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november.sierra 22nd Mar 2015 11:27

Sun Express Deutschland
The assessment is conducted in Berlin by Aerologic. After a brief introduction and a quick presentation about the company, the first phase of the psychometric tests starts. The tests are multiple choice and are completed on a laptop. There are 4 tests to be done, starting with a general knowledge test with questions mainly covering German politics. Following this test, there is a relatively straightforward B737 technical test, followed by a test covering ATPL questions covering a wide range of subjects but yet again, these are fairly straightforward. Once these are completed, there is a visual perception test with a cube containing a twisted cable pictured from various sides and angles and you have to identify from where the pictures are taken.

The maths test works as follows: there are 2 sequences arranged on top of each other, and if the result of the top row is bigger than the result of the bottom row, subtract the bottom result from the top result, if the result of the bottom row is bigger than the result of the top row, add both results together. The catch in this exercise is that occasionally, even if you enter the result correctly, there will be a message saying it was wrong, and sometimes a new question will only appear for a few seconds before disappearing. This is probably done to add pressure.

After a quick break, the tests continue. There is a test covering concentration and reaction, where you have to watch an old fashioned radar screen where the radar blips are shown as triangles and circles, and you have to press a button every time a circle shows. There is a long English test which is straightforward and covers things like identifying missing words in a sentence, identifying spelling mistakes and word association. Some of these sentences are badly worded and will appear to have no correct answer. The next test is based on technical understanding and shows pictures of cogs where you have to identify which way they are turning. Once this test has been completed, the next test covers logical understanding, and shows several symbols, where a matching symbol has to be identified from a list.

Spatial awareness and understanding is then tested once again, with an exercise where cardboard cutouts are laid out flat and pictures of the completed structure are shown, where you have to identify the correct one. Following this exercise, a similar one follows where symbols are shown and you have to identify which symbol fits it correctly as a mirror image.

Memory testing: Information regarding a business meeting at a hotel is presented for 2 minutes and you have to remember as much information about the details as possible. Pay particular attention to the symbols shown. The trick with this exercise is that after the 2 minutes are up, a quite complex maths test follows. The test itself is straightforward, but quite longwinded. Once completed, questions regarding the business meeting follow, especially covering symbol recognition and numbers.

Then there is a test covering information processing. As the secretary while the boss is away, you have to sort through, save and reply to e-mails. You have to decide whether to save the e-mails externally or internally, whether to answer them or whether to save them internally or externally. On the whole, this test is quite straightforward, however, there is considerable time pressure.

The last test is psychological profiling, where you have to answer 210 personal questions quickly and whether you agree or disagree with the statement.

In general, the atmosphere during the assessment is friendly and relaxed. There are ample opportunities for breaks and food and drink is provided throughout the day. The sheer amount of tests is quite overwhelming and keeping up concentration is challenging. The day starts at 9 am and there is non-stop testing until roughly 4:30. A good level of German is required, conversational German will not be sufficient to understand the quite complex questions using technical terms. One thing that was said in the introduction however, was that language difficulties are taken into consideration.

To prepare for the tests, there is an online test facility (German language only) available on www.der-eignungstest.de that quite a lot of the tests are based on. Some other tests are taken from Hogrefe Hogrefe, Verlag für Psychologie and I'm not sure if these are commercially available for practice.

Once the tests are completed, there is a break before transport is provided to Lufthansa Flight Training for the sim check, which is done on a B737 Classic simulator, but there have been reports of depending on availability, a B737NG simulator being used.

The sim check is flown with no flight directors and raw data only. The detail is flown at Stuttgart EDDS, RW25 SID DKB8B. When established on the outbound radial, ATC will provide a radar heading and issue a climb clearance to FL100. Once level, ATC will ask for specific speeds, speeding up to 310 kts and then immediately reduce to 220 kts, followed by increasing to 250 kts again. Then 2 steep turns are requested, to the left and right, before proceeding to LBU VOR and then entering the hold over LBU. ATC will ask which hold entry will be performed and after less than 1 lap in the hold, a radar heading is given for radar vectors for an ILS approach to RW25. Hand over control, set up and brief the approach, and then report ready to ATC and the final vector will be given. Cloud base is reasonably high, so you become visual fairly quickly.

