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zumzum 30th Nov 2013 08:13

easyJet Lisbon pilots announcing 5 days of strike
easyJet's Portugal pilots plan Christmas-New Year strike | News.com.au

gundam 2nd Dec 2013 07:48

pilot replacing other on strike
What Easyjet management has done in the past two years in Lisbon is simply crazy. It sounds really unbelievable from the Orange Spirit company. And now they are looking for volunteers to replace the pilots going on strike.....I mean ...REALLY? Pilots on strike and some colleagues go to Lisbon to replace them????? Who has proposed that should be ashamed of himself for the rest of his life and the same for the pilots accepting to go, but I understand that slavery is not an option.... What a dark moment for aviation....

kungfu panda 2nd Dec 2013 10:39

If the same situation happened in the united states( the bastion of capitalism), the Pilots breaking the strike would be excommunicated and blacklisted on a permanent basis which would effect not only their current lifestyle but also future work potential.

In my view industrial action by one group of Pilots should be respected by other groups. We have seen this profession degenerate enough, without putting the accerarator on ourselves.

Captaintcas 2nd Dec 2013 11:21

Anyone breaking a strike needs to be blacklisted as an unreliable crewmember and treated as such for the rest of his/ her career.

If during this strike you are called in to cover for striking collegues, only one possibility, and that is to call in sick or to tell bluntly that you are not willing to break industrial action by collegues.

Have some balls for God sake and stop being the typical selfish but oh so afraid pilot. In any other industry, strike action is followed by everyone and management would not even think about replacing a striking crowd by "volunteers" from a different base/factory. They would all refuse.

Any strikebreaker is not worth being part of a crew as a crew needs trust as a first priority.

captplaystation 2nd Dec 2013 11:38

Do BALPA have any take on this, or are they being as lilly livered as they always were when asked to step up to the plate in Ryanair.

Maybe not (strictly speaking) "their patch", but surely some guidance & support could be provided to UK based/contracted pilots to enable them to support their Portugese based/contracted colleagues.

This whole divide/conquer cancer has to be resisted. When Contractors (or should that be pilots employed by wholly owned subsidieries ?) in Norwegian outnumber "core" pilots I hope enough progress has been made to enable (for example ) the ECA to coordinate things a bit better than seems to be the case thus far in Ryan or Easy.

It ain't rocket science, but I have the perception the will/impetus is somewhat missing in this task.

Captaintcas 2nd Dec 2013 14:20

Do not be so ridiculous mr. Smith, if there is any common sense and crew spirit in the Orange Army, then any sacking due to refusing to cover for striking crew, should in their turn result in a massive and immediate strike by all pilots in the company. Or are all Easyjet Officers cowards:rolleyes:

LNIDA 2nd Dec 2013 14:38

Agreed, but there are those amongst our rank who would see this an opportunity to lick the dick of management for personal gain, sadly.....

It would be very different of course if they hired in the likes of Titan to replace striking crews, much more difficult call for their pilots...

wiggy 2nd Dec 2013 16:25

Let's try this again. Any pilots who refuse to operate the affected flights will be in breach of their contract of employment. They will be sacked for this breach. UK employment legislation is not friendly towards secondary industrial action.
Agreed, I sometimes do wish that it wasn't so but in the UK the consequences of taking unprotected Industrial action can be catastrophic.

I'm not saying it's right, so please don't shoot the messenger:

Maclay Murray & Spens LLP - Email Updates

Narrow Runway 2nd Dec 2013 16:31

I don't follow why it would be a difficult call for Titan (or any other ACMI company) pilots.

If such a scenario were to be played out, I doubt very much if the average e.g. Titan pilot would be aware of the fact that easyJet pilots were on strike in Lisbon.

All that would happen would be that the phone would ring and crewing would tell them to go an fly in Lisbon for a few days. And they would merrily go off and do just that.

The fact that a strike may be ongoing is irrelevant - in fact if an e.g. Titan pilot refused to go to cover such a series of flights, they may well be breaking the law as well. Who knows, but I wouldn't want to be a test case....

Let's hope the sorry mess gets cleared up before it reaches that stage anyway.

Greenlights 2nd Dec 2013 18:35

Let's try this again. Any pilots who refuse to operate the affected flights will be in breach of their contract of employment. They will be sacked for this breach. UK employment legislation is not friendly towards secondary industrial action.
yes, and that's why some people cooperated during WWII. :suspect:
If you don't fight or you are just a sheep following others sheeps, we will always get our terms and conditions lower and lower.... :D:D:D

easy 2nd Dec 2013 19:32

Got to love the muppets who believe in Father Christmas and the Strike fairy:ugh:

JeroenC 2nd Dec 2013 22:04

easyJet Lisbon pilots announcing 5 days of strike
Who needs to permit a strike? (Genuine question)

speedrestriction 3rd Dec 2013 07:49

Out of interest, what is the LIS package?

highflyer40 3rd Dec 2013 08:13

jero- there are protected strikes and unprotected strikes. protected strikes your employer can't take any action agaisnt you, however an unprotected strike and they can kick you out the door with no notice needed, and if it is found that your union condoned your actions they can be liable for any losses the company suffers.

in the uk supportive strike action is illegal!

you can only have a protected strike action for lawful reasons, so striking because someone was fired because they didn't want to fly the affected routes would be illegal, hence unprotected.

