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Jump Complete 29th Oct 2014 14:32

Poor Roster Agreement or No Roster Agreement?
Just curious, which would you (people working for an airline, especially those who have experienced both) rather have; A fixed roster that is a pain, gives you weekends off once in a blue moon and is cunningly designed to make commuting as difficult as possible, but at least makes some forward planning possible, or no roster agreement, where, presumably, anything (within FTL's) can happen?

INeedTheFull90 29th Oct 2014 14:34

Would prefer fixed. Currently random. Commuting impossible. Christmas alone. Can't plan your life until 17th of every month. Nightmare. Least with a fixed pattern there is some certainty in your life.

R T Jones 29th Oct 2014 17:31

Have done both;

ROSCO328 29th Oct 2014 17:41

No brainer, fixed!

LNIDA 29th Oct 2014 17:41

Much depends on the airline of course, but also your own personal circumstances, i work variable and roster published just 14 days before month end for the next month makes planning very difficult if you commute, having said that we don't get single days off and can get up to 6 off in a row.

RAT 5 29th Oct 2014 18:27

Worked flexible patterns: was able to request single/pairs of days off in advance; able to swap blocks; able to talk to rosters. Worked fixed patterns: no requests possible; rosterers hated pilots and were a law unto them selves in some dark hole inaccessible.

Much depends on the actual circumstances within your outfit. Flexible: allowed a 'you scratch my back & I'll scratch yours.' You help us at last minute and tell us what you want in compensation. Fixed: you damn well do as you're told and we don't do compensation.

Respect & gratitude: yes/no. Trust yes/no. No black & white answer.

Aluminium shuffler 30th Oct 2014 21:01

Fixed is better, even at the cost of a couple of less days off per month - you can make plans that way and have a life outside of work or the home. 5on/4off is one of RYR's good points.

Jump Complete 31st Oct 2014 00:34

Some good, interesting points, on ballance in favour, it seems (as I suspected) of fixed, but with points in favour of random. May be usefull info soon, have to see, thanks! ;)

SD. 31st Oct 2014 00:44

Fixed is great, if a fair annual leave system is in place. Try and get a weekend off for a family engagement with our favourite Irish airline.

Allegedly, the best method is try and source a swap, if no soul is willing to help, then gastric flu can be a real bugger.:ok:

WX Man 31st Oct 2014 10:11

My company claim to have a fixed pattern but then they randomise it at the last minute. Rosters are also released late (usually with 1 week's notice but sometimes with only 4 days to go until the next month).

Fixed pattern is, however, a much better way to go IMHO. In theory, it means you'll get the wraparound days. So, for instance, 5 days holiday will give you 11 days off.

Unless you work for my company, in which case they want the 11 days off to "cost" you 11 days of your holiday allowance.

Just another reason why every pilot working for my company would leave at the drop of a hat!

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