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matt283 14th Jun 2017 14:33

Do I get it right:

60h included in the basic and sector payment only payed when working over 60h

and extra allowance when working over 15 days?

dirk85 14th Jun 2017 15:12

These look more like FO conditions honestly.

Sidestick_n_Rudder 14th Jun 2017 16:29

They're pretty much similar to any other in Europe. 6-7000€ after tax seems to be the norm these days...

Thepirate 14th Jun 2017 18:55

Your right €6-7k net is the norm left seat these days...... except the figures offered by SAS/uk/es are gross.....disappointing. This pay is lower than standard senior fo

matt283 14th Jun 2017 20:15

Those are conditions for uk. Anybody has details for Spain? I am sure they will get some weird exchange rate pounds to euros ;(

R T Jones 15th Jun 2017 09:44

£62k basic salary for a captain? That is not market rate, an UK based easyjet SFO basic salary is only just short of that....

Sidestick_n_Rudder 15th Jun 2017 10:01

I'd genuinely love to see those high-paying European DEC job offers.

Every time I get T&C's and crunch the numbers, I come up with 9-10k EUR gross, 6-7k EUR net. That includes perdiems, sector pay, hourly pay, overnight etc.

Unless you have a legacy contract somewhere, that's what you get these days...

dirk85 15th Jun 2017 10:23

The problem is that you won't see 7k net with that gross salary.

matt283 15th Jun 2017 16:15

New SAS Ireland airline to hire 40 at its Dublin HQ - Independent.ie

¨By basing SAS Ireland pilots and cabin crew outside Scandinavia, the new division's labour costs will be between 35pc and 40pc cheaper that those of the parent.¨

¨Its staff will be paid similar wages to their Scandinavian counterparts, but social charges and taxes will be lower.¨

Yeah, right... ;(

BluSdUp 15th Jun 2017 16:45

I did admire SAS but those days are over.

172_driver 15th Jun 2017 16:58

They don't care if pilots admire them or not anymore, they don't care about 'getting the best' or "we're Scandinavians" or "Nordic by-choice" or whatever their latest slogan is. They just want the investors to admire them to finance their great expansion of long-haul airplanes and A320neo's... I am just sceptical it's gonna work out better this time :{

Callone 15th Jun 2017 19:08

Originally Posted by fly4more (Post 9802967)
This is a legacy carrier who are biting the bullet and starting a low co operation.
Obviously the terms n conditions will suck otherwise why would they bother starting up a loco ? They could simply use their own guys.

They are asking for very little experience. 500 hrs on type command ... pretty low , so low pay . Thats it .

Plenty of EK Guys applying but no chance , its A320 rating guys ;)


Andrew7 16th Jun 2017 15:07

Money is low sorry , plus after UK taxes......plus working for an Agency and not a good one at that ........... not even a direct contract. Stay where you are at Emirates guys or go to EZ and get a direct contract and Seniority.

Alpha Golf Mike 16th Jun 2017 15:29

Does anyone know conditions for FO, and how to apply? Been looking everywhere but not able to find the smallest info.

matt283 16th Jun 2017 19:05

I would recommend you to send an e-mail to the agency:


Alpha Golf Mike 18th Jun 2017 20:03

Thank you!

semmern 22nd Jun 2017 11:20

FO basic pay: £3300/month. I think it was about £71/h over 60h/month.
Capt: £5500/month. Can't remember hourly pay over 60h, but it was proportional, so about £110-120/h.

dirk85 22nd Jun 2017 22:07

How exactly did you come up with 7000 EUR gross? Not from the figures quoted above obviously.

dirk85 23rd Jun 2017 09:13

I see. Then the above information is incorrect.

Not that I expect them to fly 960 hpurs per year, but still.

Luibar 23rd Jun 2017 12:09

I think it is risky to assume that you will be flying 80 hours a month, even considering 1 month off for vacation. As stated somewhere above, if they introduce a Ryanair style roster of 5/4 there is a chance that not every month you work 15 days so no €1000 on that month.

semmern 23rd Jun 2017 20:33

There will be 5/4 for all. £5500 a month as a CAPTAIN, and some here think that's a good salary? No wonder this profession is in its present state!

Private jet 23rd Jun 2017 22:36

Where did all this begin you ask? Reagan & Thatcher. The seeds of the 80's " free market revolution" are now bearing their fruit...

