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flyingelf 5th Apr 2016 19:54

Ryanair vs Easyjet
Which one would you choose as a DEC and why?
Pros and Cons considering a permanent contract would be offered...

Sallytraffic 6th Apr 2016 08:17

Easy - the loyalty bonus is a nice touch and a working leave system. Pension also better as is the general package. You won't have to pay for uniform, parking, food, water etc etc.

joe two 6th Apr 2016 09:11

Ryanair have Irish contracts and you have to sort out your local tax situation which could be a mess.
easyJet have "local" contracts , the best are in France , Italy , Germany and UK.
Not so good are the easyJet contracts in LIS and AMS . Having said that : there are a few recent (non type rated) DEC in LIS with EZY now who came from Ryanair.
So that says something , besides it is probably a way to "get in" and apply for the transferlist to a "better base" later on (allthough there is a few years halt on that by contract i'm afraid)

flamingmoe 6th Apr 2016 10:49

I didn't realise Ezy took DEC's in the UK?

joe two 6th Apr 2016 11:05

LIS is Lisbon , Portugal.

Lazydogg 6th Apr 2016 16:05

If you are a UK or Irish based Ryanair pilot on a permanent contract you do not have to "sort out" anything.

While the UK salaries are not bad at Ryanair the Easyjet ones are without question better.

monkeyferret777 6th Apr 2016 16:32

Easy is a much much better deal, across all aspects- there is no part of the deal (basic/ pension/ loyalty/ shares etc) at Ryr that is better, and thats a fact. And the gap is getting larger every year.

flyingelf 6th Apr 2016 20:20

Thaks for your replies...
It's quite clear that in some countries the easy deal is defenetly better than the ryanair one
Ryan has more bases and a nice 5-4 everywhere, but not a comparable leave system to the easy one...
I guess it depends on where you want to be base as well.
Do you guys think that you could work until retirement in easy?

Fokkerdriver 7th Apr 2016 08:01

I am have been with easyJet more than 10 years and have no intentions of leaving. I think how you perceive the workload is very base dependant. At LGW the complexity of getting from carpart to crewroon to aircraft , the long waits at the holding point, can be very tiring and I went part-time there quite quickly. I am now at a small base and can honestly say it is my dream job. Home every day and terms and conditions above average. Hours flown less than 700 in a rolling year on a full time contract.

Stan Woolley 7th Apr 2016 17:13

There are many things that may influence how you find the individual airlines. Having worked for both some/many years ago by far my favourite of the two was RYR. This was mainly due to the fact that I detest having my roster messed with. 5/4 is about the best roster that can be found anywhere imo.

A friend of mine who's still at Easy (after nearly 20yrs) says that last year was very another disruptive one. After checking with my pal at RYR he said that he has no complaints in that dept. They are at the same airport. Some people aren't that bothered, I was.

If you're happily married and want to stay that way it's worth checking out before committing. The package may be better at Easy but that's not everything. I'm sure that if I'd been based elsewhere at easy or ryr I could easily be singing a different tune.

Good luck.

SpGo 7th Apr 2016 17:25

I agree with Stan, one base might be better at FR, whilst another is better at U2
Forget about the superior French contract, that was before the deduction of 22% French social security contribution.

halfofrho 7th Apr 2016 17:55

I didn't realise Ezy took DEC's in the UK?
They recruited DEC for LGW last winter.

Count of Monte Bisto 12th Apr 2016 01:02

I have been at EZY for 12 years and like the job, whilst recognising it is not perfect. There are many metrics you can use as to which airline is better to work for between RYR and EZY. The one that I think that is most telling, however, is that there is virtually, if not actually, zero movement of pilots from EZY to RYR. There is, however, a steady stream of DECs from RYR to EZY. They all say the same thing - upset at being told they are at the bottom of the fuel league table for example. One guy I did training on told me that he was given a disciplinary interview for diverting from Rome Ciampino to Fiumicino when he had a slat failure. I have never once in twelve years been asked to justify a fuel decision or had a diversion decision criticised or commented upon. Last week I took an extra 4 tonnes of fuel to go to Madeira and never heard a word about it - nor will I. EasyJet contracts are on the intranet for everyone to see by base what you get.

Stan Woolley 13th Apr 2016 10:06

Last week I took an extra 4 tonnes of fuel to go to Madeira and never heard a word about it - nor will I.
Ryanair have a tanking policy too :ok:

172_driver 13th Apr 2016 10:37

Correct, but that policy has historically been interpreted quite differently across the network by over enthusiastic base chiefs. Some just won't let you off the hook that easily.

Stan Woolley 13th Apr 2016 11:23

Base Captains make a lot of difference that's true.

The Count is a hater of RYR, a lover of Easy, without having different experience of both - I just get annoyed by his 'superior' pontifications. :ok:

flyingelf 14th Apr 2016 08:24

I'm presently working for Ryr, it's not perfect but It works.
I have never had problems regarding taking extra fuel anyway.
I live 1 hour from the base I'm working at the moment.
I'm waiting for a job offer from Easy.
My 5-4 with sbys at home works quite well, I'm sure the easyjet package is defently better, but I'm interested for my "decision making" to get info and different poit of view...
Thanks guys

AIMINGHIGH123 14th Apr 2016 08:53

I am at neither still a low hour pilot but interesting reading.
How about the type of A/C? Thinking about were you're going to spend your hours at work to those who have flown both which is better?

speed_alive_rotate 14th Apr 2016 10:57

Is it often or common for FR pilots to move to Easy , even with no Airbus time? What are Easy managements thoughts on taking FR guys? And also the reverse if any Easy guys have gone the other way to FR.

No experience with either, just very interested.

Helipilot1982 14th Apr 2016 15:29

Does anybody know when Easyjet might open up recruitment again for FO's?

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