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Underdog 12th Apr 2012 16:43

BMI mainline pilots made redundant?
Don't want to scaremonger - but just heard that all BMI bases other than LHR to close. Included in this is Belfast - I believe the pilots based there are mainline crew, but they too have been given notice!

Is this true?

If so, a very sad day for all involved. Fingers crossed my source has it wrong. Good luck to all in BMI wherever you are. Been there myself a long time ago, but still gives me a shiver thinking about it. I really hope this all pans out for everyone.

Underdog 12th Apr 2012 21:42

Sadly not a troll!

Nope, not a troll - just been confirmed on our union forum.

You'll note that I've not posted on PPRUNE for a few years, as I can't stand the claptrap that frequently spouts forth from various self-serving parties - I have no interest in this other than being a concerned effective bystander.

As I said, I hoped it wasn't true, but sadly it appears to be so. The BMI guys (and gals?) at Belfast have been given 90 days notice - including Flight Crew.

Best wishes to all.....

TLBird 13th Apr 2012 06:44

Thinking of all at Bmi . Good luck

JazzyKex 13th Apr 2012 07:01

I've not heard confirmation but this seems to be the future for all regional bases.

Good luck to all those affected. Given the recent announcements about LGW it seems the anti is being upped by BA/IAG. I hope some sensible arrangement can be made to save as many jobs as possible.


Underdog 13th Apr 2012 07:37


Sadly, you are right; just seen that it's MAN & EDI too!

Our thoughts are with all those in BMI. Still don't know what's happening wrt Baby and Regional though. Fingers crossed for all concerned.

Yes, bad news ref LGW, these people too should be in our thoughts.

CanadaRocks 13th Apr 2012 08:20

I know it is not home, but the middle east is still craving for pilots and cabin crew, if you don't mind a little heat and sand.

Good luck!

zzz 13th Apr 2012 14:32


BA will pay substantially more for BMI than a quid if Lufthansa don't sell off BMI baby etc. Don't know where your figures are from but they are twaddle.
To say that BA are burying a decent airline is a bit rich. BA have bought an airline that was bust. 2700 people would be out of work if BA hadn't stepped in. They bought them for their own, profit making, reasons but that is the situation. As it was with Dan Air too!!!!


MrBernoulli 13th Apr 2012 14:44

Sorry to say that BMI has joined the long list of decent airlines in the UK buried by BA
Whilst zzz has already answered this, I am not going to let it pass without another riposte. As comments go, that quoted above is on a par with some of the worst manure that comes out of the Daily Mail. BA buys a chunk of a collapsing airline, and you blame BA for it? What planet are you on? :rolleyes:

Craggenmore 13th Apr 2012 16:38

BA buys a chunk of a collapsing airline
as well as merging with a Spanish collapsing airline..?

Only the Irish...............:}

MrBernoulli 13th Apr 2012 16:44

Ah, but have you seen what he is doing to that Spanish airline? Kicking it's arse in to the middle of next year! And there is kicking for BA too, I fear, some time in the not too distant future.

Craggenmore 13th Apr 2012 16:51

Yes, starting with the LGW BA ground staff..!

Good luck one and all - not easy being in the UK at present.

Juan Tugoh 13th Apr 2012 19:29

At least these broke independant airlines were built up from nothing and had a go without government help. Under the same rules BA would have been dead and buried a long while ago.

Whatever BA's history of government assistance, it has no bearing on this discussion.

What is of more pertinence is how this news will affect how the BMIcc react and engage with BA management over the coming weeks.

overstress 13th Apr 2012 23:14

Why would Lufthansa want to pay BA to take it off their hands though ?
Better for them to get rid of it in one fell swoop I expect.

Dan Air 87 14th Apr 2012 06:40

Its a grim day when BMI were absorbed by BA but through this forum I'd like to thank BD staff for making domestic flights flying so much more of a pleasure. I fondly recall flying out of LHR to GLA and EDI with the DC9's and B733. Thanks to one and all; good luck

Totally_Bananas 14th Apr 2012 07:26

So a Capt who was been with Bmi for 20 years at a regional base gets axed but a 3 year Capt at LHR doesn't?

Seniority counts for nothing at bmi.

ScotPilot 14th Apr 2012 07:36

actually there are pilots at lhr who have been there for weeks! who will retain their jobs.

overstress 14th Apr 2012 09:16

Seniority has never protected anyone from a base closure.

A good union can engage with an employer to try to mitigate this sort of thing.

Underdog 14th Apr 2012 09:46

Humble apologies
To all in BMI that I offended with my original post asking for confirmation of this terrible news. It has been pointed out to me that the way in which I sought confirmation or otherwise was somewhat insensitive to all those affected.

I can now see, and accept, that my original post could be construed as 'Trolling', and indeed was received by many as being insensitive at this difficult time.

I would like to put on record my humble apologies for any and all offence I caused to those caught up in this terrible state of affairs. It was not my intention to cause offence, but I have obviously done so to many. I'm sorry.

Please all, accept my humble apologies.

RAT 5 14th Apr 2012 10:03

BA takes over BMI and all employees. As I understand it BMI's bases are not independent companies, therefore how can BA cherry pick who it keeps on using the bases as criteria? if you are at LHR you are hired, if you are in the the sticks you are not. Surely time of service has some influence on the calculation and whatever seniority redundancy agreements BMI had in place? If said pilot dos not wish to relocate from EDI to LHR that is one thing, but surely the senior guys need to be given a choice? And is not BALPA represented in both camps. Allowing senior guys to be thrown to the wolves in favour of juniors is not a good advert for the organisation.
If BMI was bust and BA rescues it, that would be one thing, but just buying out a competitor surely BA should respect the internal structure of their purchase.

Ollie Onion 14th Apr 2012 10:12

You may want to refer back a few years when BA was looking to make some pilots redundant (2009). BA Management went to great pains to point out that Last In First Out was NOT a valid way of determining who gets to stay. This is backed up by a court decision between Rolls Royce and Unite Union. The outcome of that was that although 'seniority' / 'time in the company' could be used as a factor for choosing redundancies it does NOT have to be the only or even main variable when deciding. BA at the time maintained that each fleet could be viewed as a different entity and pilots could be made redundant off each fleet independently of the other fleets if that fleet was being downsized with seniority only counted when it came down to picking between two pilots on the same fleet and in the same rank.

So unfortunately when it comes to BMI all BA need to do is make geographical location the main factor when deciding who to let go. Legally they are quite entitled to do this, it may not sit well but they can do it. :{

So you are correct, seniority does not help in this situation.

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