Andrew7 24th Jun 2017 06:52

Agree with Semmern and Dirk . Crap money . Go to EZ . Or if based in Spain Eurowings ...but to offer a Captain what they are offering is an insult.. However I blame the Agency they have obviously lowballed for the business.. with commissions paid to agencies not sure why these Airlines use them and just pay a decent salary instead. Although in all fairness they are not all bad. PARC used to be ok in the old days but no longer.. in fact I wouldnt work for them.

172_driver 25th Jun 2017 17:44

However I blame the Agency they have obviously lowballed for the business.. with commissions paid to agencies not sure why these Airlines use them and just pay a decent salary instead.
Same reason as Norwegian uses agency workers for permanent positions?? No union to fight, no employer responsibilities, if they become too expensive - give them back to the agency etc. etc. etc.

The money you make isn't necessarily worse than mainline SAS. But you do miss out on many of the benefits, such as the social benefits of living in a country with high employer social security charges. You have no health insurance (other than at work), no pension contributions, no loss of license insurance, no idea about ID travel but I'd say unlikely? Sick pay I am not sure about either. Covered by the law of England perhaps? or Ireland? or wherever country you're hired in.

CaptainProp 26th Jun 2017 06:15

If you live in UK then UK contract with social security there. If you live anywhere else you'll get Irish contract with social security through Ireland. In other words, this should give you the right to state pensions in these two countries. Not a lot but it's at least something.

Possible additional tax and social security payments having to be made in your home country depending on where you live? As many already pointed out, pay is very low and I can't see many people jumping on this train.

semmern 26th Jun 2017 09:59

Originally Posted by CaptainProp (Post 9812474)
pay is very low and I can't see many people jumping on this train.

I'm hopping they will struggle to find captains willing to work for the pittance they're offering, especially since the grass is extremely much greener at EZ, BA or even LH these days, but there will probably be a rush of New FOs with fresh ratings wanting to join "SAS."

Arewerunning 6th Jul 2017 14:33

At the selection they say to everyone that they will be based in MALAGA. Reality is that Malaga is not going to be open until April next year. By that time, only 20/30 pilots will have a slot there, everybody else, regardless of what they say, will be stuck in UK

matt283 10th Jul 2017 10:42

To be honest for me it looks again like the same mess when norwegian opened first base in Spain - Malaga couple of years ago...

Perser_dk 11th Jul 2017 20:29

Anyone that has heard anything after the interview sessions? Offered any starting dates?

ManaAdaSystem 19th Jul 2017 09:34

Beware, this new company will be used as a tool to break the unions in mainline SAS. You will not just fly to and from your base, but you will also operate mainline routes. More so as this company gets bigger.
Do you want to be a part of this?

matt283 20th Jul 2017 10:09

This is exactly the same what norwegian was doing at the beginning when opened a base in Malaga:ugh:

HippoDK 24th Jul 2017 14:43

Before we all get to exited how well do you think an Irish AOC will operate in the U.K. post brexit? I would think twice before signing up on a LHR base. I can assure you that no thought has been given in that direction. SAS has NEVER had a successful company outside core SAS - not meaning that core is much better....

EU bases (there will be more than Malaga) will operate without those issues off course and I'm sure applicants will be plentiful - they can always hire those Easy didn't want.

MD80rookie 1st Aug 2017 21:40

Does anyone know of anobody who have applied with an honest intention of joining and be based LHR?

BluSdUp 2nd Aug 2017 09:08

I read somewhere that SAS union was on the way to UK to talk with BALPA with regards to new ops.
Could get interesting.

semmern 2nd Aug 2017 10:52

Latest rumours say 6-month delay due to recruitment issues. Let's hope they are true.

Luibar 2nd Aug 2017 14:50

Maybe they realize how weak the T&C are... :p

linmar 2nd Aug 2017 19:46

I've heard the same. Don't quit to start with SAS in LHR.

Don't expect the conditions to improve though. Upper management has promised the board and CEO that pilots in the UK are to be a lot cheaper than in Scandinavia despite the current crap conditions on offer up in the North. Wouldn't be very impressive to come running back tails between legs having to admit pilots won't join a company offering substandard terms and conditions.

EFISchap 2nd Aug 2017 20:50

Are they looking for Non Type Rated Captains of First Officers yet?

Andrew7 11th Aug 2017 09:53

So what is the latest? hear they cannot find pilots......... . That's what you get when you try and cut costs. Strange that they always go for the crews salaries first

semmern 11th Aug 2017 10:32

Out of interest, where did you hear that, if you didn't read it here? "Proper" SAS pilots want to know :) PM me the answer if you don't want it public.

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