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Ethiopia 9th Feb 2016 10:32

Norwegian opens Rome base
Norwegian opens Rome base

TypeIV 9th Feb 2016 10:33

molto beenee

How many aircraft will they base there? will they be basing crews as well?

Ethiopia 9th Feb 2016 13:14

article says so, yes, some 60 jobs in total

737 Jockey 9th Feb 2016 17:59

2 based aircraft initially.

lear999wa 9th Feb 2016 20:47


fjencl 9th Feb 2016 20:54

I this planned as just a summer base or an all year round base ????

Iver 9th Feb 2016 22:29

787s too?????

fightthepower 10th Feb 2016 09:05

Only 60 jobs with 2 based aircraft? My my they should learn from Ryanair who seems to be able to create 12000 local jobs per based aircraft according to their ridiculous press releases.

maybepilot 11th Feb 2016 09:07

Sudden base openings and blatant press releases come at cost, usually for the pilots.
Stay miles away from them, in just a couple of years they managed to get a pretty bad reputation and FCO won't be any different.

Push to talk 11th Feb 2016 14:34

@ fightthepower,

Don't forget, according to those same ridiculous type of press releases, Norwegian is in this case investing 200 million into the Rome area! Namely the 2 aircraft. :D Norwegian still have to learn on the propaganda front.

RAT 5 11th Feb 2016 15:37

Norwegian is in this case investing 200 million into the Rome area! Namely the 2 aircraft. Norwegian still have to learn on the propaganda front.

What! and no claim about how many scullions of jobs this will create? They surely are not their father's son, or are they being too honest?

Direct Bondi 13th Feb 2016 19:38

Let’s see how long it takes for Norwegian and the smiling rock-ape to upset the Italian unions.

Select from below if those Rome based pilots can depend on the declared solidarity, strength and determination of the Norwegian Pilot Group, to fully engage management in any contentious issues:-
  1. Guaranteed
  2. Hopefully
  3. Maybe
  4. Fat chance
  5. In a conversely parallel universe
Link: About NPG | NPG

captplaystation 13th Feb 2016 20:11

Rumour says PMI next, followed by a Nice "non-base" (bit like the RYR "non-base" in MRS & surprise surprise, for exactly the same reasons . . .we are "cheapskates" . . . . funny how Easy manage OK :hmm: )

lederhosen 14th Feb 2016 09:32

Looking at it from another angle, if they were to open a base at your local airport, which airline would be least likely to give up after a short period of time leaving you high and dry: Ryanair, Norwegian, Transavia? I am not talking about terms and conditions but how likely they are to make a success out of it, offering you long term employment.

TheScarletPimpernel 18th Feb 2016 09:24

The lowest terms in the Norwegian network.
GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS – PILOT Base Rome, Italy valid from March 1st 2016.


All the concepts included in the following table are gross.

Remuneration Amount Information

Basic Salary FC (First Captain)

Paid in 13 payments

Basic salary €33.480

Guaranteed Flight Allowance €78.120 (65BH/Month)

Total Annual combined basic salary: €111.600

Basic Salary FO (First Officer)

Paid in 13 payments

Basic salary €18.072

Guaranteed Flight Allowance €42.168 (65BH/Month)

Total Annual combined basic salary: €60.240

Basic Salary JFO (Junior First Officer): (Less than 1500 BLH total time, and /or less than 500 BLH on type)

Paid in 13 payments

Basic salary €15.552

Guaranteed Flight Allowance €36.288 (65BH/Month)

Total Annual combined basic salary: €51.840

After completed and passed Type Rating/Conversion course

Compensation for BLH more than 65 Block Hours (BH)

Stand-by will be compensated with 4 BH

(if not called out on duty)

FC: €17 / hour

FO: €8 / hour

JFO: €8 / hour

If called out for flight duty on standby, actual block hours will be compensated
Per diem allowance per flight duty day €50
BDO (Bought Day Off) FC: € 750 / day

FO: € 380 / day

After request by the Company
Loss of License According to applicable policy ??
Phone Allowance FC: € 84 / month

FO: € 42 / month
Ground Training Remuneration €100 / day Students during Initial Training only

Line Training Captains €25 per BLH (Block hour)

Simulator Instructors € 41 per instruction hour

Check Captains € 41 per BLH check flights

Subject Terms & Conditions information Contact

Roster release day 14 days before actual Roster month Roster release via e-mail

Days off Minimum 12 days per Roster month, fully variable.

0.4 per vacation day will reduce days off in months with planned vacation.

Days off are set when released, and will not be rescheduled after roster release.

