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KyleRB 28th Mar 2016 13:35

As far as I know, not only have Monarch cut considerable costs fom their operation and become more efficient they have also been profitable over the last financial year. It is not a loss making airline any more! Only Greybull know why they bought it in Autumn 2014!

mesh 29th Mar 2016 02:04

You have to take this profit bit with the pinch of salt the new purchasers will. When the new company came in they slashed salaries, got rid of pensions etc etc. On top of that the price of oil has nose dived. This does not indicate a company out of the woods and on a high, it indicates pure luck. Any potential investor will see this. Some of the top people that are left are now leaving. The infrastructure of the airline is still completely mismatched. The left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing. The slots at lgw are a nice thing but if the company is left to crumble those slots whont disappear for the vultures. Unfortunately for the good guys at Monarch they already find themselves yet again worried for the future. They will either have another new boss soon who will no dowt want to cut salaries once again before purchasing or they will shut down. A crap outlook either way. I hope the good guys get out and sharpish. Unfortunately the Pilot management now in charge don't give a toss about the standards that made M great, they are just yes men and looking after themselves. Greybull have done exactly what you would expect. There's no loyalty to the M pilots anymore from the company. I just hope they all realise this and search elsewhere. Good luck to the GOOD GUYS

JaxofMarlow 29th Mar 2016 12:31

Can I just point out that the negative views that get expressed on this thread are being copied and used by an invidious Facebook site that has dedicated itself to demonising Monarch.

Crosswind Limits 29th Mar 2016 13:01


I couldn't agree more, people need to be careful with expressing some opinions on a public forum! The dog eat dog mentality of many pilots springs to mind when I read some of the comments here! :ugh: A bit more support for colleagues and friends at Monarch would be better than this negativism and cynicism which always surfaces at times like this! We are a miserable bunch sometimes! :sad:

Nearly Man 29th Mar 2016 14:13

Crosswind. I know what you mean. When we were made redundant at GSS those kind folks at British Airways defaced our lockers, and not with kind words :eek:
I hope that Monarch gets itself sorted and doesn't get passed around between a load of hedge fund carpet baggers. Best wishes to the crews.

Akrapovic 29th Mar 2016 16:17

When we were made redundant at GSS those kind folks at British Airways defaced our lockers, and not with kind words

Shame on them . . .

mesh 30th Mar 2016 05:09

I'm afraid I don't agree guys. So are you saying we should only say positive nice things about companies? Has this nanny state even entered our profession? This site is for most of us a place to get an honest open portal by which to make certain decisions. We have different opinions and ideas on things and when you,start worrying about what will be taken and used then the spine starts to crack and it will never end. I like to think I post a fair appraisal of a company I know quite well. If you don't want to listen then fair enough. If you don't agree then fair enough. But don't start telling me what and what not to say. If a company is failing then people need to look frankly at why that's so. Not stick their heads in the sand and get angry with people that try and yank it out.
Having said that as I have said many times I worry for some of my colleagues that find themselves in this position again, it's terrible and most of us have been in a similar position. I hope I am wrong and Monarch are doing as well as some think. Time will tell and the best of luck to my friends and colleagues

ZeBedie 30th Mar 2016 07:24

I don't mind what people say - they're entitled to their opinions and the future of the company won't be decided by pprune, will it!

Enzo999 30th Mar 2016 09:19

Mesh, nobody was trying to sensor you, they were simply highlighting that anyone can read this forum and some of those people might actually believe you know what you are talking about and use your ill informed speculation to enhance their own agenda.

I have no interest in engaging in an argument about the success of Monarch mostly because I have no idea what's true and what's not. All I will say as someone who still works for them is that despite everything I still hold them in high regard. I have never enjoyed working for a company as much as I do Monarch (and there has been a few) and I hope and pray that everything will work out. I have my own brain and like most people employed at Mon, capable of making my own decisions regrading the future but being told how :mad: I am on a daily basis is not helping and frankly not a useful contribution.

mesh 30th Mar 2016 09:41

As I said Enzo some will agree some won't. If you don't like what you read then don't look at the thread, simples...anyway all the best and I truly mean that

JaxofMarlow 30th Mar 2016 11:28

mesh. OK. We do live a free society and you can post what you like. As Enzo has said we do not know the truth of the position with Monarch and I am sure you are doing nothing more than speculating as well. Trouble is your speculation is being presented as the views of Monarch pilots and that is just not right.

KyleRB 30th Mar 2016 11:33


I always thought you worked for Monarch - at least that's the impression I got reading some of your old posts. I don't work for them but have good friends that do. Still a good airline but not what it use to be in terms of scale and variety of routes.

For sure some of their recent recovery is down to a little luck but that applies to most companies. Timing is everything in business and that is partly luck! Running an airline is a mysterious black art from where I stand! ;)

Hopefully it'll be a busy summer for them.

mesh 30th Mar 2016 12:27

I agree, all the best to the guys and girls that have made Monarch what it was....and just for the record my opinions are my opinions and not those of some of the Monarch pilots. I will remember to put a few disclaimers when posting again just to keep all happy. Long live freedom of speech and democracy :)

VxVy 31st Mar 2016 19:56

Is swapping of trips allowed? Say I wanted to take someone elses night Ibiza in exchange for an earlier trip in the day, are you allowed to do that?

Alloy 31st Mar 2016 21:57

Short answer -,Yes, if both rosters still work.

VxVy 16th Jun 2016 22:36

Now that Monarch has transitioned into a low cost scheduled leisure airline, are crews still flying 2 sector days? Or are 4 sectors part of the roster?

T6NL 16th Jun 2016 22:48

AFAIK, it's still 2 sectors. Most destinations are too far away to permit 4 sector days to be undertaken.

holidayinn 19th Jun 2016 12:02

How are things going now in MON, are the finances looking stronger than before?I know of one guy in there who loves the company and the roster seems much better than what I have to deal with.

Currently flying the 737 for the last few years but i'm looking to get out of the current employer and I know they were looking for 737 pilots earlier this year.

Any rumours of them needing some extra pilots again this year?

Waldo 20th Jun 2016 01:57

Yes we are looking for 737 rated pilots over the next few months

CaptainSensible 21st Jun 2016 15:27


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