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ITVV Pilots

Old 11th May 2005, 14:52
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ITVV Pilots

being the proud owner of ithe itvv series of dvd,s i find it interesting to find out what these pilots are up to these days if the got command yet or on same type etc ..
if any of you are the actual stars i thank you for entertaining me for hours ..... here we go
1. we all know the whereabouts of H AND JOE EX GO FLY
2 alan carter and f/o alan rattigan virgin 744
3julian bond and f/o mark haley airtours a330
4david henry and f/o norman port leisure 767
5 ian lawrie and f/o euan mclean bmi fokker 100
6 rex taylor airtours 757
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Old 12th May 2005, 09:22
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Ref #2.

Alan Carter left Virgin several years ago to fly a B744 with a Far East carrier.
Alan Rattigan is an S/F/O with Virgin on the B744.

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Old 12th May 2005, 20:36
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Interesting topic.

Euan McLean has moved to British Airways @ LHR flying the Airbus fleet. Ian Lawrie is still with bmi he now is or was a Crew Resource Manager with them perhaps flying the A330.

Julian Bond is a training manager with MyTravel. David Henry was with Airtours/MyTravel for a few years as Managing Director. Now he is CEO of St Helena Airlines as can be seen here.

David enjoyed a highly successful career spanning 28 years in the operations and flight management field of UK commercial aviation, and is Shelco’s Aviation Director. A Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society and Chairman of the Financial Advisory Committee of the Civil Aviation Authority, he joined Shelco in late 2001 after completing a 3-year assignment as Managing Director of Airtours International Airways. Previously he was Operations Director and Flight Ops Director for Leisure International Airways, Air UK (Leisure) Ltd and Air UK Ltd. He is one of the most respected pilots and senior airline executives in Europe, whose wealth of knowledge, contacts, skill and practical experience will be devoted to launching St Helena Airways, of which he has become Managing Director-designate.

BAe 146
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Old 16th May 2005, 14:19
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Norman Port- Firstchoice Airways - A320/1 Captain LGW
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Old 16th May 2005, 23:00
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Pretty sure that Ian Lawrie is still with BMI, and is now a training captain on large palnes with big engines, although precisely what I know not...
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Old 23rd May 2005, 14:10
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Think Mark Haley went to Monarch on the A300, maybe wrong though.

Dave Woods (f/o in the Airtours 757 vid) was still a 757/767 F/o with them when I flew to Calgary on a 767 in 2000 (thanks for the jumpseat mate!), but more recently had a Dave Woods f/o whilst flying on a BA 747-400 flight, might not be the same guy though.

Can anyone confirm / deny?

What about:
John Cullom - F/o VS 744 vid
Ruud Bakker / Robert Lenz - MD11 vid
Nicholas Stein / Kevin Long - BAe 146 vid
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Nicholas Stein (if the same one) is a Captain at easyJet.
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Old 16th Jun 2005, 12:04
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Does anyone now the wherabouts of Captain Don Grange & his F/O Tim from the ITVV Cathay Pacific 747-400 video.
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Old 16th Jun 2005, 17:33
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All I know is Don Grange is now a Captain with Easyjet.
Was he made redundant from Cathay?
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Old 18th Jun 2005, 12:13
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Don joined Virgin prior to joining Easy. Rgds.
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Old 19th Jun 2005, 14:02
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Alan Carter left Virgin several years ago to fly a B744 with a Far East carrier.
That's correct. He is flying for Korean Air on the B744 based in Seoul.

I was watching that Virgin B744 video actually today, the crew did a grand job of explaining the systems.

BAe 146
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Old 16th Aug 2005, 11:02
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What are you up to now?

Moderator, I hope this is the correct forum. Please move it if you feel it is appropriate for another forum. Anyway here goes:

Over the years I have watched most of the flight deck videos from ITVV.

Virgin Atlantic B744 Capt Alan Carter FO Allan Rattigan & John Cullom
British Midland F100 Capt Ian Lawrie; FO Euan Mclean
Airtours international (My Travel) A330-200 Capt Julian Bond; FO Mark Haley
Martinair MD-11 Capt Ruud Bakker; FO Robert Lenz
GO B733 Capt John Mahon; FO Joe Wholihan
Debonair BAE 146-200 Capt Nicholas Stein; FO Kevin Long
Airtours (My Travel) B757-200 Capt Rex Taylor
Leisure International Airways Capt David Henry; FO Norman Port

I was just wondering where the various Captains and First Officers are today? Are you with the same airline? Are any of the FOs now Captains? Are any of you Captains retired? How did 911 affect you?
I would love to hear from any of you. I will understand though if you would rather remain anonymous.
Thank you very much.
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Old 16th Sep 2006, 13:41
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Allan Rattigan

I wonder if anyone has news or contact info for F/O Allan Rattigan, who was featured in the ITVV 'Virgin Atlantic 747-400 Heathrow to San Francisco' DVD?
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Bit of a coincidence but Allan was a passenger on my flight to Canada a couple of weeks ago. Still with VS and looking hale and hearty. Should be back from his vacation about now.....................
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ITVV Pilots

Hi there,

After reading the post about Alan Dix whom in my opinion is a legend, i thought it would be interesting to see where the other pilots from the various ITVV programs are. I am particularly interested in Captain Rex Taylor and Dave Woods from the Airtours, now My Travel, Boeing 757 series, as well as Captain Dave Henry from Leisure Airways on the Boeing 767?

Does anyone know whom these aircrew are now flying for?? Or are they still with the same airlines - although Leisure merged into Air 2000, now First Choice. I remember reading somewhere that Norman Cook from the Leisure series now flies the Airbus for First Choice.

I also believe all the concorde crew have now retired with Captain Les Broadie running his own flying school?!!?

Feel free to add anymore.



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Dave "ETOPS MAN" Wood and Rex Taylor both still fly for MyTravel. Now on the 'bus fleet.
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Adrian Thurley, ex Red Arrows leader who is on the Virgin Atlantic Boeing 747 video, is still flying with Virgin - although he's now a Captain I believe.
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Dave Henry - Last heard of running an Airline 'St Helena Airlines' , He left MYT after the 'Turbulance' with the Management, I always found him to be friendly & proffesional.

Dave had alot of Command hours, Air Anglia, Air UK, Air Uk Leisure, MYT.
and was one of the country's most senior pilot's.

Norman Port went to FCA with the merger of LEI.

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Anyone know of Julian Bond from the airtours A330??
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- Not sure I'm allowed to use this link, so mods - feel free to delete.


Looks like John Cullom from the VS 744 video has tragically had his flying career cut short (assuming it's the same John Cullom).

- I heard from a VS 744 driver that Alan Carter was now flying for Thomsonfly.

- David Rowland from the Concorde DVD is now involved with the RAeS.
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