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Direct Bondi 19th Jun 2015 21:40

K Gusset/Essex lad:

“Well said” what exactly? No useful information was provided by your post, just a derogatory personal attack. I realize that enlightenment may sometimes disappoint, but do try and replace your unsavory objections to facts you refuse to accept, with constructive comment. Coincidentally, Kjos may not have considered the First Amendment at the time of his US Permit application.

The thread requests information on Norwegian’s UK 787 operation. Not only have I provided information, in most cases I have supported it with solid evidence. In particular, I hope I have enlightened many as to the true “employment relationship” with Norwegian and the reasons many find the Kjos, labor business model so objectionable – including 700 of Norwegian’s own pilots that went on strike last March.

I obviously touched a nerve with my reference to VAT. The fact remains, any type rating training provider in the UK is obliged to charge VAT. If pilots are being recruited by Norwegian and “charged” for their type rating, it is subject to VAT. Alternatively, if some other 30k or 40k payment is made to whomever and for whatever, it must be declared to HMRC by the recipient.

Guss, I fully support any pilot in their desire to obtain the employment of their choice. However, even you should see the irony in Norwegian’s 787 acquisitions:-

Built by a skilled workforce having government employment law oversight, labor rights and principles, including collective representation with their real employer.
Flown by a skilled workforce at an airline where none of these employment virtues are in place, allowed or dared to be openly communicated.

SAS and Lufthansa file new objections to Norwegian's business model, "A scheme that undermines Norway and European labor laws". Link:-

Kjos purret på Norwegians USA-søknad: SAS går til motangrep - Norwegian Air Shuttle - Børs og Finans - E24

Gypsy 20th Jun 2015 07:49

Direct Bondi - can you provide answers to any of the queries I posted above please? I appreciate Shanwicks reply but I would rather read some info on rosters than just go with someone else's opinion that they are rubbish. When in the month are the rosters published? How many changes can one expect? How many days off between trips. How long are the trips?

How does the leave bidding work. Is there anyone here working for Norwegian who can confirm the suggestion above that it isn't possible to get all of the leave in and you end up selling it back?

Its obvious that many here are not fans of Norwegian but some info would be useful to help with decision making.

Thanks to all

The Crew 20th Jun 2015 13:56

Gypsy, didnt you ask any of these questions during your interview?
Do they actually do face to face interviews?!

They want 1000 hours min wide body now, i understand over 35 B777 guys from the desert are on the books.

Gypsy 20th Jun 2015 15:32

Haven't been for an interview yet. its an old fashioned thing of working out if I'm interested before applying to avoid wasting my time and theirs - hence the quest for info.

essexboy 20th Jun 2015 23:20

1000 hrs wide body. Thats me out good luck to you all.

Zapper27 21st Jun 2015 12:12

Hello everybody!

I really would appreciate infos about the Roster!

Typical Trip lenght, average days Off per month

Looking forward to your answers

The Crew 21st Jun 2015 12:19

Wide Body time is for skippers only, think just jet time for FO

The Crew 21st Jun 2015 13:36

If Norwegian Long Haul were to liquidate, for whatever reason, would those pilots having offered a bank guarentee to the company be better off than those who had simply deposited their 20-40000€ into the company's bank account?

Avenger 21st Jun 2015 14:33

One can therefore assume if you go as a Cruise Relief Captain, ( Read FO) then you could expect to wait until 2000 hrs for the upgrade AKA Qatar system. They seem to know there are many many NG Skippers out there chomping at the bit to get LHS and are clearly focusing on these people to fill the seats, in the meantime taking DECs from the pits..

fade to grey 21st Jun 2015 15:32

I think 1000 hrs wide body is for internal promotion from RCA to CPT.
I.e you have to do a little longer to be considered.

RE gypsys question.
Roster is released exactly 14 days prior to the next month. They have taken account our preferences as some want back to back trips with slightly longer days off and some want shorter.

Leave was an issue, but with the upgrading to the rostering team, I've had no problems booking it recently.

Disruption, tends to only occur with tech issues. Don't normally get a change - standard month is 8 sectors.

POT NOODLE HORN 21st Jun 2015 16:27

I was under the impression that time from RCA to cpt was 500hrs ?

Have the goal posts moved ???

adwjenk 21st Jun 2015 18:12

1,000hrs wide body is for direct entry captains.

I think it's 500hrs minimum for a upgrade from RCA to Captain, but it is seniority based, so if you do join as an RCA best not to expect an upgrade after 500hrs like its a God given right.

Time to command for RCA and first officer in Norwegian long haul will properly be quicker then most wide body carriers out there.

Learn the job and the aircraft make the most of flying the 787 and settle into the airline and see if it's for you and for the long run.

bob777 21st Jun 2015 20:09

Does anybody has received any further info after on line test?

Wireless 22nd Jun 2015 00:55

Fade to grey. 8 sectors doesn't sound bad. Is there a lot of deadheading? There's a lot of vague talk on here, rosters rubbish, rosters ok but despite requests still no examples of what a roster actually looks like. Post it on here in typing format if needs be. With a job that offered minimal to nothing in the way of extras such as healthcare, benefits, pension, the roster and pay are about all that's left to form a picture. The pay has been covered but not the example of what you actually are doing on the line. Thanks.

The Crew 22nd Jun 2015 03:56

Bob, ive heard nothing since the online assessment.
Check your PM .

SouthoftheEqator 23rd Jun 2015 05:38

Same here, no further news since completed the online assessment.

fade to grey 23rd Jun 2015 12:10

Guys asking me via PM about roster.
I can't give you a typical roster, because it's infinitely variable.
This month I've had between 2-4 days off between trips, 4 trips of between 3-4 days duration.

Next month, more days off. I have averaged between 8-13 a month.

fade to grey 23rd Jun 2015 12:11

I don't do any deadheading at all, incidentally, unless there is disruption

burnable gomi 23rd Jun 2015 14:53

Fade: 4 trips of 3-4 days duration is 12-16 days of work. That leaves 14-19 days off a month, not 8-13. What else is on your roster other than your 4 trips?

Avenger 23rd Jun 2015 16:08

Burnable, give the guy a break! he's already said its not precise, but by my maths it adds up to a round 29 days, how many days are there in your months! Maybe "rest" or " "blank" or "STBY" account for the other 2 days:)

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