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Dont worry 3rd Feb 2019 06:20

Need a lawyer in Turkey
Hi, guys.
Anybody here who has a good lawyer in Turkey for a working contract case?
Thank you

Avenger 3rd Feb 2019 11:35

Trying to take a private jet operator or owner to court in Turkey will cost you more than you will will get, if you get awarded anything in the first place.. There are no " no win no fee" lawyers over there... but if you want to pursue it I suggest an ex-pat forum will have names in various cities. Realistically you have more chance of going to Mars,

ersin737 12th Feb 2019 17:15

I don't understand why you need a lawyer, you can translate your language all your contract detail and then you can make notary all your pages. regardless, if you need a lawyer I recommend, you should find at the same city. that would be better for you.

MIKI380 20th Feb 2019 16:06

Hello guys ,
Another question about working in Turkey
The money we save in the SKG Sosyal Guvenlik Kurumu ...for our pension can be taken any time after finishing working for THY , or we have to wait until retirement age ..65 y ?
Thank you for the info

Avenger 21st Feb 2019 19:42

You can take it out when you are over 60 as far as I understand

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