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taxi_driver 14th Feb 2015 15:14

There is a High court hearing soon between J2 and Balpa regarding "rostering". If they really are losing a lot of crew and roster patterns/lifestyle are part of the issue, it all seems a bit odd.

Balpa maintain that this is part of Pay, Working Hours, and Holidays scope, and the company should negotiate with it about pilots rosters. J2 disagree and a High court hearing will decide the matter.

12 employment cases for 2015- Publications - Eversheds International

Aluminium shuffler 14th Feb 2015 18:35

Kilo, I agree - it's not just the 5/4 they're screwing about with (shifting some folks' patter back and forth or implementing 5/3 in any base that doesn't ask how high when they say jump), but bases - at least 15 bases have pilots (permanent staff, not just contractors) being sent to other bases repeatedly for a week at a time, principally STN and DUB (but not exclusively). They say it's a one-off for this winter, but every time they they try something of this nature and get away with it, it becomes the norm. My bet is that it's a gradual move to doing away with base allocations entirely and they'll move people around at their whim.

So, J2 guys, be glad you just have rostering issues!

Flying Wild 14th Feb 2015 19:46

Jet2 seem to be very adversarial towards their crew, both flight deck and cabin. We're seen as an expensive necessity. We are literally Human Resources to be used and abused. Turnover isn't high just at the coal face, but in the back office too, meaning you have a spotty youngster telling a grizzled skipper the way of the world. You can imagine how that goes down!
Jet2 could do themselves a world of good by actually listening to and dealing with their crew in an adult and professional manner.

LNIDA 16th Feb 2015 09:01

Flying wild
From what i have heard from a good few J2 crew there is zero chance of that happening anytime soon, comes from working for someone who is regarded as a rude foul mouthed MOL wannabe, least MOL is funny with it!!

captplaystation 16th Feb 2015 12:53

LNIDA, "rude foul mouthed MOL wannabe" From what I have heard about NPU negotiations in the past , that accusation could probably be applied to someone "closer to home" for us :} (looks like the same head of teeth here ! )

Mr Good Cat 14th Mar 2015 09:44

Jet2 Autumn 2014
Any updates on Jet2's plans for permanent positions? Is it only temp contract crew until next season?

Stabalised737 14th Mar 2015 11:25

From what I have heard and experienced , most of the guys that are joining or have joined in the last six months have all been offered a permanent 100% contract. I'm starting soon and can't actually wait. Having just done a tour of the Middle East airlines over the last few weeks , Jet2 seems like my best option for me to make the most of a working life balance. Being at my home base , a reasonable package and more importantly being able to see my kids grow up and walk the dog. Whilst all my friends at the yellow harp are off to Emirates and such , Jet2 for me offer the perfect package five minutes from my house.

bluepilot 14th Mar 2015 11:30

trading statement
Trading Statement
Fri, 13th Mar 2015 07:00
RNS Number : 3374H
Dart Group PLC
13 March 2015

13 March 2015

Dart Group PLC ("the Group")

Trading Statement 13 March 2015

Dart Group PLC, the Leisure Travel and Distribution & Logistics group, is pleased to give the following update on trading.

The Board believes that Group underlying operating profit(1) for the year ending 31 March 2015 will be ahead of current market expectations and broadly in line with last year (2014: 49.2m), as a result of lower than anticipated winter losses.

Looking ahead to the year ending 31 March 2016, forward bookings in the Leisure Travel business for summer 2015 are encouraging, with over 50% of the season having already been sold, which is ahead of where we were at this stage last year.

The Distribution & Logistics business, Fowler Welch, continues to focus on growing its revenue pipeline and developing existing and new business opportunities.

The Group intends to further develop and grow its businesses and expects further progress in the year ending 31 March 2016.

A and C 14th Mar 2015 12:06

LNIDA have you met the man ?
While being a bit of a volatile character when the heat is taken out of the situation you will find him a great deal more resonable than you would think by reading these pages.

In my experience if you are in the right if you stand up to him he will respect you for it and not hold a grudge.

LNIDA 14th Mar 2015 21:52

A and C
No not met the man.

But have heard enough stories from crew that been bawled out for running the APU & seem to recall an incident in MAN again bawling out sub contracted employee's that resulted in the Police been called.

But no doubt he is a very reasonable man when/if you can stand up to him

fa2fi 29th Apr 2015 22:32

So to resurrect this old thread but any chance of NTR recruitment recruitment any time soon?

B737900er 30th Apr 2015 16:07

Next recruitment will be for Airbus I believe :}

qwertyuiop 30th Apr 2015 18:32

If Jet 2 are going Airbus, given some clever timing, they can recruit all the Monarch pilots and Monarch can recruit all the Jet 2 bods.

Mr Good Cat 30th Apr 2015 18:50

Recruitment for NTR will most likely start in the autumn ready for the 2016 summer season I would say.

They're still looking for short-term contract guys with ratings via Zenon.

squarecrow 1st May 2015 06:07

I read Jet2 had applied to wet lease an A330 late last year from Malaysia,
Air Asia X I guess.

mini-jumbo 1st May 2015 12:07

@squarecrow - Correct, they were, but it got canned.

@B737900er - One of many rumours. Perhaps the 3rd weekend in June will yield some answers

@fa2fi - As Mr Good Cat says, most definitely autumn for recruitment to open again. The last 2 courses from this years recruitment are running just now.

fa2fi 1st May 2015 12:22

Thanks for the updates.

B737900er 1st May 2015 17:25


An Airbus representative told me personally its a go, but then again if Boeing pull through it might get canned.

galwaypilot 1st May 2015 20:22

Jet2 Autumn 2014
How many are jet2 likely order?!

max_drift 21st May 2015 13:34

I see PPJN is reporting details of the Airbus order and the BBC are carrying a story of Edinburgh expansion for summer 2016.

Does anybody know where the 'buses are going? Is non-TR recruitment likely to any fleet?

Pretty much my career dream now. I love my TP job, but not enough for another 30+ years of it and given the choice I'm approaching the stage of selling my granny for the Jet2 gig! (Me and almost every other TP pilot who doesn't want to move south, I know...)

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