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pickers 31st Aug 2012 07:21

Thomson Recruiting
Internal Memo:


Further to the email sent by Dave Lawrence on the 24th August, I can now confirm that we will be opening our recruitment for First and Second Officers for S13 on Monday September 3rd and will close it at 1700hrsL on Friday 7th September. The terms and conditions for these positions are as detailed in the Flight Operations Modernisation Programme.

Applicants will need to apply via the Tui Travel website - Welcome to TUI Travel PLC - a leading international leisure travel group

The Job Ref is: TUI836-1 and the position will feature in the Hot Job section on the front page of the website (right hand side) from Monday morning.

The link for the role is:

Welcome to the careers portal of TUI Travel UK & Ireland, a leading international leisure travel group.

Please note that this link will not work until Monday morning.

For your information we will be contacting those pilots we recently made redundant as we had previously agreed.

If you do know anyone who is interested in applying please advise them that the only way is through the above web site / link and that CVs will not be accepted.

Pin Head 31st Aug 2012 08:04

you can have my job if you want it for a couple of years. please all apply, it is a good gig and will lead to a long term job for life.

hobnobanyone 31st Aug 2012 08:27

So, aside from the lack of job security, the on going redundancies, questionable performance and anything else...

Could anyone enlighten us as to what the minimum requirements are for the SFO positions? I'm assuming they involve needing some jet time somewhere?

It's a bit too much of a risk for me, but I'd be interested to know what the requirements actually are...

windshear-a-head 31st Aug 2012 08:31

The requirements are type rated 737 (pref NG) only, at least 300 hours on type, it's 50% PPY with a view to being made full time on completion of 5 years service.

N747EX 31st Aug 2012 08:34

Thomson Recruiting
Anyone know how Thomson are doing financially?

Joe le Taxi 31st Aug 2012 09:02

Is that 5 years on half time and half pay!!? And you provide the rating! :eek: Once a good airline - whats the world coming to! Some of my co-jos ask me where they should apply to - apart from BA, I am at a loss these days.. Maybe PWC or KPMG.

Penworth 31st Aug 2012 09:23

I hope they struggle to find enough typed rated with hours on type 737 bods to fill these awful 50% jobs, sat at the bottom of a seniority list for years on end, listening to the regular diktats from management about how we are too expensive and cuts need to be made. I suppose there will be some people stuck out in Qatar or wherever who will take it and hope that 5 years down the line, management won't decide on a bit of downsizing again, time to make another 100 or so pilots redundant. Monarch and BA still see fit to offer 100% proper contracts from the outset - unfortunately Thomson, formerly an employer of choice, has chosen to join the rest in the race to the bottom. As you may have gathered, I won't be applying to go back - however I am fortunate to have a command with a stable UK jet operator - I appreciate that everyone's situation is different so I wish the best of luck to those who apply and genuinely hope it works out for you.

macdo 31st Aug 2012 09:34

I think its fair to say that whatever airline you start with there is likely to be some sh#t you have to put up with. You can argue this all day and night, but when all is said, if you get into Thomson and if they eventually offer a FT contract and they survive the economic gloom, then you will have one of (note the "one of") the best jobs around. Career structure, decent terms, variety etc.. There will always be doubts and temptations to go elsewhere, but after 10 years or so they'll disappear too as a command looms. And, you can stay in the UK! What more convincing do you need. All I can tell you is the contract boys we have this year are all praying that they get offered a contract to come back next year and something permanent in the future, which they will get assuming we survive. Good luck.

ps anyone thinking about working outside Europe should take a look at the 1st post on this thread and the OP's comment further down, horrific stuff.

Callsign Kilo 31st Aug 2012 10:33

Not bad if you had another sideline. But who on earth can afford to work for 30 months in 5 years? I was reasonably excited by the prospect until I understood what was on offer. I still can't see them being short on applicants. A long line of naive little cadets from an airline who could be directly associated with the reason for such a :mad: offer will be banging their door down.

