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SkidSolo 18th Feb 2021 08:13

Leave not taken. Carry over? Money?
Hi, I was just wondering if some companies out there have leave policies that allow some to be carried over if not all taken or other options like payment or just simply use it or lose it?

Its been an "exceptional" year and wondering if there is some clause/law one could use to counter claim as ours has none of the above as options.

Thanks in advance.

Mr Good Cat 18th Feb 2021 11:07

Surely when there’s almost no flying in the world you are able to be rostered any leave you are owed?

If not, and you’re very busy then we are all very jealous of you! Maybe you could write this leave year off and be glad to be one of the few with secure employment :ok:

Sepp 18th Feb 2021 13:09

This might be worth a read, particularly note 4.

Dct_Mopas 18th Feb 2021 15:02

Not really relevant to being a pilot this year. The government opened up the opportunity for those working flat out (in hospitals etc) who couldn’t be allowed any time off.

Sadly annual leave cannot be carried over, unless it’s in your contract of employment.

eagle21 20th Feb 2021 06:51

This is basic english verbal reasoning. The law is intended to protect employees that were working continuously during the pandemic. It is not there for pilots rostered leave whilst on furlough or for those who could not have a good time on leave because of the restrictions.

Sepp 20th Feb 2021 08:47


It most certainly now can, as the law has changed to say it can in this special case - further, it says that it is an employee's right to do so, not simply an optional permission. Contracts cannot impose terms that go beyond the law - if a law changes, they must change to reflect that change. Whether or not a company obeys the law as it now stands (or is even aware of the change) is another matter - as is the consideration of whether a person who's been sat on their arse for a year really needs to carry holidays over.
As for what the exemption is intended to cover, it matters not. It applies to everyone, in whatever circumstance.

eagle21 20th Feb 2021 09:21

Originally Posted by Sepp (Post 10993990)
It applies to everyone, in whatever circumstance.

Could you please help us with the specific legislation for this?

Are you suggesting that if I have been rostered leave by my airline during the lockdown I can request to carry this over to next year? That will not be the case

Time Traveller 20th Feb 2021 10:34

Originally Posted by SkidSolo (Post 10992696)
Its been an "exceptional" year and wondering if there is some clause/law one could use to counter claim as ours has none of the above as options.e.

Possibly, possibly not. Why don't you task Balpa with it? They'll spend a fortune fighting your case (thus neglecting trivial things like lobbying to make sure uk pilots and airlines don't get shafted by Brexit), and roundly pee-off all parties, excepting the handful of pilots who benefited! [/S mode off]

Mr Good Cat 20th Feb 2021 12:18

This pandemic is a one-off crisis. If it means that leave has to be taken during lockdown so all hands are on deck for a recovery I really don’t see that as a bad thing.

30% of the worlds pilots currently staring down the barrel of unemployment would probably love to be complaining about annual leave. I am of course sympathetic to this scenario in a ‘normal’ year, but these are not normal times. We might just have to give that bit extra this year to help keep our colleagues in jobs, and recover some growth.

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