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Ken Stanley

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We were an expat family living in Bombay when Ken Stanley and his colleagues were based there flying freight to the Gulf. They took me on a few trips to DXB, KWI and BAH in the Brit.
Ken and few others used to "hijack"the resident dining room band at the beach side hotel at which they stayed. I think they were keen on jazz!
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Ken retained his love of jazz - and curry!

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I too have very fond memories of nitestops in Europe, Ken with his ghetto blaster and jazz tapes, and brilliant craic.
I saw him for the first time in years at Baby last year,
and again just a few weeks ago as a passenger on my flight to STN from BFS - always a perfect gentleman.
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Ken Stanley

Very sad to hear about Ken passing away, wot a chap!, with ten years of flying under my belt as an SCA, he will be missed!.
Many a night spent with Ken on night stops having a real laugh, and i mean a laugh.
God help the hotel if he did not get his non smoking room!.

RIP Ken. ( the Jazz man)

I wil miss you.

love to his family at this difficult time.
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Funeral Arrangements for Captain Stanley here. http://www.pprune.org/forums/showthr...hreadid=129000
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Celebration of Ken's life

From the piper at the church to the warm hospitality at the hotel afterwards it was perfect.

The church was crowded with family, friends and colleagues who had travelled long distances in some cases - not helped by the clockwise M25 being closed!

Relations were there in strength and their support to Laveen and Zara was certainly obvious because they both showed great resilience throughout.

What was certainly apparent was that Ken had been a multi-faceted man because so many people bore witness to his kindness and helpfulness - particularly where chidren were concerned.

The anecdotal stories of his flying were well aired and no doubt will continue to be aired when pilots meet. On this occassion there were aircrew colleagues (and not just pilots) from his RAF days (including his ex-squadron boss!) right through to bmi with LCA being well represented. Capt. Pete Hewitt cleverly gave us a precis of Ken's life and an insight of the man whilst also reminding us of his more humorous moments.

However the theme was celebration for his life - therefore music was a thread that started with the bagpipes and continued with jazz. Everything from a favourite Kenny Ball record to John Crocker from the Chris Barber Band playing a jazz solo. A wonderful solo song from Zara's friend, Sasha, said it all -'Life is a party'

However, it was as we left the church that I felt the processional music was the most fitting epitaph for such a remarkable man.

"It ain't what you do , it's the way that you do it"

Ken did it all very well indeed - with humour!

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Captain Kenneth Stanley 19.4.45 - 29.4.04


Not sure if nthis thread is in right place.
In May 2004, a thread was started by bmimainline informing people of death of my father.
I know it's been years but I would like to connect to anyone who knew my dad.

Here are details:
Kenneth Stanley
19.4.45 - 29.4.04
Husband to Laveen & Father to Zara.
Played the trombone.
Flew Argosy, DC8, Dash 7 and 737 amongst others.
Retired from BMI in Jan 2004.

​​​​​​If anyone knew my dad, even in passing I would be grateful if you could get in touch.
Thank you


I've moved your post to this (original) thread and re-opened it.

Senior Pilot

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Zara, If I had discovered PPRuNe back in 2004, then I certainly missed this thread that followed your father's death. We met at RAF Thorney Island as members of 21 Argosy course in the first half of 1966 - he was a new Copilot and I was a new Navigator. As fellow Scots we bonded pretty well, and he ensured that we would crew up with a certain Ted Derbyshire for the flying phase of the course, when Ted would come down from Benson to do his upgrade to Captain. Like the majority of that Course we were destined for No 105 Squadron in Aden from around September of that year. We didn't fly in constituted crews at squadron level, but we must have flown a fair few trips together, both out there and later back in the UK. And, of course, we were all together in the Mess, where things occasionally got a little riotous. I left Benson to convert to another type in early 69 and I can't recall that our paths crossed after that.

I remember him very warmly and can recognise him in many of the tributes back up this thread. A question, however - when did the trombone playing start? I seem to recall a shared interest in jazz, but I can't recall trombone playing.

And do you have the 21 Course photo?

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You are best to email me on [email protected] as new to this page and still getting used to it.
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Zara, your dad was a bit of a 'legend'. I never had the pleasure of meeting him but his reputation lived on.

It was in 2004 that I became a commuter when I moved to France and started lodging in Osterley, near LHR. Our landlady, Tessa (another legend), would tell me about her 'favourite pilot', your dad, Ken.

If anything amusing happened (which it often did at her digs), she would point to the sky and say, "Ken's watching!"

I wish I could pass on a personal memory but that is the closest that I can do.
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Hi Zara

I flew with your Dad quite regularly, on the 737, when I first joined British Midland. We had a number of mutual acquaintances, from his Brymon days in Aberdeen, in common and always got on well together. Living in Essex at the time myself, I also had the pleasure of meeting your mum, at her opticians in Chelmsford, after bumping into Ken in the town.

Ken was always very sociable down route. I remember cocktails on his balcony one summer’s evening in Zurich, and he very much enjoyed holding court with his crew in the local restaurants in Cologne and Brussels among others

As a brand new co-pilot I learned a good deal from Ken (“Just set a suitable thrust, and let it ride out the bumps laddie!”), and he was always very generous in sharing his experience.

As I recall, Ken had an acute sense of justice and fairness, which was reflected in his union activities. But above all he was a family man. He talked about you and Levine all of the time, and was obviously absolutely devoted to you both.

My wife was cabin crew at the time and she has similar memories. He was a big character, with a big heart.

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I first met your dad on a nightstop in Birmingham; although both in the same airline we were then on different fleets but he drew me into friendship straight away, typical of Ken. He introduced me to his favourite tipple: a pint of Guinness with a double port chaser, I think I managed one or two before sliding under the table, to the sound of Ken having joined the jazz band that was playing in the hotel bar. Later we were on the same fleet and I always looked forward to being rostered with him, with his stories of the family, the RAF and the Osterley digs. As has been written above, he had a keen sense of right and wrong and was therefore a valued BALPA rep. On one flight, Ken and I carried his mother on the jumpseat (when things like that were allowed) and it was amusing to see them together. I think she stopped short of asking him whether he had a clean handkerchief but it was almost like that!

Again as has been written, he was a larger than life character in so many ways, I hope you won't mind me including physically. His capacity for consuming passenger breakfasts was legendary. Elsewhere on the internet, it might have been on PPRuNe, someone commented that the uniform trouser belts were always too small and that it was ironically fitting that extra holes had to be cut in the belt with a Stanley knife!

It was a pity that the only time I had the pleasure of meeting you, your mother and Ken's brother was at Ken's funeral; it was an event that he would have enjoyed but I believe that he was there.

I hope that life is treating you well after two terrible losses. Keep safe.

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Thank you so much. Please could you email me on [email protected] so could have a chat, unfortunately my mum died 3 years after my dad. From Zara
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