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Raski 14th Aug 2016 12:12

Good day to all

Anybody know anything about the online tests for the DEFO recruitment at Monarch? They call it adapt but found nothing valuable on the web.

Any help is appreciated.


MJR 14th Aug 2016 21:04

Hi raski,

I'm sorry I can't answer your question but are you Boeing or Airbus rated?


Raski 14th Aug 2016 21:57

Airbus mate.

Crosswind Limits 15th Aug 2016 13:26

Just the standard online testing nothing abnormal. VR, SA, hand to eye, memory etc etc. Just like all the rest. Good luck!

Cloud Bunny 29th Aug 2016 11:05

Apologies for jumping in on your thread Raski.

Does anyone in the know have the latest remuneration details for Monarch? Search function not alluding much and PPJN seems to have too much conflicting information.
Would really appreciate any info, the usual stuff. Take home year one, increments, flight pay additions, pension etc.

Many thanks in advance guys and girls. :ok:

Enzo999 29th Aug 2016 18:49

Year 1-5 FO is 54,500. But all new joiners will start on 10/13ths of the above untill a space opens up on the full time core pilot list (no definite time frame for that) on the plus side you get 3 months off during the winter. Flight pay is about 15 per block hour (although lots of gossip about the company trying to reduce that to sector pay, so enjoy whilst it lasts!). Pension is a flat 7 percent no matter what you pay. LOL and PHC can't remember the details but you get them.

All in all still a very good deal and a brilliant company to work for, one downside you could not exactly call it stable!

Raski 30th Aug 2016 11:28

Hi folks

Been invited the 7th of september in Luton for the second part of the recruitment.
Do you guys have any info to share on this regard?

Thanks a lot

KyleRB 30th Aug 2016 16:54

Times are tough for all airlines but as far as I understand MON are doing ok. Much leaner and much more efficient than pre 2014. They are in profit and have a viable strategy moving forward. They have been massively helped by releasing the huge pension liability. They are not what the used to be but still a good airline.

Enzo999 30th Aug 2016 18:58

Originally Posted by Smooth Airperator (Post 9490984)
So how are Monarch doing financially?

That's is the million dollar question! Nobody apart from the owners really knows. But here is what we do know....since the restructure things have generally been much better, posted a 30 million profit in the first year and obviously dumped the pension liability. Second year on the other hand has not been so good. A string of issues have led to much weaker business than expected, although we are told it's on course to return a very small profit. The restructuring company responsible for the 2014 plan have been called back in to "streamline" further, what this means is anyone's guess but there is plenty to be trimmed off the top salary scales and the generous hour flight pay.

The real issue is cash, because of the weeker summer trading they had a 35 million short full in reserves to help them survive the winter which they have had to borrow from "external" sources. I am guessing this has been sorted, otherwise the winter could be very interesting. The company has nothing in the way of assets and a rock bottom credit rating making borrowing at reasonable rates difficult, that combined with a very ruthless owner not willing to pocket even the smallest loss has created an air of uncertanty.

It is generally agreed that Monarch need investment and that the current owners would like to sell and make a quick buck. Most rumours about other UK airlines buying them seem to have dried up and the Chinese deal seems to have gone quiet. The big question hanging over everyone and the reason people are leaving by the bus load is will anyone invest? Indeed is the business even investable? Bottom line is who knows!

Anyone joining Mon is basically in my mind gambling on that investment, without it I fear for its future, with it you can possible have a long and happy career with one of the best employers in the business.

Good luck to everyone either way.

Crosswind Limits 30th Aug 2016 21:55

The Chinese are still interested I am reliably informed. It had gone quiet but they were spotted in LTN very recently. Other airlines have placed bids but been rejected.

Enzo, I hadn't realised folks were leaving by the bus load!?

I presume the 35 million loan has been sorted.

RoyHudd 30th Aug 2016 22:09

Where did the "pension liability" go?

tubby linton 30th Aug 2016 22:19

A health warning on Enzo's post. Show me a UK airline that has not been affected by world events this year. Even the Orange brigade have been discounting flights most of the year and had to cancel a lot of flights recently due to crewing and tech problems. Any job is a gamble. Join IAG and there is always the spectre of ending up on a Vuelling contract.
The pension liability for the original DB pension has now passed to the PPF.
You can imagine the billionaire banter on the super yachts in Monaco a few years ago on the jolly jape of how to completely shaft your employees and pocket almost half a billion but the original Monarch owners are not UK citizens and never received a knighthood so are untouchable.

