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bringbackthe80s 27th Nov 2021 02:12

EASA medical
Guys what happens if I renew my EASA Class 1 medical after more than 2 years (but before 5) ?
Do things become more complex?

kwaiyai 27th Nov 2021 07:55

Hope this helps,

c) Renewal
(1) If the holder of a medical certificate does not comply with point (b), a renewal
examination and assessment, as applicable, shall be required.
(2) In the case of class 1 and class 2 medical certificates:
(i) if the medical certificate has expired for less than 2 years, a routine revalidation
aero-medical examination shall be performed;
(ii) if the medical certificate has expired for more than 2 years but less than 5 years,
the AeMC or AME shall only conduct the renewal aero-medical examination after
assessment of the aero-medical records of the applicant;
(iii) if the medical certificate has expired for more than 5 years, the aero-medical
examination requirements for initial issue shall apply and the assessment shall be
based on the revalidation requirements.
(3) In the case of LAPL medical certificates, the AeMC, AME or GMP shall assess the medical
history of the applicant and perform the aero-medical examinations and assessments, as
applicable, in accordance with points MED.B.005 and MED.B.095.


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