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king surf 28th Feb 2021 09:06

I think if I was in NAPS I would be seriously thinking about taking my money out.

hunterboy 28th Feb 2021 10:05

I think many people are in the process of doing so....or at least leaving just enough not to get penalized when/if NAPS goes into the PPF.

Count von Altibar 28th Feb 2021 12:28

Can NAPS go into the PPF if BA is still trading?

Slamitin 28th Feb 2021 13:11

Yes........if it’s part of an RAA....... that’s what happened at Monarch in 2014.

Potatos_69 2nd Jun 2021 00:18

Current situation?
Good morning everyone.

does anyone have an update on what is going on at BA moving into summer ?

TURIN 2nd Jun 2021 00:23

Increased flights to Portugal.... Not much else.

Vnav confused 2nd Jun 2021 11:00

Definitely a change afoot for July, shorthaul bid packs published at the moment have full lines of work and a CAP of 100. Busy by any standard.
Admittedly there may still be some furlough diluting the operation but almost all destinations seem to be in play.

FlipFlapFlop 3rd Jun 2021 18:42

Shapps has made his intentions quite clear today.......he genuinely hates us.

Potatos_69 6th Sep 2021 12:05

How are things going through summer and now into the tail end with winter coming up?

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