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zerotohero 8th Dec 2013 19:14

Ryanair new captain pay - anyone care to share
I am wondering if anyone would like to embarrass themselves by sharing there top line and take home pay on the most recent Ryanair contract after upgrade
Also what is the sector pay breakdown

Looked on REPA for info as well but figured there would be more views on here to post

Also are there any perks lol yes I know I said it, but stuff like day off payments, out of base info as it does happen from time to time for even Ryanair contracts, sim accommodation etc


captplaystation 8th Dec 2013 19:36

Recently upgraded "Brookie" based in BCN & paying his taxes in (I believe) Spain was taking on average 5600. Guess you could/would do better if paying through your "Irish company" in Ireland.

737 Jockey 16th Dec 2013 16:02

Back in February, I was offered to change from BRK to a permanent contract. With STN base, the basic salary was 56,000 plus 5,000 allowances and then up to about 20,000 in potential flight pay. Personally, I didn't feel that was sufficient compensation to put up with all their :mad:. I left the following month to join a much better company.

BALLSOUT 17th Dec 2013 09:36

Being recently promoted to the left seat yourself, surely you would already know the figures?

MCDU2 17th Dec 2013 10:28

Your contradictory statement sums up nicely why you guys at FR are in such a pickle and the knock on effects to other airlines. On one hand you are in REPA, which is great. Then on the other you ask about day off payments. In a proper airline days off are for rest and to reduce the risk of fatigue. You get paid appropriately for the days you work and the last thing on your mind is going near an airport. The airline crews its aircraft appropriately and it means that you move up the seniority list and progress to command. If you keep working days off then the airline doesn't hire and the most junior person never moves off the bottom of the list.

Skyjob 17th Dec 2013 10:36

Day Off payments may vary based on local base contracts... Thus not so simple. Just look at the amount of bases throughout the network.

zerotohero 17th Dec 2013 10:58


I missed the cull of BRK guys been shoved on the FR contracts by a couple of months when I upgraded and have heard a few different deals since then, trying to gauge if it's worth the jump for a proper contract if offered as based at home and like the 5/4 or do I bugger off elsewhere for a real deal but maybe have to move

It's swinging to just move from this shower of [email protected] but worth looking at it closely first


You are 100% right about rest! my only argument is I have an interest in my base doing well and staying open and if there really stuck for a guy I do like to help out, shame it's a one way street with them though

Rocket Ron 17th Dec 2013 20:53

737 Jockey,

81,000? Is that a typographical error? For a STN captain?

I left in '98. Seems like the best thing I ever did. :eek:

WYOMINGPILOT 18th Dec 2013 01:20

Move to China if you are willing to experience and adventure. $200K per year, 6 weeks on 16 days off. While working 4 days on and 2 days off. A mix of domestic and SE Asia flying.

kungfu panda 18th Dec 2013 06:34

WYOMING PILOT- What you need to do to be a successful agent is collect as many e-mail addresses of Ryanair Pilots as possible and then wait for the Chinese to relax the medical. It has to come but if you send the guys in before and you get 13 out of 13 failures, which does seem to happen, you won't be able to send them a second time.

You'll get an excellent bunch of Pilots from Ryanair but you'll have to wait, they can come en-masse at the right time.

737 Jockey 18th Dec 2013 09:16

Rocket Ron...

Sadly no typo there. Probably even less now from what I hear! What is offered is what they think they can get away with.

The race towards the 50k LHS is still on for MOL and his hatchet men. They shall reap what they sow in the end though.

Happy flying!:ok:

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