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OSDELATROPO 8th Nov 2019 08:54

Looking for info about xiamen 787 job
Hi could anyone flying on 787 with Xiamen share their impressions and feelings about the 787 job?
If you prefer donít hesitate to PM me.

many thanks


Icejock 8th Nov 2019 13:15

tfly737 8th Nov 2019 17:17

Originally Posted by Icejock (Post 10613972)

My word, that is a cringingly bad promo video.

Time Traveller 8th Nov 2019 17:33

A bit cheesy, but I thought it was quite well done.

OSDELATROPO 9th Nov 2019 05:24

This Guy missed vis career in Hollywood obviously!
hence my question about life as a foreign pilot with Xiamen...

Nick 1 10th Nov 2019 09:31

Thank you Sasha ! Now i can add Your airline to my personal blacklist.

rifruffian 10th Nov 2019 16:31

Entirely harmless, what is wrong ?

hunterboy 13th Nov 2019 12:52

No doubt, we will be reading that Sachs has left or been fired in the next few months if pilots doing previous promo videos are anything to go by. You do wonder why any decent airline has to use advertising videos to recruit pilots. Just post the salary, days off, bidding system and rest facilities on board and they will get killed in the rush. Or not.

Nick 1 13th Nov 2019 13:05

Totally agree , never understood why pilot recruiter staff think they are talking to a 5 year old guy . Easy the process , respect the contract , be polite
and you will see pilots coming and stay .
Same for the agency that advertise but client non disclosed ! Save the environment, don’ let me discover after one million email what outfit it is .

Mister Geezer 16th Nov 2019 22:20

I wonder when we will see the sequel to that video, in where a Xiamen ex-pat pilot records a video from the comfort of their own home outside of China, whilst extolling the virtues of their commuting roster.

Or maybe not..... :}

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