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Boeing1411 28th Jan 2015 19:09

Ryanair - Basing what did you get?
Hi Guys,

Just wondering from any of you current or Past Ryanair Pilots, what did you put down as your choices of base and what bases did you actually get?

Also if you didn't get any of your choices how long did it take you to get to one of your preferred bases or at least a nearby base?

One final thing.. What would everyone say is the most likely base to be able to get in the UK?

Callsign Kilo 28th Jan 2015 20:54

Some people get what they request but most don't. The command upgrade will generally see you moved away from your preferential base (if you are in it). This would especially apply to those in the UK & Ireland. It's not a universal policy. If you are in a less popular base you may get to stay. Think Greece, Italy etc

Some can be transferred in a matter of months; some may never. Invariably the people who suspect this will be the case move on. The latest rumour is that the company doesn't want anyone at a base not of their choosing for greater than 24 months. It's only a rumour and as there is no seniority or transfer list there is no way of proving this as policy.

As for a UK base, you are unlikely to get one straight off the bat unless you are joining as DEC I suspect. Then again, who knows? You roll the dice, you take the chances. The Ryanair way when it comes to basing. I do however get the impression that particular individuals are trying to make the base transfer system a little more transparent.

If you are looking to join but need specific bases in order for it to work then id seriously reconsider your options I'm afraid

Boeing1411 28th Jan 2015 21:51

Thanks for all that!

Yeah im not too worried if I'm based abroad at first my partner will be moving with me if i do! However i would like to be back at a home base within a year or so if possible

thanks! :)

Callsign Kilo 29th Jan 2015 08:22

Joining as an FO, I'd say you have a good chance

Mr Boombastick 29th Jan 2015 12:51

Based down in the Canaries initially - I requested it, was more appealing than :mad:, got a tan and based back at home after a year.

They seem to be making a real effort to base people where they want to be.

Boeing1411 29th Jan 2015 15:24

Thats something pleasing to hear!

I will request 3 UK bases near to home which will be EMA, BHX and MAN and see what happens!

But really glad to hear they are starting to make an effort!

Push to talk 1st Feb 2015 12:32

They have to make the effort because they are losing too many pilots!

As soon as they have enough people again or people cant go anywhere else you might well see it change again as they don't have to be nice anymore. And when they don't have to, they sure wont.

This is of course my opinion.

Shooting_Star 5th Feb 2015 05:24

Small base in spain... Asking for a transfer for almost 3 years to bigger bases.
Resigned told them I want another base. Spoke with the big guy twice, only bullshit he was telling. They couldnt care less on the phone when I resigned.
Few months from upgrade! All of us are so easily replaced...

McNulty 5th Feb 2015 08:32

I never got based in my home base (huge base) in 6 years, both as an FO and as a captain. Ryanair's basing policy has been nothing short of a constant source of misery over the years for me, luckily im leaving.

However, as mentioned above, due to the current shortage of pilots in the company, they do seem to be making much more of an effort in the last 6 months or so and many people have gotten their preferred base.

McNulty 5th Feb 2015 08:35


I should mention that I agree with the above in saying that they have only been giving people their bases because they have been forced to try to find a way to keep people happy due to the huge exodus of pilots. If and when they solve the crisis you can set your watch to the time when they start dicking people around with bases again as a general policy.

Abbey42 6th Feb 2015 08:48

I requested all UK bases and ended up in the Algarve. Really enjoyed it and could get home easily with 2 flights a day and also via DUB if i was desperate.

After a year I was moved to my preferred UK base (possibly lucky, due to downsizing the base). I have also heard that they're trying pretty hard nowadays to get guys where thay want to be.

Wherever you end up, if you can make it work for a year or two (don't forget the free positioning between your base and home) then personally I'd highly recommend it - been here 5 years now and happy with my lot!

charliegolf 6th Feb 2015 16:03

If and when they solve the crisis you can set your watch to the time when they start dicking people around with bases again as a general policy.
Just interested... what might the benefit to the company to dick people around as a matter of policy?

Bravo Zulu 6th Feb 2015 17:04

Because they can! They have the power and like to use it! They don't care if you are away from your life/family for years! It's just a regime and they hold the strings!

Greenlights 6th Feb 2015 20:43

Just interested... what might the benefit to the company to dick people around as a matter of policy?
because people don't have balls to protest against it.
so they prefer to leave instead until they notice it can be the same in others airlines.

Push to talk 10th Feb 2015 21:33


There are several reasons. But for one; if you want people to do what you want them to do and accept things they normally might not, is when you have something they want. In this case (the hope for) a base they (so badly) want. You lead this person a string and say he might get it in time when he or she will do what you want and look what you can achieve and make this person do or accept. This way you keep better control over the person!

Ofcourse this is just my opinion.

aviaticus 11th Mar 2015 23:51

Quiting RYR
Hi guys,

I decided to quit RYR as my family and I were not satisfied with the base dedicated to me. I tried to persuede them for the base more convinient to me but only empty promisses and no real reaction,so I quit...:cool:

Callsign Kilo 12th Mar 2015 00:05

You aren't the first, you won't be the last. Its the never ending story within FR

Aluminium shuffler 12th Mar 2015 09:30

The base where you'll do line training is rarely where you'll be based afterwards.

The usual practice is to move base shortly after completing line training and stay at the second base until command comes - they use command as the first carrot to keep you in line. Then, even if a space is available at your preferred or existing base, you WILL be transferred somewhere remote, away from family, on reduced pay while having the expense of your family home in one location and digs at your base (they justify the reduced pay and low European scales on the basis of living costs being lower there, ignoring your family costs at home as if all pilots are single). This is done typically for another two years, seemingly in order to keep you in line and subservient to get the base you want. I have not seen personal circumstances such as ill family or young children have any effect on the policy.

There are promises to make basing transfers faster and more transparent. I don't believe a word of it. Basing and leave are two of the biggest reasons for so many hundreds of pilots leaving every year, and while it is a business not a club, and they need to put people where the slots exist, there is a lot of apparently deliberate misallocation of basing.

JW411 12th Mar 2015 09:50

A friend has just completed the DEC course and he got his first choice of base right away.

Aluminium shuffler 12th Mar 2015 09:55

Direct entrants might be getting preferential treatment to lure them in, but promotees are still being shafted. I have never seen a situation where the vast majority of FOs are actively avoiding promotion or resigning after passing the command selection process other than RYR. Basing is not the only reason, but it's a big part of it.

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