Following landing, the aircraft is repositioned on the runway for a LOFT exercise. It is a V1 cut with severe engine damage, profile to be flown is exactly as per current SOP's. Once the problem is dealt with, radar vectoring for an ILS RW25 are given to a landing, upon which the simulator session will finish.

If you have never flown a B737 Classic you are in for a surprise. The instrument layout is quite different and the engine displays are not as easily readable, and handling is a lot more sensitive than on a B737-800. It is also worth mentioning that LIDO charts are used for the assessment, they are quite difficult to read if you're not used to them. You will fly with a SXD captain and can occupy either seat, and you are told to use your current procedures. The PM will not do anything not asked for, and clear briefings are expected.

The next day, an interview follows. This lasts about 45 minutes and the 2 sim check pilots plus the psychologist are present. Initially, the test results and the sim check are discussed, and then personal questions follow. There are no surprises, they are the usual, what are you strengths and weaknesses, what do you know about the company and why do you want to work here, where do you see yourself in 5 years time, etc etc.
Then some technical questions are asked, eg PTU, landing gear transfer unit etc. Some further general knowledge ATPL questions could also be asked.

It is fairly extensive testing and the tests, although none particularly difficult, are challenging due to the sheer volume and the time pressure involved. The sim check is fair and relatively straightforward, and the interview is set up as a cross examination, with the 3 interviewers on one side and you on the other and that can be quite intimidating. However, the entire team is friendly and quite relaxed.

djanello 25th Mar 2015 18:18

Thanks a lot november sierra! :)

moodyh 16th Apr 2015 22:56

Sunexpress interview?!
Hello everyone,

I have a interview at Sunexpress, Turkey coming up next month. I'm preparing for the Mollymawk and simulator session right now. What I wonder is, how to prepare for the interview.

This is my first interview for an airline. I really would appreciate if anyone have some advice on what to read and how to prepare for the personal/technical interview?

Take care :)

DutchExpat 17th Apr 2015 15:37

SunExpress Recruitment
Get the book Airline Pilot Interviews by Irv Jasinski I have not failed an interview after I read and used it

B738 22nd Jun 2015 13:47


can somebody tell me something about the actual working conditions in SunExpress!?

How does an average roster for a pilot with base Ankara look like?
Is the roster stable?
How many hours do you fly per month in Ankara base?

On the commuting contract are the 7 cons. days OFF fixed or will they change often, so can you plan your trip back home well in advance?

How much is an appartement in Ankara?

Is it possible to change to SunExpress Germany when you are employed with them in Turkey?

Thanks for your answers in advance!

Best regards

TypeIV 22nd Jun 2015 14:01

From the guys I know there:

Extremely unstable roster. Expect having your off days changed even with only a day or two of notice. If you have a two sector day, they can legally force you to fly another two legs and this happens frequently.

60-70hrs of flight but at least 2-3x flight duty time since the flights are so short. Alot of night duties with three hours at the hotel between the flights.

The seven days off are usually confirmed in advance but the rest of the roster is published at the end of the month for the upcoming calender month. The roster is very bad. Also you get a late checkout the day before your block and early checkin the morning after, rendering two days per block Useless. Also there is zero flexibility.

An apartment is 700-1000eur pm.

You need to be perfectly fluent in German and also have a permission from the management to goto SunExpress Germany. If they need you in a base for which they cannot find pilots (such as ankara) then they won't let you go easily.

B738 23rd Jun 2015 05:52

Thanks for your answers!

Do you have those 20 days of holiday also on the commuting contract?

I'd like to join SunExpress Germany but I don't have experience on the 737!?
So I'm thinking about taking the offer in Turkey and try to change to Germany with some hrs on the 737!??

B738 23rd Jun 2015 08:56

Originally Posted by Climb360 (Post 9021322)
Worth a try, but don't assume you will be able to switch to Sunexpress Germany soon. Many people are waiting to make that move.

Have you also applied directly to Sunexpress Germany via Interpersonal? And I have heard they took on some ex-cabin crew members last Winter, so that may be something worth looking into.

Yes I also applied directly to them but according interpersonal they are only taking pilots with 737-Rating at the moment...