FliegerTiger 3rd Dec 2013 08:14

the "type" of pilot that would work for the likes of Easy or Ryan
There are plenty of pilots within BA, Virgin, Emirates et al who have previously worked for EZY or Ryanair - what type of pilot is that then exactly? Quite frankly I find your tone offensive, justagigolo77.

John Smith is right - any UK-contract pilot going on sympathy strike would leave themselves open to dismissal for gross misconduct. European-contract crews, on the other hand, have the right to refuse and I believe historically have done so.

Wind your neck in!

WHYEYEMAN 3rd Dec 2013 09:22

Justagigolo, you clearly have absolutely no idea of what you are talking about.

THYTHY, the way Easyjet works is that they get their pound of flesh out of you when you first join and then things steadily improve for you. Right or wrong, it's the way it is. If 4000 people applied for 120 jobs at YOUR company, how would you react?

WHYEYEMAN 3rd Dec 2013 11:01

Which is why they're taking industrial action Sick.

Johnny [email protected] Pants 3rd Dec 2013 11:11

Hmm - am I not right in thinking that Lisbon pilots are permenantly condemned to much poorer terms for doing essentially the same job for the same company as you?

Which is why they're taking industrial action Sick.
But didn't they sign on the dotted line to accept those T's & C's in the first place:ugh:

It's no good signing up then a few months down the line threatening to strike because the sums don't add up:=

As for others covering the affected routes, isn't this just the same as when BA cabin crew went on strike and many airlines jumped in to cover making a nice little sum in the meantime:ok:, can't remember that causing a fuss or anybody saying those airlines/crews were doing wrong, except the strikers of course:rolleyes:

WHYEYEMAN 3rd Dec 2013 11:22

Why does signing a contract mean you can't take industrial action?

Explain please.

You can hardly take strike action if you didn't sign a contract.

highflyer40 3rd Dec 2013 11:32

well you can not really (or should I say should not) take industrial action over T&C's you knowingly signed up for...unless they have changed for the worse since you signed up.

JeroenC 3rd Dec 2013 13:57

easyJet Lisbon pilots announcing 5 days of strike
HF40. So are legit striking reasons embedded in the law?

BitMoreRightRudder 3rd Dec 2013 15:07


I worked for ezy for several years. I work for BA now. I can confirm the "type" of pilot that works for ezy is cunningly similar to the "type" of pilot that works for BA - funny that. The LIS contract is :mad:. I was offered a command in ezy in LIS, just before I quit. No thanks.

Good luck to those going on strike, that is their call. No other ezy pilots will actively attempt to strike-break. Being instructed by the company to operate out of LIS is something very different to what you and a few other armchair heroes are mud-slinging about.

How do you know a "majority, no question" of easyjet pilots would willingly sabotage a strike?
Have you worked there? Do you know any easyjet pilots?

I'm just curious because you state your opinion as fact, and having worked for ezy I'm pretty sure the "majority, no question" of ezy pilots, not to mention pilots in other airlines, would review your comments and dismiss you as an idiot.

Bokkenrijder 3rd Dec 2013 16:22

Originally posted by THYTHY:

I regret to inform these Lisbon based pilots that I fail to see whatever set of moral values they can invoke to justify this strike, and I am sure that Easyjet's management goons will have the time of their lives roasting your b*ts , because you sold it to them by accepting conditions that further push our Profession into the abyss .
Partly true, because you also have to blame it on the already employed, Stockholm Syndrome suffering, fence sitting EZ pilots who basically let the LIS pilots fend for themselves...and now that they do fight for themselves some people are again complaining! :ugh:

Perhaps in retrospect it was a smart move from the LIS pilots: join a financially successful company by initially accepting the crappy 'take-it-or-leave-it' offer on the table. Now that they have more leverage by actually being employed and being covered by Portuguese Law, they turn that very same table and 're-negotiate' the contract! Well done boys and girls! :D

justagigolo77 3rd Dec 2013 21:56

Several people in this and the Ryanair forums have tried to discredit me by saying I have no clue, but yet, not a single person has had a single credible rebute to my statements except to say "I don't know what I'm talking about". Well here's the thing, I do know, and I'm sorry that you have all been caudled and had your hands held for so long that you can't handle someone actually calling you on it.

Where's that apple? :rolleyes:

average-punter 3rd Dec 2013 23:06

I’m afraid that your constant insults towards easyJet and its staff are becoming somewhat tedious and actually quite irritating. Considering you work in Canada, I’m struggling to see what you actually know or understand about the situation in Lisbon.