Roster release via e-mail
Compensation for overtime

There will be compensation for duty re-planned or delayed after 00:01 into a day off, compensation: up to 2 hours; 1/4 of BDO, 2-3 hours; 1/3 of BDO, more than 3 hours; 1 BDO.
Vacation in Italy Crew Members will be entitled to 4 weeks of vacation per year.

Vacation will be planned, as 4 calendar weeks for bidding.

Crew has possibility to bid vacation via e-mail to pilot request after notification from the Company. The first who requests vacation will have priority.

Crew shall be notified about their annual vacation at the latest 2 months before actual month of annual vacation.

Vacation day compensation is calculated as: 1:30xbasic salary

Crew can only carry up to 2 days’ untaken holiday entitlement forward from one holiday year to the following holiday year, unless a period of statutory maternity, paternity or adoption leave has prevented them from taking vacation in the relevant year. Up to 2 days’ vacation days that has not been scheduled by the end of the year (31st of December), or carried forward to the following holiday year, will be paid out by the Company at a daily rate of 1/260 of annual normal remuneration, one thirtieth of the month salary for each day so deferred as applicable.

Otherwise, crew shall not be paid in lieu of vacation that is not utilised, except on termi-nation of employment.

Crew plan will send information about bidding period to the Employees, at the latest 3 months before bidding period starts.
Duty swapping after release

The Employees may swap duty with each other the Employee must send their request about the swap to Re-plan. Subject to ap-proval.

Request from the Employee to [email protected] Re-plan gives confirmation if possible to swap
Changes of base

The Employee will be available to provide the specified services for all the duration of the contract.

The Employee is hired to render services in mobile or itinerant work centers.

The Employee’s Base may be changed at any location within Italy upon two months’ notice.

The Company informs crew
CI (Check in) According to AOC policy CI / CO times may be changed by the Company

Standby call out Standby callout is 90 minutes

Standby callout when staying at company provided hotel/lodging is 30 minutes reporting time to ground transportation from hotel/lodging. Airport standby call out, from airport hotel/lodging provided by the company, hotel at other stations than home base; is 20 minutes.

Airport standby will be planned with a maximum of 8 hours length.
Line training During line training, crew will train from where the Company has line training capacity.
Roster release to crew

Sick leave during the day

The Employee will notify xxx as soon as possible on the day of absence about sick leave and the reason for absence. Crew must certify their absence in accord-ance with AOC Policy.

Crew to Operations Control Centre, ASAP

Long term sick leave to OSM Aviation.
Family Friendly Policies

Compliant with Italian statutory provisions. Crew to the Company

Compassionate leave ( f ex funeral ) - According to Italian law. Crew on request to the


Information / Requests from the Employee to the Company;

Requests regarding: Deadline

Leave of absence 2 months ahead

Changes from full time to part time or opposite 2 months ahead

Termination of contract, employer and employee 3 months ahead. (Written notice).

Vacation At least 2 months ahead

Requests regarding the released roster Ongoing

Family Friendly Policies Compliant with Spanish statutory provisions

Requests on the coming schedule (late / early CI / CO etc.)

Within the 20th one month ahead

Other requests Within the 20th one month ahead

Account for salary payment should be in Euro.


maybepilot 20th Feb 2016 12:30

What a glorious contract!!!
Only about 30k less for a Capt if compared to their orange Italian counterpart.....

TheScarletPimpernel 20th Feb 2016 13:36



captplaystation 20th Feb 2016 14:02

Guaranteed Flight Allowance €78.120 (65BH/Month)

Guaranteed what ? that you will be rostered 65BH / month ? or that you are paid for min 65BH / month . . . . . regardless of sickness :hmm: 12 mths a year :rolleyes:

Welcome to the (not so ) new (not so ) brave world of being a "Service Provider" , championed in an Island stuck out in the near Atlantic, recycled by a bunch of Nordics for consumption by the great unthinking who it is hoped will flock to the heart of the Roman Empire . . . . . recycled [email protected] doesn't taste any better than [email protected], and it smells even more pungent.
Another rehashed unimaginative development from the FR wannabes of the North, & yet another new "low" is reached . . . or should that be retched :yuk:

TypeIV 20th Feb 2016 14:52

So, for every week of vacation you lose 3 off days, on top of that, the vacation compensation is based on your basic salary which is roughly a "fourth to a third" of your actual salary with the flight compensation.

Expecting some shafting of the pilots for 2-4 months during the winter season with no prior proper notice. Unless Rome is particularly popular during the winter months. If you've signed up for these terms you probably wouldn't mind some further shafting.

Separating flight pay and basic salary under very ambiguous terms triggers warning alarms here.

Scuderia46 20th Feb 2016 16:56

Separating flight pay and basic salary under very ambiguous terms triggers warning alarms here.
Has to do with the tax man. This is actually a better deal. You only pay 15% tax over the guaranteed flight allowance.

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