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bex88 11th Jul 2017 17:41

EasyJet "for the love of flying" DEC
Hi can anyone offer a bit more insight to the actual T&C?

UK Captains
Permanent contract plus benefits
On Target Earnings*: 116,303
*(including basic salary, sector pay, bonus opportunity)

rostering, basic pay, pension, LOLI, Health care?


RexBanner 11th Jul 2017 17:54

You sure you remember how to set your own reverse thrust? ;-)

bex88 11th Jul 2017 18:04

😂 the what.

FlipFlapFlop 11th Jul 2017 20:47

Interesting question from a BA pilot. I am in the hold pool for now but will probably stay orange what ever happens.

FACoff 12th Jul 2017 00:42

Interesting indeed. I'm not a captain but the T&C's are there for all to see.

Rostering - 5 lates, 4 off, 5 earlies, 3 off. 28 days reserve (flexi roster) once every 5 months roughly. Various options for preferential bidding coming April next year, so we're told (all lates/earlies, no nightstops/transitions, etc).
Basic - 98,500 approx. Reduced to 90% for first 6 months.
Sector pay - 30 approx for nominal sector (x .8 short, 1.2 med, 1.5 long, 2.5 extra long). Expect probably about 1,200pm.
Pension - minimum 2% from you, 7% from company.
LOL - 1.3x basic salary unless you up it yourself.
Bonus - 2yr anniversary = 5% basic, 5yr = 10%, 10yr+ = 15%. Christmas bonus if PBT met and/or management feel like it.
Healthcare - none. Company said they'd look into it which ultimately means it's not happening any time soon.

Worth noting that basic/sector pay will increase by RPI+2% in October if the latest pay deal goes through.

Have to say I've never heard of anyone leaving BA to come to EZY. I have however heard of several (long serving) captains, swathes of FOs and even the occasional trainer all leaving to sit in the right hand seat at BA. If you can do 5 long days on the trot with your roster changing in-between then you'll cope, otherwise I'd factor in going 75% at some stage.

I too am in the pool for BA and have umm'd and aah'd for several months now, but am pretty sure I'll make the move if the opportunity arises. Do remember, seniority means nothing in EZY - in x many years, you'll still be doing the same 5 brutal earlies. It'll only get better for you at BA.

On the plus side for EZY of course - home every night (nearly), great people, great training, lots of bases.

SpGo 12th Jul 2017 06:10

Originally Posted by FACoff (Post 9827988)
Interesting indeed. I'm not a captain but the T&C's are there for all to see.
Have to say I've never heard of anyone leaving BA to come to EZY. .

We had/have many, even former Concorde pilots, retiring at 55 with final salary at BA and then fly for us.

Jumbo2 12th Jul 2017 08:46

Originally Posted by FlipFlapFlop (Post 9827862)
Interesting question from a BA pilot. I am in the hold pool for now but will probably stay orange what ever happens.

With the risk of a bit of thread creep; Over the last few years we had quiet a few new joiners joining Shorthaul or directly onto Longhaul. Most had 1000's of hours and it was just luck of the draw on which fleet you would join.

The direct entry LH joiners are at the bottom of their fleet seniority list an will work mostly blind lines and therefor weekends, because they are less then 5 years in the company (unlike most their LH fleet colleagues) they do more reserve periods as well. They will stay at the bottom for a long period (4-5 years) as people who are more senior move onto their fleet above them. They do have the benefit of joining LH and having a relatively easier roster with more days off.

The FPP and direct entry SH joiners on the other hand are screaming up the fleet seniority list by almost 30% a year and are therefor getting relatively quickly senior on their fleet. With the seniority comes that their bidding power increases and they do get the lines of work they bid for, two years in and you could for example easily get 2 weekends off. The downside of SH is the busy rosters, multi sector days in and out of LHR and generally fewer days off each month then the LH fleets.

Then we had commands go very junior last year. A lot couldn't resist the left seat. But by doing so they joined at the bottom of the fleet seniority list and most likely will stay at the bottom for a very long time (10 years) (unless they decide to move seat again). By being at the bottom of the P1 fleet seniority list you will work only blind lines with lots of weekends and Time Assignable, also since the lines are less efficient your flight and duty pay aren't as high resulting in the pay increase from the RHS to the LHS being not that big.

Overall the beauty is you can adjust your work and career to suit your needs. It's all about choices and every option has got some good bits and some bad bits and you have to choose what best suits you. You just can't have it all (unless you are number 1 on the seniority list).

VJW 12th Jul 2017 08:55

A 'bit' of thread creap? Jumbo is this a joke? I'm also in the hold pool for BA but if i want to read about them in that much detail, I'll go to the other thread!

Enzo999 12th Jul 2017 08:56

I am at BA and I can defiantly see the advantages of going to Easy, but as has been mentioned I am put off by the lack of pilots moving in that direction. All the pilots I speak to that moved from Easy say they would not go back so I guess they are worth listening to, is it really that harder work and is there anyone here that would go back?

I am trying to work out if I am suffering from greener grass syndrome or if I am being swayed by the lure of a quicker command. Also I might be looking at Easy with rose tinted glasses because of my disalusion with some aspects of BA.