Kirks gusset 23rd Jun 2015 16:21

738 I believe Sigma have all the details of the SXS Turkey contract, but from the guys we meet transiting home they seem to get 7 days off, finish late, start early so in effect they can have 5 days at home. From Ankara many travel to IST to commute back but if loads are heavy they may not get on flights, but there is other choices as SXS has same ID network as THY. No annual holiday is given as the contract is commute. Beware that according to Turkish SHT OPs, days off are proportional to days worked, therefore if the minimum is 7 days a month off, in theory you could work 6/1 6/2/6/7. Looking at the schedule for Anadolu Jet from ESB, its more like an office job, no real early flights ( before 6 local) and no latex, occasional ( open duty) where you leave ESB late, hotac 4/5 hours and travel back. But probably 2 a month max.Second part, NO you can't go to SXD as SXD recruitment is based on seniority and station demand, there are maybe 50 guys fluent in German that will be ahead in the queue. SXD is not so great for the money as its a 12 month/paid 8 Months gig ( or 75 %) but with a 100% roster.
Hope that helps

Clandestino 26th Jun 2015 21:07

7 days off blocks are confirmed in June and December for next 6 months and company does not change them, swaps are possible. Issue with losing off days for travel has been taken to mgmt, there was agreement there should be early finish before commuting off-block and late start on fırst day back ın ESB and it has worked last couple of months.

Roster has all the stability of hog on ice and currently commuters are flying anything between 40 and 75. Last summer ESB was oversubscribed so typical month would involve about two weeks of AnadoluJet flying from Ankara, six days of SXS flying from AYT and two days of redtail ops from SAW (usually LGW and VIE) with rosters sometimes just getting a bit northward of 100 hr - yes, I'm still talking about commuting contract. This summer quite a few folks moved to AYT and ADB so ESB capts haven't seen layovers so far except short ones in Trabzon, Antep and such. Rumor has it in autumn Anadolujet will start international ops from Ankara but whether it's true and if it will be operated by SXS, remains to be seen.

700-1000 € for apartment is realistic price for decent part of town with numerous waterholes where expats tend to congregate. As apartments in Turkey usually start at 100 sqm, you can comfortably share such a flat with roommate, or settle down in not-so-attractive neighborhood for 350€pm.

Contract specifically stipulates that 7 days off are given in lieu of annual vacation. Unpaid leave can be requested and is liberally granted outside summer season.

Behrt707 15th Jul 2015 19:10

Sun Express Recruitment
Hello evreybody,

I sent my application to Sun Express Turkey and after some weeks I received an e-mail asking me some documents like photocopy of licences, diplomas, medical certificate and so on...I sent evrything and now are passed about two weeks but I didn't still receive any answer.
Is there anybody who made this step and can tell me how many weeks waited for some answer?

Thanks a lot!!

Kirks gusset 16th Jul 2015 16:31

I expect like THY being in the middle of the high season there is no capacity for interviews or selection. What little capacity was left at SXS has been hoovered up with converting THY guys to SXS for temporary summer contracts. Probably after October things will start to move again on the recruitment fronts. We have courses planned from Feb,March 2016. Priority now is to finish the existing guys.

Behrt707 17th Jul 2015 19:23

Thank you very much for your answer!

Kirks gusset 18th Jul 2015 20:48


SunExpress, Turkey’s leading private carrier focused on international and domestic flights, and Stella aviation International, an international high quality training organisation join forces!

To accommodate their growing fleet of modern Boeing 737NG’s and the expanding network of SunExpress new professional pilots are needed. We are therefore looking for well motivated candidates with the Turkish nationality who want to become airline pilot with SunExpress.
SunExpress offers job guarantee after successful completion of the training
Study financing is available;
High quality training according to the latest International training philosophies and standards. The training takes place in Turkey and The Netherlands; Training duration approx. 18 months;
Training starts in 2015.

Interested candidates will be invited to information sessions which will be organized at various locations in Turkey. After the information sessions candidates will be invited to undergo our pilot selection to ensure that they have what it takes to successfully complete the training and get one of the most wanted jobs in the world!

