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StopStart 6th Jul 2013 22:46

Non-TR DEC and FO Recruitment Jet2
Just spreading the word..... Non-TR and TR Captains and FOs onto the 73 and 75. See here. Thought it rated a new thread ;)

McBruce 7th Jul 2013 01:12

Given the TCs on offer for rated guys, I'm sure this one will be a good laugh!

DeltaT 7th Jul 2013 09:36

Whats the story on the bonding for type?

B737900er 8th Jul 2013 00:13

Bonding? Ive never heard of this term before! :E

MikeHoncho 8th Jul 2013 13:42

Hello all,

I tried to apply via the Jet2 website. One step in the apllication proces was to fill in your National Insurance Number. I don't have one because I am not from the UK. I found out that you can get one through the Jobcentre UK.
I already sent a email to Jet2 if it is really necessary to have a NIN.

Anybody else that can shine a light on this?

Thanks in advance!

pudoc 8th Jul 2013 14:10

NI number cannot legally stop you from being employed.

But seeing as so many countries restrict UK pilots working for their airlines, I hope the UK airlines take the same approach to employing UK citizens before others.

B737900er 8th Jul 2013 16:55

ICAO Level 6 and/or UK citizen get priority is a must, so UK pilots can be treated fairly.

LNIDA 9th Jul 2013 01:53

NI number
Any UK employer must be sure that you have the right to work in the UK, otherwise the fines are massive, a NI number is a way to do that, but of course if you have the legal right to live in the EU then you have the legal right to be employed in any contracting state within the EU.

So just put you social number down from your own country and remember this is more likely to stop your job prospects than your flying skills or lack of.

Working really well this EU project????

Wodka 9th Jul 2013 16:38

For NTR FO's its says:

You must have experience on a Commercial Jet or Turboprop aircraft, with a total flying time of at least 500 hours and a strong training record.
Is that 500hrs total time? or
500hrs on commercial jet/turboprop? (Multicrew only?)

I took it as the first case from the way it was worded. Thoughts?

B737900er 9th Jul 2013 17:16

Tbh it doesn't matter if you have 10,000 hours commercial experience, HR will go off what the compass test says. Nothing like being told by a computer that you cant work in a Multi-crew environment. :ugh:

South Prince 9th Jul 2013 17:17

Hi pudoc, do you mind listing those countries that restrict UK pilots working for the local airlines?

B737900er 9th Jul 2013 17:19

South Prince : Airlines that state you must be fluent in the local language. For example being fluent in French German Dutch English & Klingon.

DADDY-OH! 9th Jul 2013 20:25

Compass testing has been shelved.

CharlieRomeo 9th Jul 2013 21:02

Daddy oh,

Is that official?
Any word from inside the airline regarding folk who got to hold pool last time round or will it be thru the full assessment again?
And finally, what will be in place this year if the compass tests are withdrawn?


DADDY-OH! 9th Jul 2013 22:04

Not too sure if it has for every applicant. It may depend on fleet, previous experience & background.

Globally Challenged 10th Jul 2013 07:48

South Prince : Airlines that state you must be fluent in the local language. For example being fluent in French German Dutch English & Klingon.
Well perhaps those pilots should get off their arses and stop relying on everyone else to speak their Language, pull their fingers out and actually learn another language.

ICAO level 4 may be sufficient for flightdeck interaction - but you are suggesting that everyone else (ops, dispatchers, fuelers etc etc) other than yourself that you may need to deal with during your duty hours should stop being so lazy and learn english?

N747EX 10th Jul 2013 08:17

Non-TR DEC and FO Recruitment Jet2
70% contracts again? It states permanent but also stated that last time when they offered 70%. Hope for everyone involved its 100%

WX Man 10th Jul 2013 12:02

Personally, 70% would suit me fine... more time at home with WX Girl, WX Jr. and WX Dog.

Interesting that they're not considering compass tests this year- I wonder if we can expect to see the online tests that Easy and Aer Fungus used though? If so, God help me in the verbal reasoning! :eek:

N747EX 10th Jul 2013 14:19

Non-TR DEC and FO Recruitment Jet2
Ya 70% suits some however it should be given to those who want it not pushed on everyone to reduce t and c's, anyways rant over good to see a UK provider hiring and good to see some non tr recruitment aswell fair play to jet2 for that at least

spider_man 10th Jul 2013 14:32

Wx Man. You do realise you will still have to fly a 100% roster for 70% pay throughout the busy summer periods, and that your time off will be in winter when those on 100% will also be mostly sat at home like you, but on full pay :zzz:

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