Would be interesting to get some balanced arguments on this.

Tricia Takanawa 12th Jul 2017 09:51


Very similar position to yourself. I am seriously considering applying to EZY. I regret having joined a 20 year wait for long haul command, and I can't see SH dropping so low again, as we have so many really junior SH captains now who will be in the seat for 18 years. And there is no retirement bubble approaching like so many hope. Most capts seem to be in their 40's & 50's.

Coupled in with very little roster satisfaction, and perpetual RSV months, I think my mind has been made up. I just wonder if I'm orange material?

Apparently quite a few have been leaving BA recently too. Im sure there is some way of checking on the master rosters to back up the rumours. It'd be great to hear from some that have moved on to find out if they have any regrets.

Dupre 12th Jul 2017 10:03

Quick questions...

1. What is LOL? see it all over pprune but never heard of it elsewhere!

2. Referring to
"Bonus - 2yr anniversary = 5% basic, 5yr = 10%, 10yr+ = 15%"
Is this 5% basic in years 2,3,4 then 10% in years 6,7,8,9 then 15% in years 10,11,12.....?
Or is it 5% in year 2, 10% in year 5, 15% in year 10.

Also is the 5% based on your annual basic salary i.e. 5% is a bonus of 4925?

Lastly is this bonus guaranteed and written in the contract? Or is it discretionary/performance based?


Jumbo2 12th Jul 2017 10:06

Originally Posted by Dupre (Post 9828275)
Quick questions...

1. What is LOL? see it all over pprune but never heard of it elsewhere!

Loss of License
Basically an insurance if one was to loose his/her license the insurance would pay out.

Paolo 12th Jul 2017 10:10


LOL is loss of Licence.

Bonus is paid every year. Not performance based but we can earn extra in perf based bonus as well....sometimes 3k. You are right the first time.... Payment of bonus is 5% in yrs 2,3,4 10% in yrs 5,6,7,8,9..15% beyond that. Mine is 2004 date of join, so now firmly in the 15% so really its 115k base salary for me.

Guaranteed bonus.

macdo 12th Jul 2017 16:11

I should think the thought of 5 lates recover 5 earlies recover repeat to the end of time, would be enough to put most off. The comment about 75% in post #5 is the coup de grace!

Flyit Pointit Sortit 12th Jul 2017 19:21

I'm LHS at easy having been here 14 years.

The simple way I look at it, I am at a regional base, live close to the airport, earning the same as the rest of the Captains in the UK. I can go mountain biking on standbys, have a easy 20 minute commute to the crew room, have no major ground handling hassles and good roster stability.

It is a different job altogether working in the London area. If my situation was to change, even I might be tempted by BA and going Long Haul.

So, can easy offer you a base where you want too be? That is worth sacrificing any amount of salary increase or further career opportunities to me.

speed freek 12th Jul 2017 20:01

Yes but what is the waiting list like for your base? To anyone contemplating joining, be under no illusion you'll do your time in a base not to your liking while waiting for literally someone to retire so you can get into that base.

And that's assuming the base or other bases haven't been closed in the mean time and all transfer lists bypassed.

Bit like command at BA :ok:

I'm an ex-long serving easy pilot and am much much happier sitting in the RHS of my LH jet enjoying total roster stability and a good level of control. I could never go back to 5 of anything, let alone earlies.

And they may not have Alex Cruz, but they do have their own version. "Costs need to be reduced to remain competitive" being an oft quoted phrase.

flyingelf 13th Jul 2017 08:54

Easy question: is it worth investing around 4-5 years to get the base you'are looking for? Would you retire in Easy, do you think is possible to plan a move with such long term plan...?!
Thanks FE

BusBoy 13th Jul 2017 09:14

3-Depends which base, some have a wait list much longer than 4-5y

Northern Monkey 13th Jul 2017 16:57

Having been EZY at LGW for several years and now LH BA at LHR, there is no doubt in my mind that LH BA is the easier job. More days off and feels like far less work generally.

At EZY, the constant roster changes at LGW were a nightmare. Your 5 days could easily be ripped up on day 1 as crewing had some kind of self induced meltdown and decided to send you off to an airport hotel in TLS for the week. Used your short notice changes? Tough luck pack your bags! I actually once had a crewing officer at easyJet argue with me that the night stop I'd just been changed to wasn't a short notice change because the timings on days 1 & 2 were within 2 hours of my original day trips. Um, thats not exactly the point! How anyone manages childcare is a mystery to me. I simply cannot remember the last time my roster changed after publication at BA (except to have a trip taken off me for training). It may actually never have happened.

That said, I can definitely see the attraction of 75% left seat command at a regional base with easy. Trouble is, as a DEC you're gonna have to put up with quite a lot of the above before you get there. if you do go, for gods sake get away from Gatwick ASAP.

RexBanner 13th Jul 2017 17:27

Originally Posted by SpGo (Post 9828097)
We had/have many, even former Concorde pilots, retiring at 55 with final salary at BA and then fly for us.

Different kettle of fish entirely. Unless you think it likely that they would have left Concorde and BA to come and fly the minibus out of Gatwick out of choice if the CRA was 65 at the time.

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