Admission Qualifications of the candidates;
Date of birth: 01-09-1985 or later with a maximum of 29 years;
4 year University degree (equivalent qualification certificatioin for foreign degrees) Prefarable highschool degree with matematics and physics
More than 4 years postponement of the Turkish Military Service is accepted, preference is completion of the Turkish Military Duty (for male candidates)
Possession of a valid passport without restrictions and able to obtain any visa;
Health Requirements: Must meet the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Annex-1 and JAR FCL 3 Commercial Airline Pilot requirements.


Genel Nitelikler

We are looking for Turkish First Officers and a good team member, who will be based in Antalya or Izmir
Min age of 21 years
Min CPL (A) / IR (A) Licence and IR on multi-engine aircraft
Have MCC course
ATPL (A) theoretical knowledge exams passed
Have a valid JAR FCL 3 class 1 medical certificate
English language proficiency for F/O candidates must be;
TOEIC (Reading 385, Listening 400, Speaking 160, Writing 150)
TOEFL IBT (Reading 22, Listening 21, Speaking 23, Writing 21)
Have university degree
No obligation of military service for male candidates
İş Tanımı
Şehir/Ülke: Ankara, Antalya, İzmir
İlan Tarihi: 18.07.2015
Personel Sayısı: -

foswillruletheworld 2nd Aug 2015 12:32

Well guys as a pilot who has worked for Sunexpress for 2.5 years, i can tell that; whatever you read in this forum(as in bad meaning) about Emirates, multiply it by 5 for Sunexpress.
Unstable rosters, cruel management, and unpolite cockpit crew. As in unpolite i mean most of the old captains have been covering for the company because they already have a pension salary from military + getting paid by Sunexpress with really good terms and conditions. If you say something bad about the company they are the first ones who will turn against you. Actually it was like that until last year. Now everone is complaining. As opposite of other companies, whatever you sign for they do not change your terms as of any other crew member. Like there is a first officer who has 14 days of annual leave excluding saturdays and sundays, however if you join from now on it will exclude only sundays.
Things are getting really worse here and most of the pilots already started for other options. Some have already made deals with other companies, so in the right time the resignations will start raining.
If you need details i can answer any specific question you ask under this thread.
The only thing i can say is the Antalya, Istanbul and Izmir bases are working like horses and both cockpit and cabin crew are already exhausted. All immune system down and people started getting sick(heart attacks, high blood preasure, ear nose throat problems) due to high working frequency. They can even count your medical ground days as days off, so they can schedule you less than minimum off for the rest of the month.

APUinop 3rd Aug 2015 16:57

I have friends still working there and they are mostly thinking about leaving, I was thinking about going there but apparently they have their own very creative interpretations of the duty time limitations. Told to stay away. These I've heard in second hand but some guys can maybe confirm the following statements?

Several night duties in a row and after coming back in the morning, sometimes they even schedule you to fly on the same afternoon.

12hrs of standby duty per day (standby is not counted as duty time there) and apparently they demand you sometimes to start a flight duty before your standby even has begun and sometimes even after it has finished...

All limits are based on calender months, if you take vacation, flying for eg. 125 hrs in 4 weeks is possible when you return.

Off days are often changed with one day notice, with the excuse that you have more then the legal limit of 7 already and should be greatful.

Sick days are counted as off-days, and I couldn't even understand the sick reporting procedure.

Non existant fatigue management system.

An official rule prohibiting more than three consecutive off-days to be fair to office workers making commuting impossible. They (at least used to) have a commuting base somewhere in middle of Turkey but when I checked, there were no proper flights to Europe from there.

2+2+1+1+1 off days

Their competitors offer much better T&Cs

I'm an oldish guy and the roster and my health is the most important thing for me so I passed the alternative. Good luck to any takers.

PBY 8th Aug 2015 20:01

The contract of Sunexpress is a disaster. First two years, there is no notice period. They only way out is to pay the number of the months remaining multiplied by 6000 euros. Guys, check the contract carefully. It is very misleading.

Capt143 23rd Aug 2015 15:02

Dear guys
Any information about DEC ? How is the terms and conditions ?
Special thanks inadvanced if anybody shares his information to me.

cucuotto 25th Aug 2015 11:54

Capt143 can't you read?

squarecrow 26th Aug 2015 07:18

As cucuotto said read the Post's above. I agree with APUinop post, I would like to get back on a Boeing but I will pass this one up.

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