EPRman 31st Aug 2012 11:05

Just to clarify, there will be 20-35 positions available apparently. Permanent positions but work full time in the summer months then two weeks on, two off during the winter. Works out about 81% of normal salary.

I'm Off! 31st Aug 2012 11:14

Like many others I was hoping they'd be offering permanent full-time posts. I certainly wouldn't expect many people currently working in a permanent job to be interested in their "50% for up to 5 years" positions, however good working for Thomson may be. Very disappointing, and previously good airlines all seem to be striving to compete with others by offering seasonal contracts and reducing Ts&Cs, race to the bottom indeed.

Still, at least they're not going the Flexiscrew route...

Somehow I still think they'll get plenty of applicants.

Bluebaron 31st Aug 2012 11:29

Thomson is doing rather well financially. Check wiki for the full Thomson lowdown.

From a pilot POV its really a pretty good airline to work for. Yes we all moan like everywhere but at the end of the day we are well paid and well lokked after.

We recently voted in a major change in our terms and conditions both for current pilots and new hires.

Since the merger with First choice things have gone downhill quite a lot but we still offer a 15% DC pension scheme to new hires and a starting salary of 55,435. (60,765 after 5 years).

Thats one of the best in the industry imo. On top of that you get 3.50 per hour on duty plus around 8.50 ph chock to chock. Plus 450 a day overtime.

First Officer scale paid once 1500 hours and 500 jet hours achieved (on a similar aircraft type).
Cadet salary reduced by 2,400 / month for duration of contract.
Permanent First and Second Officers will have salary reduced by 7,000 / annum for first 3 years of employment if type rating required. (Alternatively these pilots may elect to pay 2,400 / month for first 8 months as per cadet scheme.)
First Officer and Second Officer salary reduced by 7,000 / annum for first year of employment if type rating not required.

As a pilot workforce our CC worked with the company to give a big 2 fingers to CTC. We want our pilots to earn the money not CTC. As such we started our one cadet scheme for low hour pilots. I dont have the deatils of that to hand right now but im sure someone we port it.

As a side line all current pilots have been offered career breaks and I could not see anywhere else to go that is better so stayed put. As a 10 year F/O last year earned in excess 90,000 including some minor overtime.

antonov09 31st Aug 2012 12:56

10 years plus to command In Thomson? That's nearly as long as in Cranebank.

I didn't realise it was really that long.

windshear-a-head 31st Aug 2012 13:08

EPRman - how come its suddenly gone to 81%, the email from those made redundant at the end of 2009/10 (take note those thinking about it - MADE REDUNDANT) clearly states 50% PPY so how come its now full time in summer and then 2 weeks on 2 weeks off? Maybe i'm being a numpty but surely 50% is 6 months work with a full time salary spread over 12 months?

Callsign Kilo 31st Aug 2012 14:33

Can any Thomson bods confirm the current or possibly future 737 bases?

How does the schedule work during the summer months?

Many thanks

Boeing Europe 31st Aug 2012 15:01

Does anyone know the proposed start date for this gig I have nearly 1k 737NG have found nothing in recent months things may be looking up now with J2 and thomson soon to recruit.

N747EX 31st Aug 2012 16:00

Thomson Recruiting
The FO salary stated on this thread even if part time is more that some 737 operators I know (£55,435) I'm not condoning it but don't be surprised when lots apply!

I'm Off! 31st Aug 2012 16:31

Not at 50% or 81% it isn't, especially not once you reduce your Year 1 salary by 7000. Quite why you are paid a reduced Year 1 salary if you are joining with a TR and requisite experience on type I don't know...

Callsign Kilo 31st Aug 2012 18:26

So reading into this (very dangerous thing on pprune) a rated FO with NG experience will be paid a basic salary amounting to 81% of 55435 minus 7000 in their initial year? Second year to fifth year is 81% of 55435? Fifth year equates to a possible 60765?

Does anyone in the know, know?

Also keen to know the location of the 737 bases and the summer roster pattern. Many thanks

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