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Paul Krueger 25th May 2016 21:49

Jetairfly, TUI Airlines Belgium, France Bases
I am flying for them.
The Jetairfly Management treats us like garbage.
For the permanent pilots (99% Flamish-Belgians) everything is provided.
Nice rosters, off days, training, transportation and accommodation.

For us contractors its ZERO. No support to find a flat at our bases. No more than 3 days off.:= No guidance through french bureaucracy jungle..

In BRU they celebrate the parties.... Everything important is communicated in dutch anyway.

In their headquater at BRU airport nobody smiles or is really friendly.
They are correct but it seem that nobody has a passion for his job.
Humor is banned. OCC officers are not allowed to talk to us.
I never felt so unconfortable at a workplace.
The training in BRU was good, but the company is so cold, they give you nothing back. No smile, nor recognition or social events.
Just the money.
That is sad.

tatelyle 25th May 2016 22:00

And how is the tax situation?
Is that still as suspect as it was last year?

And how is the contract?
Do you still get blamed and fined for every fault?

captplaystation 26th May 2016 07:58

Yep, when a job is so "heavily advertised" over such a long period of time, it is normally for a good reason . . . . . if you see something advertised endlessly by numerous agencies, there is a message there, the message reads "stay away" :ooh:

Otterman 26th May 2016 08:30

A relevant post as someone I know will be joining the ranks at jetairly in France. It is clear that there will be little to no support to set things up properly either through jetairfly or the contract firm. I can even understand this from the jetairfly perspective. You don’t want to burden office staff to arrange things for temporary employees. The business model has to be mean and lean. The contract company makes its money placing people not babysitting them. The loyalty to each other is implied and should be understood.

For someone taking his first steps on the ladder there is more leeway as to all the details that are relevant to someone who is farther along in age and experience. It is about gaining experience. The contract is for six months at the most. So in the case of my relative both parties gain what they are looking for.

No training bond and a good salary for the level of experience is offered. The company gets a warm bum in the seat, and an eager, enthusiastic young man who is willing to contribute from day one. In those circumstances the amount of roostered days off and cuddles from the company are not the highest priority. It also means that when he does land at a good company where things are arranged a lot better it will be that much more appreciated. Even after one contract period the value you gain for another employer is significant.

Navigating your way through the French system is definitely a worry. It is also no good that people don’t seem to be helping each other along. Why does everyone have to invent the wheel anew. If a couple of guys hire a local tax/employment lawyer or advisor it should ease things along. And spreading the costs among a number of people will keep the costs under control. Has this been looked at? I would definitely recommend my relative joins in, and I know at least five others who are all going to be confronted with the same issues shortly.

The issue is clear. Let’s see if we can come up with a solution.

Andrew7 26th May 2016 18:06

I would like to respond here, my nephew is a new First Officer on a French contract with JAF France and is having a brilliant time. This is his first flying job and he is loving every minute. Plus he is earning a very decent salary, and the contract Agency has been very helpful indeed and have found really good tax advisors to fill in their annual returns. So no complaints whatsoever but you always get one,

Plus Mr Kreuger why would you need help with finding accommodation in France you live there?

SpGo 26th May 2016 20:20

Just couple of questions Andrew 7, is the agency paying CRPN, a mandatory French pension for aircrew, on behalf of your nephew?
Does your nephew know that take home pay in France is before income tax and that the taxbill will follow next year?
Does he know that the contract has to be according French labor law?
Is he respecting flight duty times as stipulated in the "code de l'air"?
If the answer to one of the above is no, his brilliant time may and probably will end in court one day. Ryanair. EasyJet, Vueling, City Jet and even Air France as well as some of their pilots have been convicted in the recent past.

Andrew7 27th May 2016 07:56

I am sorry that you appear to have had bad experiences with your agencies however not all are the same . The answer to all your questions is yes.
( you always get one who moans). My nephew is very happy the Belgians are treating him well, the flying is good, the salary is good and the contract is compliant according to French labour law. Case closed. Nothing further to add. Suggests Mr Krueger leaves and gets a job with Ryanair .............

McBruce 27th May 2016 10:48

I would suggest that too. As someone whose operated for both. RYR is a million times better.

ZAV 27th May 2016 22:32

haha McBruce... suggest you read your own posts....

McBruce 29th May 2016 16:02

Perhaps you misinterpreted mine. If I speak ill of my past in RYR what does that say about my opinion of JAF?

ZAV 29th May 2016 18:50

but you have never worked for them.......!

McBruce 29th May 2016 19:57

ZAV, I never said I worked for them but I have done a contract with them over several months. Enough to gain experience on their day to day operations and the company ethos.

MD11Man 18th Jan 2017 19:25

Does anyone have information about the current selection for TUI Belgium?

JW411 19th Jan 2017 16:28

I have a good friend who enjoyed flying for Jetair so much that he joined FR as a DEC within 6 months.

MD11Man 19th Jan 2017 18:30

I appreciate your reply, but I am looking for information about the selection.

Maybe you can ask your friend?

Themax23 20th Jan 2017 06:35


I'm currently doing the 737NG type rating for TUI Belgium (Ab initio, Belgian speaking Dutch/French/English for the belgian bases).

As advertised everywhere (it was even on the news in Belgium), they're currently still searching for a lot of experienced pilots for the summer. It that's your case, the best thing you can do is contact them.

They're also hiring non type rated FO's for the Embraer, for the summer :

AviationJobs.Me Flight Crew: EMB190 Non Type Rated First Officers TUI fly Belgium

slr737 22nd Jan 2017 09:23

Great company if you like spending time in taxi between bases and work for a low salary (Belgian contract).

But the cabin crew are great and young :ok:

Flygood 30th Jan 2017 13:32

Interview - Tuifly Belgium
Hey Guys,

I'm invited for the initial interview of Tuifly Belgium as "Non type rated first officer" on EMB.
Is anybody have some informations about the interview ?
They call us 2 days before the interview so ... any advise would be pleased :-)

AMS 2nd Feb 2017 21:58

What's the written test like ? Examples would be good

bpilot92 2nd Feb 2017 23:50

75% of the written test are bullshit PAN-OPS questions; procedure turn speeds for class B aircraft, holding speed above 34000ft bla bla and on the interview you can expect to explain the operation of a gyro in your least comfortable language etc, you will be selected on solely if they like your face or not.

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