I am certain that no one signed the Lisbon contract to ‘fly the big shiny jet’ and for many people your tone is actually quite offensive considering you know nothing about their personal situation (and no it's not because they "know you're right"). The Lisbon contract is dismal, however if you were out of work and had a family to feed I very much doubt you’d say no to the Lisbon contract on the ‘moral highground’. Now the pilots down there are trying to do something about the situation and yet you still aren’t satisfied and still have some personal vendetta against a European airline which you will more than likely never work for. In a very recession-hit Europe people are trying to grab whatever job they can to make ends meet, pay back the mortgage and feed the family, not just in the aviation industry. If someone who was in this situation said no to a job on the grounds that it ‘undermines their profession’ then they would be clinically insane.

I, like many others am interested to know the ‘type’ of the pilot that works for easyJet. It’s a ridiculous and factually untrue statement to say most pilots flying for easyJet are ‘spoilt rich kids’. From where I’m standing I would say a friendly, professional group of individuals who have joined easyJet for a whole host of reasons. We have some very experienced Captains, many of which coming from BA after compulsory retirement at 55. Furthermore many of the pilots have come from other airlines; on top of that we have ex-flight instructors, ex-military pilots and cadets. People weren’t blinded by shiny jet syndrome; they were trying to get their first job.

easyJet is not perfect and I won’t sit here and pretend it is. However if you’re looking for a secure employer flying short haul around Europe then there aren’t many better options. I like many other pitch up (or used to) at easyJet for a honest days work. (and no I'm not an EJ pilot, I was the other side of the flight deck door)

Your entire posting history stinks of arrorgance. This will be my first and last contribution to this thread.

Klimax 4th Dec 2013 00:33

Could someone please post the conditions, just simple numbers like monthly (how many) salary, pension contribution, days off/month, annual leave.
It's a bit hard to judge what is so bad, not knowing these data.

Skipping Classes 4th Dec 2013 06:14

Compare this to Wizz Air fresh Captain contract:

40k annual, with only 11 months guaranteed (the company has a right to give you one month of unpaid leave a year at their discretion - so it could work out to 36,333k annual) plus sector pay 60/sector for a medium sector. Lets say average 40 landings a month. Are you still complaining?

Rocket Ron 4th Dec 2013 07:31

there is no question in my mind I would never work for the likes of easy
Justagigolo77, there's probably no question in anybody else's mind either.

Narrow Runway 4th Dec 2013 07:32

Skipping Classes
Just because there may be a lower paying contract elsewhere doesn't mean the easyJet LIS contract is good.

WHYEYEMAN 4th Dec 2013 08:07

Gigolo, you have stated that you don't have the intellect to become a doctor or a lawyer and from your comments here I can absolutely believe that. A few of our cadet pilots came from previous careers in medicine and the law by the way.

As someone who flies with these 'spoilt rich kids' with little or no flying ability, I am happy to tell you that your fears surrounding piloting skill are unfounded. I am regularly impressed with the way our cadets handle the aircraft. I have only had to say 'I have control' 3 times and 2 of those times were with senior FO's who worked their way up through the ranks so to speak. If you were to look at their CV's you would think that they really should have known better! The cadets don't make it through their courses at CTC or Oxford if they're not up to scratch and nobody makes it through Easy's training dept. if they're not up to the job.

Are Easyjet saving money every time they employ a cadet over an experienced FO? Yes.

Are Easyjet guaranteeing themselves a high calibre young pilot? Yes.

Does this give high calibre individuals a route into flying for a blue chip airline PLC? Yes.

That's why the system works.

Is everyone a winner? No. There are plenty of pilots stuck in dead end jobs for whom Easyjet hasn't been an option for the last few years. That has now changed however and as I speak we have experienced type rated and non-type rated pilots joining the company.

Gigolo, you are commenting on something you clearly know very little about. There's nothing stopping you doing that, but I do think you should try to take this fact on board if you are able.

scrotometer 4th Dec 2013 18:51

Mr Jigolo,
I've worked for Ezy for over 10 years and I've never paid for a type rating, that's Bus and Boeing.
From the garbage coming out of your mouth I suggest that you don't work for any airline.
You are an ignorant condescending :mad:

A and C 4th Dec 2013 19:01

The moral high ground
I think that we should leave the moral high ground to Mr Jigolo, it is clear that he is holding this in the strange little world that he lives.

Meanwhile the rest of us will have to battle with the reality of keeping the kids fed and the mortgage paid.

justagigolo77 4th Dec 2013 19:43

FYI, much to the dismay of everyone here to be sure, I will not be posting on this thread anymore. I believe I have made my point and refuse to go in circles with the likes.

Good luck with the strike, let's see how it works out for Easy, LIS pilots and other based Easy pilots. I guess time will tell how far off I am. I'm going to bet it won't be too far.

So long

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