Cliff Secord 30th Aug 2016 22:30

Join IAG and end up on a Vueling contract? Take it as we're talking UK - As in join BA and end up on a Vueling contract? You reckon? Not saying I know but that would be pretty drastic

tubby linton 30th Aug 2016 23:34

It would be pretty drastic but new joiners sigh an IAG contract not a BA one, but we are digressing from the Monarch thread.

FL370 Officeboy 31st Aug 2016 05:21


Raski 31st Aug 2016 07:06

I see here lots of colleagues well informed.
Anybody can help?


Enzo999 31st Aug 2016 08:06

Originally Posted by Crosswind Limits (Post 9491408)
The Chinese are still interested I am reliably informed. It had gone quiet but they were spotted in LTN very recently. Other airlines have placed bids but been rejected.

Enzo, I hadn't realised folks were leaving by the bus load!?

I presume the 35 million loan has been sorted.

I have exaggerated slightly but there is no doubt in the last 2 years the turn over in staff has been massive although I do admit it's slowed up recently. That being said there are still many many people going through the process at BA or sat in Hold pools. The more senior FOs who are close to command many be thinking about staying but I would imagine most others will be looking around. The fact they are still recruiting and training in the middle of August would go to show they have a high attrition rate.

All I did was report the facts as I know them, it's up to every individual to make there own assumptions. And yes it's been a bad year for all Airlines but Easy, Ryan, BA, TUI will all still make mullti billion pound profits they are not having to borrow money to keep themselves solvent during the winter. And yes everything in life is a gamble but something things carry worse odds than others.

Cuillin Hills 31st Aug 2016 08:20

I don't trust the current Monarch owners as far as I could throw them.

Yes - Seabury are being consulted again.

Greybull bought the entire group (not just the airline). Some parts of that group are money making and an asset - other parts of that group are not money making and a liability.

There are tangible assets in the group that are being sold for a good income - probably more to come. Monarch hangar at Manchester recently sold to Jet2 Engineering. How long until Monarch hangar and associated attractive land sold at Luton?

The package holiday market is returning - two years after Monarch moved across to, primarily, seat only.

Bloodbath at Gatwick, minimal presence at Luton, much increased competition at Birmingham, lots of players at Manchester. Only at Leeds because a certain individual messed up and it would have cost a fortune to pull out.

Great people at Monarch - best of luck.

Crosswind Limits 31st Aug 2016 08:49


No airline is making "multi billion pound" profits! That would be the realm of oil companies and Apple! Let's not unfairly skew the discussion!

Cuillin Hills

Do you trust any airlines management/owners? I suspect not.

It is clear that some of my colleagues are quite jaded with Monarch. I joined this year so can't comment on the debacle and bloodbath in 2014. That experience must have been very unpleasant! That said, I have good friends who have been with Monarch for years so have a reasonable insight into what happened. The previous owners royally shafted the airline. Greybull came in and 'saved' it. Only they know their motives for doing so. I hear mixed views on them, some say they are in for the longhaul, others say a quick buck! Only time will tell. Times are tough right now for all operators, TUI, TCX, easyjet etc. The tour group arms of TUI and TCX must be creaking in Turkey and Egypt right now. Hotels sitting either empty or at low occupancy at some resorts.

Our current CEO seems a switched on guy and I for one feel he's motivated to make Monarch a success again. Quite a few of my colleagues agree with me. Only time will tell!

Whilst Monarch isn't what it was in the halcyon days of the late 90's etc, it is a good airline. The quality of crews and training are top notch.

Hopefully the current uncertainty surrounding the airline will soon end and we can all look forward to the future. What colour that future will be is anyone's guess!!

Crosswind Limits 31st Aug 2016 12:56


Your opinion is just that, an opinion! Unless you work for us, are part of the a Greybull/management negotiating team or a prospective purchaser I take your opinion with a grain of salt! Plenty of competitors happy to put the boot in every now and then I see! Obviously I fully expect interested parties to do their due diligence on us that is normal. Removing the pension liability, driving efficiencies/cutting costs and of course the price of oil all played a part in putting MON back in the black. Offers to buy have been made but I understand were not accepted. Interest is ongoing I am told!

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