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daveandg 4th Jul 2018 08:49

At what age do EI pilots retire, I have really struggled to find this anywhere! I have seen historically it is 55, but any updates?

My current airline it is 65, but the majority of line Captains beyond 55 are part time, so is there scope for that? Two long haul trips a month would be the sweet spot in my late 50s.

if enforced retirement is at 55, is there contract work available to continue flying? Cheers

Homeland 5th Jul 2018 08:23

Retirement age is 60. Part time option available at all seniority levels. It is 80% part time, so 4-4 instead of 5-3 on the A320. On the A330 part time is less attractive, but I don't know the details.

waffler 5th Jul 2018 15:58

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Falling_Penguin 4th Jan 2019 23:32

Hmmm, what about the availability of the cork base? How senior is it? How many aircraft are based there? How long is the wait to access that option?



Daddy Fantastic 5th Jan 2019 20:20

Any movement on the time to upgrade for new hires?

I presume everybody starts on the A320 based out of Dublin or is it possible to get Cork?

CruiseMonkey 5th Jan 2019 20:36

Time to command is running at about 8-9 years at the moment.

Most people start on the 320 out of Dublin, some are offered a position in Cork. The Cork base is quite junior so it is usually possible to move down within a year.

wondering 16th Jan 2019 11:28

Has anybody got any feedback about the last (online) selection round? Any idea when results will be out?


CapitalB 17th Jan 2019 07:35

Originally Posted by wondering (Post 10362079)
Has anybody got any feedback about the last (online) selection round? Any idea when results will be out?


I spoke to one of their current FOs and he said the last time it took them a couple of months to get back to people. Maybe with the shortage right now its going to be quicker but I wouldn't expect anything in the next 2-3 weeks.

Black Pudding 17th Jan 2019 08:52

Originally Posted by bringbackthe80s (Post 10022291)
Unbelievable, what a category we are. Itd be nice to see how much youll love being a second officer after decades as a captain if you need to change jobs.

Go to China

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