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jonesyinthesky 5th Mar 2018 17:16

Things are getting interesting at RYR for Cadets
never thought i would see this, uncle Mick is subsidising FO type ratings - Christmas has come early if you didn't have money for their type rating, decent deal, €5k up front and not €29,500 payment, just bonded for 5 years - wonder if other LCC will follow suit.


there is a video on linkedin as well

Skyhigh_ 5th Mar 2018 17:21

That's some news! Definitely a game changer...

aerodestination 5th Mar 2018 17:23

interesting times.

new salary figures I've seen for FOs and captains are very appealing too. They are in need of a lot of pilots, on linkedin in the video they mentioned 720 cadets a year. So this bonding was to be expected.

mrspinx 5th Mar 2018 18:37

Originally Posted by CharlieTangoCharlie (Post 10073672)
Certainly a very interesting development. I passed selection two weeks ago and am scheduled to begin end of April. Haven't signed any contract yet, so I'm wondering whether I fall into this new bracket or not..

I'm in exactly the same position. It would be very nice to be offered the new scheme!

iome 5th Mar 2018 18:56

Originally Posted by Windshearescape (Post 10073749)
What's the current time to command for an experienced 737 pilot? By experienced I mean exceeding the current command upgrade requirements.

 2900 hrs total time
 1500 hrs on CS-25 type aircraft
 800 hrs on B737-800 in Ryanair

Maverick97 5th Mar 2018 21:40

It’s crazy to think I nearly enrolled on an integrated course with a flight school with the intention to pay 30K+ for a type rating with EZY. I certainly dodged a bullet there...

Dudley Do Right 5th Mar 2018 22:03


No upfront payment of €29,500"

Really, they cite not having to pay €29,500 upfront for the privilege of working for them as a reason to join.:ugh:

Thad Jarvis 5th Mar 2018 22:50

Much as I hate the fact that Easyjet charge for ratings (at the minute) the £30k would be recouped very quickly when compared to the equivalent career path in Ryanair.

AMS 5th Mar 2018 22:54

Whats not to understand?

There is no shortage of finding 200 hour cadets - but it was a challenge for them to find the €29900 funding.

This guarantees more bite as those who never applied due to affordability actually apply;
Also new applications

and the biggest of all PUBLICITY - in the market where they were once slated - all the people will now be singing their praises! :)

They will certainly attract lots more - to fill their inevitable attrition rates.

Effectively CAE will sticking more of their chaps through.

172_driver 5th Mar 2018 23:12

I don't really understand this... I thought there was no shortage of 200 hour cadets? Are they trying to lure away turboprop pilots etc? Bulk up the experience coming in?
Ryanair is certainly after the 5 year bond. That'll stop FOs leaving 2-3 years from starting when they've racked up just enough hours to be interesting elsewhere.

eduelp 6th Mar 2018 00:53

Guys.... read between the lines....

The only reason for RYR to offer cadets a "free" type-rating is that they have retention issues with their current FOs...

The website already mentions a 5 year bond and I would recommend you to really look at all the conditions attached to it. And that bond most-likely leads to another one for command upgrade. Most likely this 5-to-8 year bond will end up costing you more than self-sponsoring your type ratings... either in money or in your liberty/QOL.

It is Ryanair what we are talking about after all... but it may be some good news for those with no other option.

captain8 6th Mar 2018 07:03

As an experienced Captain, its a great day out when I'm flying with a colleague who has say, a couple of 1000 hours, is motivated and experienced on type.

Flying with a 200 hour cadet is fine, but its for 90% of flights , my job all the more harder, more fatiguing and require a higher workload.

Introducing 700 cadets in a year to RYA will up the monitoring levels and ultimately, stress levels of their current captains. Good luck. Especially if ICAO language is only level 4 .

HundredPercentPlease 6th Mar 2018 08:50

What that page doesn't say is that there's currently a 5 month wait for line training. Unpaid.

Rated De 6th Mar 2018 08:56

Ryanair are the sort of 'company' where a handshake with officialdom requires a quick check to see if the wristwatch is still present, the wallet in the pocket and the wedding ring (if worn) still on the appropriate digit...

TheMightyAtom 6th Mar 2018 11:16

Originally Posted by The Foss (Post 10074447)
It's fairly common information for the last 6 months or so

Don't forget the odd month delay somewhere in the Sim training. All in virtually even split between a 25k discount on the TR and 6 months picking your naval vs. if you paid full price and they got their act together with the training.

iome 6th Mar 2018 11:27

Originally Posted by Citationcj2 (Post 10073916)
Where did you get this numbers from?

Minimum 2800hr on type for FOs ( around 3+ years min in the company) to start the upgrade process or am I wrong?

Those numbers are the requirements from the latest RTC document

Normal Pilot 6th Mar 2018 13:53

There is no shortage of 200hr cadets willing to pay circa €30,000 for a type rating.

Only reason RYR are doing this is to retain pilots, 5 year bond, they are recruiting guaranteed future captains, not cadets.

They currently have an issue retaining experienced FO's and captains, this solves the issue. Even though they are doing it for themselves, it is a significant improvement for people trying to get that first airline job, other airlines will follow.

Normal Pilot 6th Mar 2018 14:08

True, there will always be people who leave no matter what bond they have, but it certainly is a huge deterrent. No idea what the details are of the new scheme, but it may not even be a decreasing bond!

RYR just need to open their eyes, rather than firing more money at people, just listen to what the current workforce want.

A Transparent base transfer system and an annual leave system that works and a bit of respect. They wouldn't have problems retaining people, I certainly wouldn't have left.

Airone2977 6th Mar 2018 14:12

Originally Posted by Normal Pilot (Post 10074652)
There is no shortage of 200hr cadets willing to pay circa €30,000 for a type rating.

Not quite sure about that :=, there is significant number of cadets which do not continue with the TR within the 6 months time frame, either for financial reason or job found elsewhere with better T&C's.

There is only a shortage of pilot able to reach the airline requirement, skills of "low timers" is bad, everybody knows that.

vrb03kt 6th Mar 2018 19:14

It's not free, it says very clearly that it costs 5000 EUR.

I've no idea of the payscales once you join as to whether or not they claw it back from you.

Still, L3 and easyjet/BA now looks like an even more extremely expensive way to become a pilot.

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