great pleasure of flying with numerous times, the likes of Ray Boden,(Check in on time or we are off - if ATC - yes I do remember very clearly he left 16 pax behind once at CDD - was at the time - I know I had to face them )!!! Tommy Thompson (Poser or what - remember it was his birthday one saturday in PMI and along with perhaps 3 or 4 other BY 737-2 we were all delayed on the ground due ATC with a party planned at home - not a happy bunny, but did we have a laugh on the ground whilst awaiting clearance(!!!!), Nick Pennington, 'Bish', and who used to arrive in his wellies straight off his farm??? Cannot forget the great 'girls, also, what CC, Sue, Glo, Veronica,Rosemary etc etc

Anyway, great times, sure because I could be a pain, trying to do my job, bet they were glad when companies changed, then we met again at KG - no doubt they thought

At the end of the day, I will always have respect and very fond memories of them all, they taught me alot, which I thank them all, but also for making my job at the time easier because they were / are professionals

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Old 27th Jan 2013, 17:31
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I remember flying in 1982 on a Britannia Boeing 737-200 from Glasgow to Gerona, the aircraft being leased from Transavia and having green seats as opposed to Britannia's usual blue and red tapestry seats. The aircraft only had one cheatline on the exterior - a broad red one, no blue.

Inbound, Gerona was closed due to fog, so we diverted to Barcelona and then bussed it back to Gerona (Lloret).

The cabin crew entered the terminal with us in BCN awaiting info and it was they who handled the loading of the pax onto coaches and did PA's in the terminal to ensure we all knew what was going on.

Britannia crews were always great.

On the same flight down to Gerona/Barcelona (BY703?), the "senior" stewardess turned out to be an old school friend of my Mum. She (Roseanne Capaldi) arranged for me to make my first ever visit to the flightdeck.

Despite the Italian origins and mystical look, Roseanne spoke with a broad Glaswegian accent.

Lovely lady.
Lovely flight.
Lovely Britannia.
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Old 29th Jan 2013, 08:11
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As a former Britannia sim engineer, I remember the 'phone calls in the middle of the night shift; "Hello, it's Ops here, any chance of a go on the sim?".

We did our best to accommodate all requests, subject of course to the engineering workload.
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Old 30th Jan 2013, 12:06
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AAAhh-yes. Those long winter night shifts when all the fleet was down by around midnight. (no long haul then-all 737-200 fleet!)
Was great fun to spend an hour or so on the sim-battling lightning strikes and engine failures/fog etc-trying to fly a route like Luton-Stansted-Gatwick-Heathrow-and taking it in turn to try and land it!! (Motion turned off of course-just in case!!)
The call would often come the other way too-with the sim engineers calling ops
and asking if anyone wanted to come down!! Do we!!
Thanks guys-it was great fun and also later on the 767 too on occasions.
Just couldnt get it to land on the aircraft carrier though-although recall the sim engineers showing us how on one occasion!!
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Old 30th Jan 2013, 19:37
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BY Ops night shift visits to the B737-204 simulator....

Worked in BY Ops Aug 1978 till early 1981 and of course remember them. Great Fun.

For the Aircraft Carrier...Was told how to do it and seemed to remember it worked....

Wack on 60/80 kts of headwind at Instructors Station and land with Parking Brake SET.....

Returned as the most Junior F/O in the company, B737, Jan 1984 to fly it for 'Real' where we 'never' did those sort of things.......

Ho Hum...!!!

Colin Wilkinson

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Old 31st Jan 2013, 09:36
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Ah yes, the model of the USS Forrestal on the 737-204 sim. There was also the model of Wonder Woman - press the appropriate button and her clothing disappeared. Happy days!
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Old 26th May 2014, 16:01
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80s in LTN

From Bonnick to BY and finally Luton Flying Club, I was definitely there, can't remember much about it!!!!!!!!!! Really saddened to hear about Kingsley and Malcolm.
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Old 30th May 2014, 11:45
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Good to see some of you still with us, very saddened to hear about Kingsley and Malcolm, two of my regular through the night customers at the Flying Club. What memories!!!!!!! although all rather hazy of my time with BY and Luton Flying Club. Best wishes to all.

Gavin Scott.
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Old 4th Sep 2020, 08:28
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Hi all.

I have just found this thread when doing some research.
Trying to recall what happened, but I believe it may have been a trying time for the I-net in NZ,
Or it may have been during a period of computer issues at home.
So, my apologies for not responding to some of the comments, but I am still around and living in
NZ North island center, close to the land of Hobbits.

If anyone picks this up, would love to hear how you are.

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